YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 54 (CHAPTER 201)

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108 Days Until Control And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

The first two days had been for Zeydar. The Superiors had spoken to him and demanded that he was retested. He had taken the Superior tests again. He knew that there was no reason for them to grade the tests, as they had been even harder than before and he was certain he had passed them better. He knew his own magic better. For the practical exams he had only used ice magic. They claimed that they had retested him for teaching placement. Zeydar knew it was bullshit, but he did not say a thing.

The second day had also been for Kony. They had tested him, expecting him to fail. Kony was a Class One. He was required to have a Superior mentor, however due to his age placement was creating contention. While they had tested Zeydar, Kony had been given tests he had no way of passing. Zeydar knew that Kony was lacking based on traditional teaching methods, however he also knew that Kony had not been trained for more than a year. If Kony had the time that the others had, he would have passed them all. Zeydar had reminded him of it. Still, the Superiors ordered that he remain on Star Campus due to his lacking education.

Estashia had to agree and that morning they had officially moved back to the campus. Estashia had told Zeydar that she would find another way to get them out, but for now they had to abide by the ruling.

“I don’t want to live here.” Kony complained, laying face down on the tea table as they ate their food. Phil tested everything before they could eat or drink, and only when he reported things were safe to consume, would they.

“We’ll all be here.” Shawn picked up a cake that Phil had cleared.

“It’s controlling.” Kony complained. “I want to go back to the house. The longer I’m here the more the other students will realize I’m an outsider.”

“They already know you are an outsider.” Shawn spoke through a mouthful of food. “They are holding you here to control you, as they know they can’t indoctrinate you.”

“Give me a few days and I’ll be able to do it.” Zeydar told him. He hoped Estashia would be able to, but if she could not, then he would have to. They sat at a table in the tea lounge of the library waiting for Majorie to arrive with Zeydar’s assignment and Kony’s mentor. It was filled with students who chatted about their studies, and others who were reading theory books while drinking tea. There were a few who shot Kony glares, Phil looks of disgust, and others who starred at Zeydar who had removed his hood for the tea.

“Who will they choose?” May asked nodding to Phil who had cleared the tea. Phil’s placemat was a mess of tools and testing strips. Zeydar had to admit he had created a terrible mess, but it was necessary.

“For Kony?” Zeydar was not sure. “Majorie or Anthony.”

“Nooo.” Kony cried out.

“Its to control me.” Zeydar placed his hand on Kony’s back. Majorie would be able to force herself back into Zeydar’s life if she was in control over Kony. If Anthony was, then he could better watch Zeydar personally. Both were too long to be a mentor, but special circumstances required special answers.

“Here comes the devil.” Shawn continued to eat as Phil cleared the remainder of the food. He began packing his things away as Majorie approached their table. Her hood was down, but Zeydar knew that behind it there were stern eyes and disgust behind it.

“Mother.” Zeydar greeted her. She said nothing as she handed him a folder. She did not comment that he was breaking Superior protocol by calling her mother or that his hood was down. Both should have created a situation and still she was silent. Flipping open the file, he saw his class teaching assignment. He read over the words ten times before it full sank in and anger began to well up inside of him.

“Due to your actions we had to cover for your class. Your students will appreciate if you could show up.” Majorie told him. She had arrived late in order to screw him over on his first class. It had just ended. Zeydar wanted to scream at her, but instead he snapped the folder closed and gave her his best smile.

“It is unfortunate that this arrived to me late. I suppose you have more important things to do, after all.” He snapped right back, wishing to strip off his black robes and toss them to the ground. He wanted to rip his soul away from the binding regardless if he properly could or not. He wanted to destroy the whole system then, more than he ever had before.

“What subject?” May asked picking up on the contention.

Magic Theory. Ice Magic. Healing Magic. Any of them he had expected. He had been assigned Magic History. Magic. History. He wanted to slam the folder shut right there. Magic History. The most boring and driest of all magic subjects that had the worst attendance rates and numbers. “Magic History, my dear. How riveting.” He answered May before changing the conversation. “Who is Kony’s Superior?”

“I would hope you’d say that.” Her words were filled with such sweetness that Zeydar wished he had not asked. Zeydar saw Kony grasp the table as Majorie went on. “Based on the council, and your own vote, we have decided to make Kony your charge.”

The words did not settle on Zeydar’s mind for some time. He heard them but did not understand them, but he saw Majorie smile at him, lifting her hood just a bit so he could see her face. Terror raced through Zeydar’s body as he had to fight to keep himself from falling over in shock. He had only voted for himself because he had not wanted Kony being pinned on anyone else. He had almost thought  that they’d want to indoctrinate Kony, but it was too late. Kony was raised as an X. He’d never see Star or Superior superiority. He had seen the damage and good that magic could do. Kony would never see it as a tool that had to be kept from the masses. With their limited timeline to the end of the world, he’d never be able to be controlled unless…

“With his age, he is one of the oldest Class Ones.” She spoke calmly. “He will need to be evaluated consistently.”

“What are you saying?” Kony asked with equal joy and confusion. He did not understand how the Superiors had just tied Zeydar’s hands. They were going to check Kony’s progress at all times — weekly? Daily? Zeydar did not know — and should he fail his tests they would require additional training from Zeydar and himself. The moment that they decided that Kony had the skill for being a Superior, they would test him — even if he wasn’t actually prepared. Unlike Zeydar, they’d make his tests easier than ever to ensure Kony passed. Then they’d be able to control Kony through the superior contract. They’d be able to control them both in this way. As long as Kony wasn’t good enough then they’d have more to do. The moment that Kony was good enough, he’d be bound.

“I see. You want me to train a Charge and teach a class?” By doing such he wouldn’t have time to dedicate to either. He had to make Kony’s scores go up but not too high. He had to make sure that they abided by their own evaluations. Then he had to teach and grow as a teacher. Magic teaching was supposed to show one’s skills and abilities. It was to show that the Superior could change magic and bring something to the table. All Superiors had to start with teaching, but that didn’t mean that only Superiors were teachers. Zeydar could not remember the last time a Superior had been in charge of Magic History. “Challenge accepted.”

“Its not a challenge.” Majorie lied to them all. “Simply an evaluation of the best.”

“I’ll have my lesson plans for the week on your desk by lunch.”

“I’m not headmaster.”

“We both know who pulls the strings for the Superiors when Anthony doesn’t work. I think it’s best to skip the middlemen. After all, you’re going to be the one to evaluate them and tell me to fix them.” She glared at him as he spoke. She knew that he wasn’t bothering to hide his words or intentions. Especially not when those around him knew his truth. This was perhaps his last attack he’d be able to use for sometime, until he ground himself and Kony, into routine. This was the moment that he got what they needed, and had his out. “This is excellent. It means that Kony and I can stay at the Igilistals instead of campus.”

“A Charge can’t live off Star Campus.” She disagreed.

“Really? News to me. I’ve lived of campus for much of my life.”

She glared at him.

“His family is at the Igilistal’s. But if you would like for us to stay during the week we can.” Zeydar then flipped on his hood and stood with perfect posture. When he spoke next he made sure to use his Superior voice, and enunciate each word. “As my charge, I believe it best for his development to be near his family.”  Zeydar could se her bristling. “Also, Phil, and Shawn will be staying with us while we are on Campus. I’ve given them badges for access like most Class twos. May will be Kony’s personal guard and she will be transferred to under my full control by this afternoon.” She said nothing so he went on. “Now if you’ll let us.” Zeydar motioned to Kony. “Come Kony. We have a schedule to make for you and classes to enroll you in.”

Food forgotten, Zeydar led their table away. He knew he was going to get an earful at some later time, accompanied by a lecture and an offer of tea. Laughing to himself he had never felt more confident. He’d finally spoke out against the unfair treatment against him. If they were going to consistently test Kony, then he was going to make sure that Kony became the youngest Superior of all time, with the skills that he should have. By the time they tried to claim Kony ready to be tested, assuming he was easily malleable, Zeydar planned to make Kony perfected.

There were years worth of histories and theories that Kony would not know. They wanted to control Kony through his lack of knowledge with magic, and lack of skill. However, Kony was going to know his magic and he was going to know his magic and magic in general, better than any other Superior save Zeydar. Zeydar was going to give them a second monster who could manipulate the contract just as Zeydar would. Zeydar had been eighteen when he had first tried to become a Superior. Kony was going to be sixteen. By the time they came for Kony, Kony would have the skill of nineteen year old Zeydar or better. Zeydar would ensure it. 

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