YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 55 (CHAPTER 202)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia watched as her sister’s face changed from ease to worry. Heia explained to Trace her idea and all the issues that cam along with it. They had to do it, and Heia knew that Trace understood that. The issue was the risk. It had been the heavy truth that had led Heia to make the call on who went and who stayed. Trace and Robee would be able to take what was thrown their way. Heia had to be seen. She had to do it, so that Alan could not control them, and so the X’s saw outside the propaganda.

“Are you sure you want to do that?” Trace asked her.

“Not particularly.” Heia admitted. Even after telling Trace the plan, Heia was certain it was foolish.

“Then why?”

“Because. I don’t need a reason and you know it’s the right decision.” They needed to do it.

“Just us?”

“Yes.” Heia could not let Kori go, she was too young. The Circles could not go; they were Circles. Only Trace, Robee, and Heia could. “Kori should stay here and Kim and Lynx and Onyx should not go.”

“But if we go…”

“What? We might not come back?” Heia had already thought of it. By leaving they would be hunted and if Alan wanted to eliminate them in an accident, he would. If the X’s determined that Heia had outstayed her usefulness he would destroy her too. There was no more risk to leaving, than there was to stay. Only one, Heia felt more confident in. Heia knew how to survive.

“What is the reason we have to go? We are good here.”

“And we are figure heads here.” Heia reminded her.

“At some point.” Kim’s voice came from the doorway. Heia looked to Kim who leaned on the frame, arms crossed and eyes narrowed. How long had Kim been there for? Had she heard the plan? Who else had? Kim went on. “The people are not going to trust you. When Alan starts using them for his own gain again.”

“We have to get a one up.” Heia placed the fear of exposure behind and begged Trace. “And for that. I need you and Robee.”

Trace contemplated it before nodding slowly. “I’ll let him know. When are we leaving?”

“Tomorrow.” They had to leave as soon as possible, to ensure that they were able to get ahead of the propaganda.

“Alright then.” Trace left. As soon as she was down the hall Kim walked in and locked the door behind her.

“Did anyone else hear?” Heia addressed her oversight quickly.

“No.” She paused and then jumped over her words. “Why— Why didn’t you tell me?” There was genuine pain in her voice.

“I didn’t want you to worry.” Heia admitted. “I only decided it last night.’

“Worry?” Kim approached her, taking Heia’s hand and pulled herself close to Heia who would not budge. “Why? I won’t hold you back.”

“I don’t want you feeling as if you have to go with me, when you have a far better hold of things here. You can train everyone better.” Heia said the words but she knew they were in part a lie.

“I am still a Circle with X’s. They will hate me.” Kim said the truth out loud and it stung Heia to hear it.

“And I need to go to the City. I’m sorry.” Heia kissed Kim’s hand not wanting to see the betrayal in Kim’s eyes.

“Don’t be. I understand why.” Kim wrapped her arms around Heia’s waist. “It will be okay.”

“We’ll be back in a few days.” Heai hugged her back, breathing Kim in and relaxing to the touch. They both knew that if Heia survived, was the caveat to her return.

“And then to the next city and the next.” Kim squeezed Heia tight and then pressed their foreheads together. “I understand.”

“Thank you.” Heia whispered.

“Be careful.”

“I will.”

“And come back in one piece okay? I don’t want to get an earful from Evester.” Kim leaned back just enough to mask let Heia see her full smile. Heia saw how well Kim masked the pain behind her eyes.

“Is that the only reason?” Heia looked up to her batting her eye lashes and searching for an answer.

“Perhaps not.” Kim answered leaning closer, but not close enough to kiss her. When Heia kissed Kim, the two of them refused to let go. They fell to the bed, clinging to each other for dear life.

In less than twenty-four hours Heia, Trace, and Robee would escape the camp and go to the nearest UnderCity. There they would investigate the propaganda that was being distributed and determine if it was necessary to strike back. Certain propaganda was okay. However Heia could not let Alan sow the seeds of division. Humanity had to come together. They could not be divided further. Heia was angry. Their anger towards the ruling class was her own. She would see the hierarchy fall in her lifetime. She would see the status quo burn to the floor. But the Xs needed to see fight not the people but the system that they benefitted from. It was the system they had to destroy, the one that fed and bled the masses. The system had to become their focus. The system that Alan Penn benefitted from had to fall and Heia was going to make sure that he did not control the narrative.

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