YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 58 (CHAPTER 205)

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105 Days Until Second Chances And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Heia shifted her weight as she walked next to Robee through the town. It was as she had remembered Undercities to be like before Evester, before the Aralax, before everything. This city was brighter than her’s had been. The infrastructure looked as if it had been rebuilt after the Catastrophe. This was Alan Penn’s city and it was clear. The money lived here. Once upon a time, Heia would have loved to live in this city. She would have dreamed of it and been jealous of those who lived there. Now she was disgusted.

“They have super markets.” Trace complained. “No central market, an actual city.”

“I saw schools.” Robee told them. “Schools. When was the last time we went to school?”

Before the catastrophe.

“It really doesn’t seem as if they are… preparing.” Trace whispered to them both.

“No.” Heia agreed. “It doesn’t.”

Robee had made a good point, that the numbers were lining up. That those who had made their way to the shelters were not as many as it could have been. That people were helping out with the space program and the likes, but that most of those workers came from the shelters or the destroyed cities. The number of ships was being built at a rate to support the population, maybe, but there were so many more that could be built. They needed the hands to build them. It was what led Heia to think of propaganda to begin with.

“Do they even know?” Trace asked as she stopped walking. “About what is happening, The world. The issues. Do they know?”

They had escaped from the military facility with the help of Kim and Lynx as Onyx and Kori had acted as decoy. They had gotten past the security and all the way to the city without being found. What they had arrived to was a brightly lit UnderCity that functioned as if it were a… CloudCity. The idea made Heia sick. They had worked and worked and worked too hard for people to be sitting around acting as if everything was like normal.

That somehow any of this  mattered and that survival was not the number one thing that should be focused on. 

“But does it matter?” Robee asked. “If they don’t know, does it matter. Let them be happy until evacuation.”

“No.” Heia shook her head. “They’ll be dissatisfied and try to fight us  on leaving.” Heia knew. It was why Estashia was acting the way she was with the Circles. The rationing, and drafting, and forced labor of the Circles to prepare for the trip may have been starting slow, but Estashia was working her people to remember what it was like to have to do labor. They may hate her in the end, but they needed to forget what the old world was like. The old world was gone. The people would resist change if they did not see the change. They would cling to status quo if their baiases were not called out. Heia did not want to destroy their utopia, but the Utopia could not be allowed to continue.

They had to ensure there would be no rebellions on the ships. When they got to their new home things had to begin orderly. Uly had said that they had to come together. The world had to act together and people had to know.

“So what do we do?” Trace asked her.

“Call em out on their hypocrisy.” Heia said. “We can’t just call out the Circles. Everyone has to work for this. And they can not be living in luxury when other X’s are struggling. They can’t expect this to be fixed by other people. The time for ignorance is over. If Circles are being drafted, and forced to ration all their food as supplies, then we will work too.”

They had stuff to film.

They had work to do.

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