YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 63 (CHAPTER 210)

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102 Days Until Scenarios And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Evester didn’t know how to explain what he was watching, even as he was watching it. If someone was to ask him to explain it, he was pretty sure he’d draw a blank on what exactly it was. The computer system took the data from the Project and ran simulations over and over again. Uly had made notes as a guideline to give to Evester. Even with the notes, Evester was too horrified to articulate what he witnessed.

“That’s what the Uncertain End is predicted to look like?” Karla asked as she replayed the video again.

“Yes, but on a greater scale.” Uly answered with a yawn. Maverin had given him the data early that morning to analyze. Uly and Maverin had already begin building the simulation coding for the Project’s outputs. It had been a surprise to them all that Maverin was able to get the machine to predict the end of their own planet.

“How would the Aralax survive this?” Rayda asked. “With the amount of ash from these eruptions the entire sky would go black”

“How are they surviving now?” Crass asked. “Have we even confirmed that they need oxygen?”

“They must need some, but based on what we can guess from my work on their bodies, we have far too much in our atmosphere for them to live comfortably.” Maverin answered. He too was surprised that they were actually able to get some sort of prediction footage out of this. He had been expecting something but not for the world to explode and become a magma wasteland.

“Which is why they are here now.” Uly answered. “Which is also to say, that in a way, we shouldn’t consider their attack on us anything but the best survival for them. Perhaps it is their way of helping us in a way. We wouldn’t be able to survive this anyway. And it would be painful. Very painful.”

“Yes, they may be trying to cull us to save us the pain. If we could communicate with them, we would be able to know.” Maverin shook his head. They knew communication was near impossible. Maverin had studied the Aralax for months, and he was still unable to figure out how. “But we should not assume that this is our end. It’s the end of Earth as we know it but not our end.”

Uly nodded and then cleared a few of the screens, pulling up the images of a few stars. He then brought up blurry images of shadows. A few of the planets could be seen by the telescopes in space but three of them could not. Most were predictions made by math and physcis than actual visual proof.

“I’ve been able to narrow it down…” Uly brought up the names of the five. “To these planets.” They were all scientific names, named after their star and then the number of their placement in the sequence of planets. They weren’t real places. They didn’t actually exist but in theory.

“Five.” Rayda nodded.

“Five that we are going to so fully dive into, I’ll know everything about them by the end of this however we only get one shot.” Uly sighed. Everyone looked to him. “We can’t assume that the resources we have here are going to be enough to get us across space twice, in the event that I screw up so royally that I choose the wrong one.” 

Evester wanted to joke with him, but could not. He knew that this moment was, perhaps, the most important moment in Uly’s life. He had to sit still and listen as Uly told them all everything. He would let Uly fret, despite the fact that he had done it. He had gotten it down to five in a reasonable time. They had missed the original deadline for Estashia, but her’s had been pressure more than an actual deadline. Evester would suspect that most people had expected him to have the location as they were leaving. With this they’d have more time to prepare and predict and analyze. Evester was proud of Uly, despite knowing how long Uly had been awake for and how little he got sleep in general.

“Only one of these five is going to be out home, and I’m going to have you all help me vote on them. If I can narrow it down further then we will be in an even better spot, but based on how long it’ll take us to get there, with the best case scenario when moving through space, we only get one shot. This is, perhaps, the most intense thing any of us, will ever or have ever done.” Uly told them all.

“All the other top researchers are helping you now, no?” Karla asked. Uly glanced to Evester who nodded. Everyone in the room sighed. Evester had finalized his considerations and threats that morning. They had a team they could trust.

“Yes but Uly is the lead.” Maverin looked to Uly. He then turned jovial. “In the end if we screw up it is all on him.”

“What’s the worst that can happen. We all die?” Evester asked taking the hint and playing it off trying to erase the gravity.

“In the worst case? Yes.” Uly answered with a solemn look. There were programmers are currently taking the Project and converting it to an AI system that can pilot the ships and think on its feet in a way. There were researchers that would help him with the code and analysis. There were others who were helping Maverin with the predictions of each of the planets. “This is a risk.”

“But we will die if we stay.” Evester reminded him. “There is no risk too great for EverDanger.”

“The whole of humanity is not EverDanger.” Uly said the words softly, starring at Evester searching for support.

“Too bad they don’t get a choice.” Evester looked to them all in the room. “No one gets that choice anymore. And when we present this to the World Council I’m not sure we should let them have a say on which one we pick. We get one chance in this. That’s why we will be the ones to vote. EverDanger and EverDanger alone.” Evester had been the one to tell Uly of the plan. EverDanger had decided their missions in the past with a vote, and would continue to do so. The Project had picked them, even if Maverin had chosen the names. He had inspired and cultivated EverDanger, but EverDanger had always done what they wanted as they wanted. Evester was not going to let the world decide. They couldn’t even let them know there were other options. There would be one option as known to everyone who was not an EverDanger member. Not even the Igilistals would know if the others were viable. Uly would finish the predictions of all five planets. He and Evester would analyze them alone. Everyone else would be given amended data of the ones not chosen, after they were chosen and all records would be expunged.

“And if I mess up?” Uly asked him.

“You won’t mess up.” Evester looked Uly dead in the eye. “I trust your judgement with my life, every time all the time.” And Evester constantly would. “However they will want an official vote. So I say we let them have it, but EverDanger gets the first vote in private. We pick what we think is the best option.” It would become the only option and they’d force the world to vote their way.

“The whole world?” Rayda asked not knowing what Evester, Uly, and Maverin had planned.

“Oh. I suppose I wasn’t clear. I most certainly do not think the World Council should be the ones to have a say. Sure they can vote, but I think the entire population should get a vote, child or adult. Its everyone’s life at risk here and if mother lets it happen then it will happen.” Evester said the words knowing the others picked up on what he was actually saying. He also knew they were being listened to. “It is EverDanger’s choice and the world is part of EverDanger now.”

“And if they aren’t informed?” Maverin asked.

“They will be.” Evester looked to Uly. “And to ensure that this is the case we will make easily accessible videos and progress reports on EverDanger’s channel, because the world needs to know. They need to start thinking about it as soon as we get it down to three.”

Uly nodded. 

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