YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 62 (CHAPTER 209)

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103 Days Until Hate And the Uncertain End

Zeydar looked over Kony’s comprehension tests. He laid them on the table before him, looking between them and the tests that he had taken when he was Kony’s age. Getting all his records had been far easier than he had expected. He had thought that the Superiors would stop him, but they let him walk right in. It was almost as if they wanted Zeydar to do well with this teaching. Kony was lacking in many ways. However Kon’y magic theory scores and his magic history scores were well above average when compared to the rest. He had done well with his months of intensive study to get this far, and Zeydar would argue that he was far above his peers in both matters. Kony’s foundation was better than most could claim by this point, and that made Zeydar proud. They also were not good enough to become a Superior.

“So?” Kony asked worried with the time Zeydar was taking to review the scores.

“You are clearly only just beginning to learn.” Zeydar answered.

“I’m doing my best.”

“I know.” Zeydar smiled at him. “Sit in your lectures and absorb everything. I’ve been told you daydream, and don’t pay attention.”

“You are much better than they are.” Kony complained laying forward on the table.

“I know but you aren’t stupid, and you will catch up quickly.” Even if no one else was certain of it. “Start building your image now. It’ll suit you better in the future. Take notes. Pay attention. Daydream if you want, but always listen. I know you can do that.”

Kony was not raised in magic or taught magic since he could speak. He did not grow up learning it and everything about it. He had far less than a year of study, and yet he was relatively average for his understanding of all the types of magic. His theory was good, and his history was good. For someone with his training, his scores were superb, but not yet good enough. He could jump higher. He could get better, all in time. He was brilliant, even if no one saw that. They didn’t know what Zeydar knew, or they wanted to ignore it. Kony was a genius at magic, and they were going to rue the day that they let Zeydar train him. “We are trying to cram a decade’s worth of knowledge into you too quickly.”

“I will do it.” Kony said determined and Zeydar believed him.

“I don’t doubt it.” Zeydar felt his adrenaline pumping and his smile growing. He couldn’t wait to destroy the Superiors with Kony’s help. He would need to control how well Kony’ tests. For now Kony wasn’t scoring well enough to have to mask his knowledge, but he’d need to be taught. Kony would have to put on a show for them all, all while Zeydar made him better. THe longer they had with Kony outside of the Superior’s control, the better off they were.

“And your class?” Kony changed the subject. “How is that going?”

“Oh? They hate me.” All Zeydar had done was test his students since his first lecture. He had to know where his base point was starting from. He also needed a reprieve, in order to become a better expert in some of the subjects he was teaching. Kony wasn’t the only one cramming in knowledge. Zeydar had to master four different specializations of magic history.

“Not surprising to be honest.”

“What’s that supposed to mean?” Zeydar laughed.

“You simply aren’t the most chipper of people. Powerful, yes. Friendly? Like you’d rather rip a person’s tongue out and let it dry than hear them talk.” Kony meant it as a joke but Zeydar sighed. “But that’s because of your head aches yes?”

Because of the drugs he’d been forced to take his whole life? Maybe. Maybe he wasn’t a people person. He’d never socialized with anyone outside of his father and May. EverDanger were the first other friends he’d ever had. “I’ve never been extremely personable.”

“Heia likes you well enough.”

“If you mean tolerates? Then sure.” Zeydar laughed for the first time in a while. “I’m working on it.”

“Or maybe don’t? We already have Heia and Evester. It’s be good to have you who isn’t exactly personable. They don’t make the most rational of decisions.”

Zeydar laughed again as he stood to leave the room. “Alright come on, we have your training to get to. Today, I will teach you the principals of Ice magic.”

“Sure you will.” Kony rolled his eyes and got up and followed anyway.

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