YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 65 (CHAPTER 212)

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101 Days Until Storms And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Heia was awoken by her brother with a grim face shroud in the darkness. He had a bitterness to his expression that sent shivers up her spine. She wondered for the smallest of seconds how much sleep she had, before she was completely alert.

“What’s going on?” She asked him, reaching for her weapon, ready to move at a moment’s notice.

“Look.” He pulled her to sitting and directed her focus to Trace who had a laptop open. There was a live report from a city some half way around the world, being destroyed. Heia wondered why it was her problem, before the dates that were drilled in her head sounded. She said the date out loud and was unable to track an attack that was supposed to happen.

“Aralax?” Heia asked, pulling herself closer. There wasn’t supposed to be an attack. Was this the Stars again? Or had things changed? “Already?”

“Apparently, Evester put out the warning last night.” Trace told her. Trace pulled up the email that was sent out. He had told them privately, not publicly. “No one knew.” Evester had made sure that no one had known on purpose. Even though the email came from Uly, Heia had no doubts that Evester’s hands were all over it. Evester had made the decision and now it was up to Heia to understand why.

Evester would not have wanted to cause a panic in an already strenuous time. If that were the case, then that meant that there was a high chance that the whole prediction system was wrong. Maverin would have calculated the new information but it was not being released in mass waves. That meant that the released information was startling enough to cause issues. The whole of the predictions they were operating under were wrong and the scientists were racing against time to fit the new time line. Heia thought for a moment and then asked. “Are we a hit center?”

“Yes.” Trace nodded. She showed Heia the list of predicted targets. “But there have been no sirens.”

“This is Alan Penn’s city. Do you really think he’d let it fall?” Heia shook her head. The man would have done everything to keep the peace here, which meant that Heia had to work against that. “Do the citizens know?”

“I had to get on a different national server through hard work to even see this. Heia. They are controlling the media more than we thought.” Robee answered for Trace. He was angry, but armed. He, like Heia, thought that the battle was ongoing as they spoke. It was too quiet. Too peaceful. This place was being protected on the outside and it was time that Heia burst the happy little bubble for the citizens. Evester did not want to cause panic and honestly Heia did not either, however she was going to.

“We need to go record the fighting right now.” Heia hurried to get dressed. “I will go out there, and you guys will record this and the sleeping city.”

If they were going to break the propaganda they had to do more than simply wait around. The room burst into movement as Trace and Robee hurried to do the same. They gathered their cameras and weapons. They picked up all their supplies and proof of their living, hiding it away and forgetting it in the event that they never returned to this location.

The three looked to each other before they went to separate. For a moment there was too much silence. Heia was left remembering the time when she and they had been separated before.

“Protect each other.” Heia warned them.

“We always have.” Trace smiled sadly. Robee nodded and then he gave Heia a hug. Trace did so reluctantly after. “Stay alive Heia.”

It took everything that Heia had to walk away then. She forced herself to run and focus on the moment at hand. She had to sneak out of the town and capture the footage of the fighting before it was over. However as she ran down the empty and silent streets all she could think of was that night. Both Trace and Robee had been out. She had never thought she would see them again. Even now she worried that she would not.

Heia and Robee and Trace had never been close. Heia had Shawn. Robee and Trace had each other but did not. Where Andre and Layla got along and the triplets were inseparable, Heia, Trace, and Robee, had hated each other for the longest time. They were all fighting for the position of the middle children, and had grown up having to care for themselves. Most of the things that either sibling had interest in, the others did not. The three had never gotten along, never agreed, and never shared interests save EverDanger. The three of them knew EverDanger to varying degrees.

Trace had been the most obsessed. Robee had been the one who wanted to do something similar. Heia had been curious and learned information for the sake of fitting in. It was the only thing they shared then and the one thing they shared now. However, Heia trusted Trace and Robee. If she had a problem and needed someone to back her up in a fight it was Trace and Robee, not Layla or Andre. They supported each other and could work together when their lives depended on it.

However, Heia had remembered her sense of loss when they had gone missing. She remembered her elation when she had found them. She remembered the only thought she had the entire time. If anyone could survive it would be Trace and Robee. She had never doubted that they could. When she saw them again she thought it only obvious.

Now, she believed in them thoroughly.

She had to swallow any worries she had and focus on the fight she had to survive. Escaping through pathways and past blockades, Heia snuck on outside and towards the barriers that were created with magic. The war itself was booming. Heia wondered what strange tools and magic they had employed in order to keep the silence away.

One look at the battle was all Heia needed to know that she had a lot of work to do. Cameras on, and holoblades in hand, Heia slithered through the war capturing all that was necessary to destroy a system.

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