YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 64 (CHAPTER 211)

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102 Days Until Scenarios And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Evester sat in his room looking at his painting that was drying, having completed it in a whirlwind of motions. It was splattered but oddly calm, soft and yet passionate. It was also deeply complicated and personal. He wanted to peel his eyes from it and was enticed to keep staring. He had created the shadow of everything he felt, of all the emotions he had. He had articulated the fear, the desire, the fear, the love, the fear, the fear, the fear, and the soft longing he had. He had worked through it, understood it, and lulled himself into acceptance that it was what he wanted. He had finished it some hours ago, and still it was drying. He wanted to touch it, to feel the paints under his fingers, to accept what he’d decided.

He could not.

“We need to prepare for some other things.” Uly spoke as he knocked on Evester’s door.

“Right.” Evester looked over to see Uly starring at Evester who sat in the light. He could not see the painting from where he stood. It was late into the afternoon, and Evester had disappeared shortly after their meeting in the morning. Uly looked as if he had slept, as well. Evester smiled to him. “We are supposed to be getting a barrage of attacks and events soon no?”

“Yes, all over the world.” Uly’s eyes trailed to behind Evester. Evester did not mind if Uly tried to see.

“We can put everyone on high alert. There is not much we can do but send out our soldiers and hope for the best.” Because it wasn’t the attack they had to strictly prepare for. That attack was going to an all out war, and it was coming, all too quickly. They had a little less than ninety days until the predicted date of the Aralax end attack. That would be the attack that cripples them, the attack that destroys them, if they aren’t already off the planet. This upcoming one was their chance to get the Aralax to back off, to stop, and to give them time to flee.

“Your father is working with the Project as is again.” Uly sighed, leaning against the frame.

“What for?” Evester turned around completely, still sitting.

“He’s placing in the current state of affairs and recalibrating the predictions to see if anything has changed.” Because things may have changed. Not drastically, as it most often did not, but enough to make note of. Enough for their current predictions to be off as they were. Evester had yet to think about what that could have meant, considering that for the most part, the attacks had been mitigated by preparation and planning. Most of the big attacks weren’t supposed to happen for a few weeks. It was when the Aralax would start their end battles, much like the Night of Destruction and Oblivion. Evester tried to think of what, if any, of the attacks and their lack of destruction, could have resulted in changes. The predictions would not take time to analyze as he had assistance from the world’s best scientists, but the idea of change…

“Uly!” Evester heard Uly’s name being shouted from down the hall. Uly looked back to the hall. It was his father’s voice. “Uly! Evester.”

“Yes?” Uly stepped back into the hall and Evester stood up, walking to the door. In his father’s hands were papers, printed papers in the numeric sequencing that his father could decipher in his sleep. Evester felt his blood run cold as a new fear overtook him. For the smallest of moments he froze from head to toe before the chill boiled his blood and his mind went hot. The smile that crept to his lips was impossible to stop.

Evester had revealed the attack dates to the public. The X’s had avoided many of them, and saved all too many lives by Aralax standards. Things had drastically changed and Maverin held the new truths in his hands. Evester bit back the creepy expression, making his face as flat as possible. “When?”

“Tomorrow.” Maverin eyed Evester and shook his head.

“What?” Uly hissed.

“Tomorrow they will begin.” Maverin repeated. “Attacks everywhere.”

“For how long?” Uly asked.

“If the predictions are right, these are going to be small attacks, directed and seeing how we respond.”

“And if we pass then what? We get a reprieve and they expedite their plans to destroy us?”

“Yes.” Maverin started laughing. “We can’t let that happen. If that happens we are fucked.”

And they most certainly couldn’t let people die. 

“What are we going to do?” Karla asked from behind them. She had arrived on her own, no doubt to get Evester for evening training. She walked up to them, glancing at the files and then to Uly who was pondering.

“Can you have all the new predictions deciphered quickly?” Uly asked calculating something in his brain.

“As fast as I can, but with everything we do things are going to change.” Maverin shook his head. “I should have checked this sooner.” He had, however, been doing his part to save them all. His adjustments to the project for the predictions of the new planets, would save them all. It was up to EverDanger to make sure that they got to that point.

“We trained soldiers for this.” Evester reminded them all.

“We need to put out the alarm now, and make every government aware, but we can not react as if we know. We can’t. We simply must be more prepared.” Uly disagreed.

“People can’t die.” Karla disagreed.

“No. They can’t.” Uly sighed. “But we aren’t goin to be able to stop that. If these are small bursts, a barrage over the next few days, we can survive it. We have to hope that our training is good enough to succeed in defense with minimal casualties.” Evester understood as they all did. If they acted like they knew it was coming, then the war would be on. The war could not start yet. They had not completed the mission yet. However…

“Let’s get the warnings out to all the cities, as well as the times. We won’t tell them to attack, but to defend. If we act fast we will save lives. I agree with you Uly. We don’t want the plans being changed, for the war to come. However, it is coming. It is here. This is a way towards greater unity.” Evester said the words wishing he did not have to be the one to say them.

“More people may die in the long run.” Uly reminded him.

“We have to put the effort out like we are acting for the best interest of everyone. We have to make everyone believe we are on the same side.” So that when they did the vote, when EverDanger gave them one good option, they would not think double about it. Uly looked to him and nodded. “Karla.” Evester looked to her. “We need to wake the soldiers, they are going to have to be deployed to assist.”

“Contact Alan and your mother while you are at it.” Uly instructed Evester. “I’m going to go help your father real quick. Wake them up if you have to and tell them I will be getting them word within the hour.”

“Of course.” Evester started walking with Karla. His heart beat wildly in his chest as he thought of what was to come.

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