YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 56 (CHAPTER 203)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar sat in the empty lecture hall at the desk in the front of the room, as Shawn sipped on water. May was with Phil and Kony, as Kony attended his classes. They were to work on Kony with his CloudCity and Star Campus etiquette. Zeydar had given Phil texts and tests for Kony to do in his spare time. Zeydar knew Kony would struggle in his classes, however Zeydar also knew Kony would surpass all their expectations. Kony may have had to adapt but he would. Zeydar was not worried about him. Zeydar was worried for himself.

“You think he’s going to be screwed over?” Shawn asked Zeydar about Kony. Zeydar finished the creation of the lesson plans that he had to get in that afternoon. It had taken him time to research how to make lesson plans, but he was certain they were completed. Once he turned them in, he’d be told no and he’d have to rework them again. Regardless, his first class would begin soon and he wouldn’t have much time later. 

“They want to do that, for sure. Him and me both. If Kony is weak in anyway it’ll reflect on me.” Zeydar told flipped the papers over. “We will have to do many supplementary exams, and classes that will be monitored.”

“They are taking your time.”

Zeydar had told Shawn about the Superior’s plans. He had warned them all and told Kony of all the study that he would have to do. He had told them of his plan to ensure that Kony was better prepared than any of them expected or wanted. It would require memorizing details that were both necessary and unnecessary for good magic. However, it would reflect better on both of them, and teach Kony more on how to manipulate the system.

“How old were you when you first started?” Shawn asked suddenly. “Testing, that is.”

“Eighteen was my first test, but I had been trained since a young age.”

“Kony is screwed.”

“Inherently, yes, however Kony has what most Mages don’t have.”

“And that is?”

“Practical skills.” All Stars had to learn to use their magic. They had magic theory and practices all through childhood along with other subjects. They were trained and practiced but they didn’t have to fight for their lives with magic. There was just an inherent connection to his magic that Kony had that the others did not have. Kony had learned to use magic with a broken staff. He had been forced into life or death situations and learned fine manipulation of his magic. Kony had spent nights reading and memorizing theory books and spell books learning all that he could, while getting practical experience in his fights. Zeydar had trained him in a one on one setting the whole time they had been on the run. Kony was simultaneously behind and ahead of his peers all at once. He had none of the foundation in history or spells but he had the one on one teaching with a Superior regarding his magic. Kony had gotten better teaching one on one than Zeydar had.

Much of Zeydar’s childhood had been learning how to be a Superior: etiquette, language, indoctrination. He’d visited cities, seen culture, went on trips to museums and art shows. His magic training had only been in class and when Tyler had done extra training. Zeydar had been a unique case with all his extra classes and intensive studies. Kony had gotten far more personal training in a few months than Zeydar had in a few years. They had spent day and night on Kony’s magic. Zeydar wasn’t going to say that Kony had the chance to memorize every single magic application or magic ingredient, or master everything that Zeydar had put years into mastering. Zeydar could make sure that Kony, however, was excellent in everything else regarding skill and theory.

“And Practical skills will help him logic tests?”

“No, but I’m going to start giving him my exams to study. He might not know why, but he will memorize the answers. He can learn the why later.”

“Can you do that?”

“There is nothing against it.” Plus Zeydar could remember many of the questions asked. He could find his exams in the archives from his status, and if they had locked them up tight, Zeydar knew what his last tests had asked. He could create a test from scratch, “All his practical exams will be excellent. Verbal, I can do my best, and his written tests? We’ll try. But, I want to focus on what matters.” Zeydar looked to the time and stood up as the first student entered the room looking at Zeydar and Shawn with a bit of concern.

“And are you going to be able to do this?” Shawn asked Zeydar the question Zeydar had been asking himself.

“I will do my best.” Zeydar had not had the chance to look over what the previous teacher had gone over. Based on what he remembered from the past, he had an idea of where they were supposed to be in the subject. More students started to filter in. they spoke amongst themselves, starring Zeydar down like he was a pariah or a idol. Zeydar was not sure which it was. He cast a silencing spell in the room.

“I’m Superior Zeydar.” Zeydar introduced himself using his Superior voice. He knew that they knew of him and what he had gone through. He knew that they were not going to respect him as best they could. Their age gap was minimal, and Zeydar expected that to create contention. He also knew that none would dare outright disrespect him. He went on looking at each of the student’s faces. They dreaded this class as much as he did. “And I hate Magic History. I know that most of you know that Superiors don’t get to pick the subject we teach. We are assigned it based on our scores from our exams. That means that while I hate this subject, I am the best in it. Does anyone know why?”

Zeydar stood watching them for a long moment. He then looked to Shawn who was silently laughing. Zeydar had not told Shawn that he hated Magic History. Zeydar knew that Shawn must of, correctly, decided that the Superiors were doing this to fuck with Zeydar. They were. Zeydar introduced him. “This here is Shawn. He’s an X. He has no magic to speak of and you are going to be seeing him in every one of these classes from now on. Shawn.” Zeydar saw as Shawn’s eye twitched. “Can you answer my enquiry?”

“Why you are the best in this subject despite hating it?” Shawn sighed. “Because your an over achiever who has to be the best in everything?”

There was a chuckle in the crowd and Zeydar turned back with a smile. “He’s right. I’m pretty insufferable about having to be the best. But no, Shawn. Why Magic History?”

Zeydar asked him again knowing that Shawn was smarter than some of the Stars in the room. Shawn already knew the actual reason, but Zeydar wanted something else. Shawn was silent for a moment searching Zeydar’s eyes. Zeydar could see Shawn thinking back to what Zeydar had taught Kony. The moment dragged on, the silence loomed over head and then Shawn answered with a clear voice. “Because it’s history.”

“And history.” Zeydar turned to those in the room, “Explains everything. Why a spell came to be. How theory developed as it did. You want the reason? History has it. Why is something poisonous? Someone in history found it out. History tells us the why and the what, when other subjects tell you it as fact.” Zeydar walked towards the front seats of the class. “So if you want to be the best, you had better know the history. You don’t want to make the same mistakes as the past. You need to know the why, so you can think for yourself and so you can work towards the future. And you all are going to hate magic history by the time I’m done, but you are going to be a good mage.” He looked to each face of the twenty student sin his class, where there should have been at least a hundred. “Maybe even a great one.”

Zeydar turned back to Shawn who gave him a look asking if he were only words or if he had the skill to back it up. They were both going to find it out.

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