YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 53 (CHAPTER 200)

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109 Days Until Dawn And the Uncertain End 

Uly reviewed each planet with Evester in detailed analysis. Maverin took notes and commented on them and asked questions that Evester did not understand. They were important questions, Evester could understand by context, but not much else. Evester reviewed Uly’s predictions on what the planets would look like by the time they arrived. Maverin had scientists retrofitting the Project programming to assist with the calculations. Soon they’d have it completed and then it would be on Maverin, Uly, and the few trusted scientists that Evester had vetted. They would be the only ones looking at the final planet choices.

Evester looked from the notes to the 3D renderings and image predictions. He heard Uly’s inbox sound in notification: undoubtedly Europa trying to get him to talk to her again. Evester paused for a moment wanting to see it. He thought of his sister and he empathized with her. He understood her longing. He figured her childish in the moment for trying so hard when she knew that the best way to get Uly to talk to her was to act rationally. However, Evester was childish. He wanted to see Zeydar. He wanted to talk to Zeydar.

Hearing Zeydar’s voice on the video chat had not been enough. Seeing his face had not been enough. Evester wanted to talk to him alone. He —

“No.” Uly spoke before Evester vocalized the thought. He wrote notes and calculations by hand, passing them to Maverin who placed the calculations on a stack of paper. Evester’s father was chuckling to himself.

“She just wants to talk to you.” Evester tried to avoid the conversation.

“Lets pretend for a moment that you were thinking of Europa and me — which you weren’t — I have made my position clear.” Uly said as Maverin continued to giggle under his breath. “You were thinking of Zeydar.”

“I just want to see him.” Evester admitted as Maverin settled himself. He gave Evester a wink and excused himself with Uly’s notes to go off and work on the project again. Evester knew it was his father’s way of giving him and Uly space to discuss their feelings, as well as that he had to go check on everything. Evester protested further. “Just call Europa and she’ll give him the phone.”

“Evester.” Uly starred Evester down. “You are acting emotionally.”

“I… know.” Evester was not sure how to explain that he wanted to check up on Zeydar. He knew his emotions now, better than he should, not that he wanted to fully admit them. Admitting them would create more havoc than necessary, however he had to check on Zeydar. “Just call. It’ll pacify both me and Europa.”

“Go do your distractions.”

“Which one? Training? Art?” Evester hissed the word. He actually liked the challenge of painting and colors. He thought of his painting that had helped him understand himself just a bit more. He thought of the answer he had given himself that he had to verify before he made it real.

“If you hate it so much you find another hobby outside trying to kill yourself.”

“I just want to talk to him.”


“Please.” Evester begged him, taking Uly’s hand and starring at him. He then adjusted his tone and narrowed his eyes. “Please.”

Uly and Evester starred into each others eyes for a long moment. Uly was searching for the rationality that Igilistals were supposed to have. Evester knew that all Uly would find was the deep rooted passion. It was the same that Europa had. The same that Maverin and Estashia had. Uly would recognize it. He would know what it meant, even if neither admitted it.

“Fine.” Uly dropped his pen. He opened up some programs, clicked a few buttons and then called Europa. He Shoved the computer camera towards Evester. Then he promptly ignored the call and Evester.

“Yes?” Europa answered on the second ring. Evester heard the speck of hope in her voice. He saw as her eyes darted across the screen to see that Uly who focused on his work. Her outward expression did not change, however Evester saw her pacify just a bit. “What do you want Evester?”

“I want to speak to Zeydar.” Evester admitted to her. The two spoke a conversation in their eyes. She asked if he had only called for Zedyar. He told her that he had, and that he knew she wanted to make sure Uly was safe. She thanked him for letting her see Uly.

“He’s about to leave.” She made the situation seem dramatic, as if she had no ability to call Zeydar away. Once again words were unspoken. She told him that Zeydar was in potential danger. She asked if Uly was sleeping. He said yes. She asked if his emotions were as deep as her own and he said yes.

“Just for a moment.” Evester didn’t want to think about where Zeydar was going. Like Europa, he would be okay with a glimpse, just a moment, something. Europa nodded and then she was moving through the house computer in her hands. She walked too quick for her regular pace, as if she were trying to out maneuver time. Evester recognized the walls of his home in Ovaria. He felt a sense of safety and that in those walls Zeydar was safe.

“Zeydar.” She called out.

“Yes?” Zeydar asked.

“Here. My brother.” She handed the device over and Evester saw Zeydar’s face. 

“What do you want Evester?” Zeydar glanced to Europa. Evester imagined her shaking her head, telling him that it was not recorded. “I thought that there was a communication hold.” 

Evester did not know what to say for the smallest of seconds. Zeydar looked well rested, if that were possible. There was a annoyance in his expression, but an awareness and sharpness to him that was unusual. Evester had seen it forming before, but now it was overpowering in Zeydar’s full lucidity. How years Zeydar had pretended to be this, this alert, this in control, for years was beyond Evester. The before was nothing near as striking as Zeydar was now. It gave Evester chills just by making eye contact. Evester couldn’t pretend that Zeydar was healed. He knew that Zeydar had to have continued pain and issues. Yet, there was a healthiness to Zeydar that Evester hadn’t expected to see so quickly.

“He just wanted yo tell you he loves you.” Shawn spoke from the back. Shawn was joking but Evester had called for the reason. Zeydar examined Evester’s unchanged expression at the words. Evester recognized that Zeydar understood that Shawn had said the truth. Shawn went on. “Which is exactly whey Uly cut off all connections. We need to go!”

“Believe in me,” Zeydar spoke with a soft expression. Zeydar shifted the computer’s weight in his hands and then lifted his right hand and placed it on his heart. “I’m okay.”

Evester’s heart flipped in his chest and he nodded. “We are okay too. And tell Europa to stop sending Uly love letters.” The comment warranted Europa taking her phone back and glaring at Evester. 

“That’s it. Times up.” Uly declared before anyone could speak next. Uly sighed and spoke softly. “Email me only if you need me and biweekly reports.” Uly then stopped the video before glaring at Evester. Evester smirked at Uly who had caved to Europa. Evester shrugged and walked out with a lightness about him that he didn’t fully understand. His emotions settled into him unwilling to disappear for the remainder of his life.

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