YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 57 (CHAPTER 204)

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106 Days Until Freedom And the Uncertain End

Zeydar sat ignoring the drone of the Superiors. This was the first traditional Superior meeting that Zeydar had been to in a long time, and his patience had disappeared more than two hours prior. He was thirsty but would not drink and hungry and would not eat. He wondered how long the meeting could possibly go on for. He had not realized that the council’s review over classes would be so thorough. He did not want to contemplate how long it would take to review the other subjects of the meeting. After classes there would be an inquiry of those Superiors trying to have children and then they’d move on to other matters, specifically charges.

“Zeydar.” He heard his name from Superior Anthony. Zeydar had completed his second official day. He’d gotten approved on his lesson plans, surprisingly enough. He knew that the Superiors had to have been talking behind his back, considering the the students certainly were. As the only teaching Superior left to discuss, Zeydar prepared himself for what Anthony could say next. “Students have reported you skipping through time instead of working linear as well as incorporating too many politics and world history concepts.”

“Linear? I will admit that I will highlight the ripples and repercussions of decisions and actions. My greater lessons do, however follow a linear fashion. As for government and world histories, both are necessary to understand how magic has developed and changed. Magic history does not exist in a vacuum.” Zeydar answered. It was not as if Majorie had approved the lesson plans. He refrained from rolling his eyes or glaring at her. Superior Anthony wanted to make a scene of this and Zeydar was willing to humor him.

“This is history not theory.” Anthony’s words made Zeydar question everything for a moment. Going in linear motion for magic history that was developed in a nonlinear way? The ripples in history for magic development were important to consider, as were political and world histories that Zeydar incorporated. Magic was not point a to point b. It was A to Q using B and L make Y. Magic was more of a science of trial and error, and magic history often reflected that. Zeydar knew he could go in traditional linear order and only a linear order, but the theory and understanding of magic development would be lost. It was why they were learning the history, to know the whys and hows and implement them in modern settings. He did start from the past and work his way forward, but he often would talk about the consequences of things from the past and how a specific concept would be used later. Zeydar’s lessons were even more linear than he have been taught in his schooling, let alone his own research.

“Magic history has just as much rippling as any other history.” Zeydar looked to them. “To ignore that, is to ignore advancement. But if you would like me to remain more linear, I will do so. This is my first time teaching.” And he would conceded it.

“Take out your political beliefs as well.” Which was to say ignore the real world applications and reasons for the magic. “Additionally your homework requirement…” 

“These are Class Twos. I didn’t realize that I was supposed to expect less of them.” Class twos and Class threes took classes together along with some Class Ones. There were different levels in the classes however from general courses to specialized one. And while they wanted to humiliate Zeydar, they’d never degrade a Superior by making him a general class teacher. Zeydar had one general class, for advanced magic history. All his other classes were smaller and specialized courses on aspects of magic history. If they were in the focused class he was going to treat them as such. 

All Superiors started with teaching higher level or advanced courses. And as they got better and advanced, they’d begin teaching specialized courses. However they’d put Zeydar into specialized courses immediately. In part to make him fail, in part because the magic history department only had a single advanced class and specialized courses that were rarely taken. It could be taught by one teacher instead of many teachers, like other subjects. It also meant that all the students in his specialized course were his age or older, having graduated and were currently studying for a specialization in magic. They were taking the course because their specialization required the course. No one specialized in magic history, not even Zeydar had.

It wasn’t silly to assume that some knew better than him. But Magic history was the subject they picked for him. Either degrade him as a Superior and have him teach general classes or have him teaching those who may know more. They knew his pride and knew that he’d do everything to ensure he wasn’t placed in such a situation. 

“They have other classes.” Anthony reminded him.

“I will keep that in mind.” He asked with his eyes if there were anything else. There seemed to be little else, which was a relief and they moved on. It was no longer than thirty minutes later, after touching base with the pregnant and seeking partnership Superiors, that they were right back to Zeydar. Zeydar had expected the other section to take longer, to discuss the health and further partnerships of their people, however Anthony seemed to want to skip past it.

“We will not allow for Kony to stay off campus in this troubling time.” The first thing out of Anthony’s mouth made Zeydar laugh out loud and quiet the whole room. “Do you think this is comical?”

“Yes. I do. Considering you didn’t know about him existing until less than a month ago.” Zeydar was not going to be walked over about this. “As his mentor, I know what is best for him and staying on campus is going to cause him unneeded duress. We will be staying at the Igilistal’s for the weekends. For the week I will be able to accept the school, as it gives him more time to study.” And that was what Kony had to do, study. He had to focus for hours on studies. He would need the quiet, and the study time. Practice would come from working in class, with the extra training time Zeydar would be granted, and at the Igilistal’s. The Igilistals would be important to making Kony learn more than what the Superiors monitored, but Kony had to supplement his foundation. Staying on campus would let Zeydar get the best of both worlds for Kony.

“We would need to place a limiter on him while outside of the premises.” Majorie threatened him.

“Okay.” Zeydar smiled at her, leaning against her palm. They all knew he had been on a limiter, and he figured they suspected that he knew how to manipulate them. “Stay with his family is best for his mental health so I will do what is necessary. You can try to limit him.” They did not like his answer. He saw how they bristled with his words. “I also want the ten to eleven slot every single night, save weekends, to train him.” It was Zeydar’s old practice time, and no one would have taken it. 

There was a long moment of deliberation that Zeydar ignored. He did not care what they decided. He’d throw a fit if they didn’t let him have his way, and they knew that. “Granted. On both accounts.” Once again the meeting went on to talk with the other Superiors and their charges, and the progression of them. Tests for Superiorship were decided, and Zeydar began to doze off. He wondered how much longer it would take and if May would bring him cake later. The meeting came to its end and Zeydar started to leave.

“Now Zeydar, about your mission.” Attention was drawn back to him. Zeydar looked to Anthony confused. He sat back down with a thud and confusion.

“Mission?” What mission did he have? Since when.

“For the Superior Order and the good of all magic.” The elder’s words twisted something in Zeydar. Anthony was activating the binding, Zeydar noticed belatedly. “We need you to report on everything Estashia Igilistal plans and their decisions. All of them.”

“Why?” She was pretty open with the public. They did not need Zeydar to learn her darkest secrets.

“Magic must exist even if the rest of the world does not.” He answered. “And as such, we must ensure that regardless of anything, the Stars will get on the Ships to space first.”

Even if that meant sabotage. Even if that meant discarding the X’s. Zeydar wasn’t going to say anything when he felt the magic twisting the words out of him. He forced out what he could, that he knew they already knew. He fought back against the control, hoping that Anthony would not notice. “She plans to retest every single person in the world.”

“That’s nothing new.” A Superior told him.

“You should start considering what will happen when they realize there are Stars in their ranks.” Zeydar warned him, holding control over the connection and studying it. He wondered if he’d be able to practice with it further.

“That is not our problem for not testing properly.” 

“No.” Zeydar looked tot he screen of Superiors in other cities, to the ones in the room, to his mother and then to their leader. The connection scratched at him, and he gave them a warning instead, letting the order fee through him. He hoped that his words would not be ignored. “But suddenly X’s are going to have magic. We are going to need to bring them in, to support the Stars. Estashia is planning something for the Circles and a reassignment. We should consider what this will mean for us and while I don’t know her exact details, I know we need to be ready. Not all X’s are as kind as Kony. They will want to destroy us.”

“We will take care of it.” Anthony nodded and released Zeydar. “Keep your eyes and ears out.”

This was why they were going to let him stay. And Zeydar knew he needed to get out of their control more than before. He had almost understood it in the brief moment of its use. If he had three more chances he might be able to exploit it and control it for good. As Zeydar left, with the other Superiors, to May who had brought him cake and Shawn who had brought him water, all Zeydar could do was stare at Kony. The Stars and their culture were going to be demolished by the X’s with magic, and he was going to ensure that Kony was there to lead the charge.

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