YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 60 (CHAPTER 207)

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105 Days Until Second Chances And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Heia walked with Robee down the streets recording everything they could as Trace got shots from above. They were going to have to find a place to sleep for the night, as well as to learn more on why things were the way that they were. They had captured enough on the monotony of the town as it was. She wondered if she was going to be able to use this in her own propaganda. They had to collect more flyers and somehow she needed to get connected to their web and broadcasting. She wanted to see what was controlled and erased from their view. To figure out why—

“Hey you!” She heard someone yell. Heia stopped walking and turned to see an angry man. He was huffing and red faced. How long had he been following them? “Why are you recording my shop. Delete the footage now.”

Those around them seemed to realize that Heia and Robee had cameras. Robee quickly moved his to continue recording as Heia remembered her training.

“Law states I can record what I want as common video.” Heia shrugged. Uly had drilled them on it. She knew parts of the law, the parts that mattered. As long as they blurred out faces and names, they were legally safe. She may not have been an expert, but she knew enough to get them out of minor predicaments.

The man eyed her trying to figure out who she was, not exactly knowing who she was. He had recognition, which was a good sign, but not enough. Perhaps they weren’t fully indoctrinated. “You’re one of them refugees from the other cities. We don’t want your kind here.”

“Our kind?” Robee repeated. 

“Bringing your nonsense and horrors. Everything is good here.” The words struck Heia. She eyed the man again. Was he actually a shop owner? Was he someone working for the government that knew that they did not belong?

Everything was controlled there. 

Somehow, the idea that this man wanted to use the words stood out to Heia. It screamed that something was wrong, but not what.

“Don’t worry. We were leaving.” Trace appeared next to Heia. 

Heia didn’t say another word as she walked away from the yelling man knowing that they had to get internet connection. Alan Penn had said that she had spoken to the world, but had she? Had she spoken to the whole world? Were the people here being retested? What did they know? Did they know about Valaria? Did they know about her? 

All too many questions not enough answers

The next stop was the library. Upon arrival, the three threw their cameras into Robee’s bag and walked in. The first thing they did was got on the computers. Heia scoured the internet searching for everything. She found that many websites simply did not show up. Others were visibly blocked. Some EverDanger videos were region locked, specifically the ones about world matters and affairs. Heia could find her speeches, edited heavily.

She could not find one of her speeches in its full length.

Heai continued searching until the screen turned off after she researched too much. The computer said an administrator was coming to check and Heia got her siblings to leave.

“What are we supposed to do?” Robee asked.

“We got to find some place to stay.” Heia said, trying to calm her anger. “And then we plan.”

They had lived on the edge for a while. Leading her siblings towards the hotels, they made their way in, and disappeared into a room after they paid for it. Heia was not sure how long they were going to have to stay in the city, but she was prepared for it to take some time.

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