YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 48 (CHAPTER 195)

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114 Days Until Lies And the Uncertain End (part 1)

Kony sat shaking in his chair. The call was supposed to start any minute now. Zeydar couldn’t help but compare Kony to a shivering dog. He was frightened, cold, and looking at Zeydar with big eyes. Zeydar mouthed that he was going to be okay. Kony nodded and Europa clicked her tongue.

“We aren’t here.” Europa reminded them. “We can’t let them think you are being fed things to say.”

“Okay.” Kony was the only one who could speak in the code of his siblings. He had been prepped in what to say by Europa and Estashia for the whole of the day before. Andre tried to comfort him while Layla looked impatient.  Zeydar motioned for Kony to breathe and to relax. Kony took breaths with him and Zeydar smiled.

“Hello?” Kori’s voice came over from the computer. Zeydar looked to the live screen TV, in front of  him. They had set up a TV for everyone to see as Kony and his siblings sat in front of the camera. The watchers could see what the world was seeing. Kori was the only one who was on  the video call from her side. Karla logged on thanking Uly and waving at him as he left the screen.

“Hi.” Karla smiled. She was too clean, as if she had just washed off and had gotten ready for the call, while Kori looked a lot less put together. “Where’s Kony?”

Kony’s camera came on with Layla and Andre looking in. He immediately looked different. The nerves had vanished and instead he had slipped back into his role as brother. “Hello.”

“Kori. Karla?” Layla looked to them touching the screen.

“What?” She smacked her lips. “I said Kony only.” Kori glared into the camera. Karla giggled. “Why are you here?”

“Were you both just training?” Andre asked avoiding her question.

“Yes.” Kori and Karla answered. The two then laughed together. It all looked natural, and Zeydar wondered if the others were watching as they were.

Kori asked Karla. “Fighting more Aralax?”

“Evester won’t let me go out again, something about how it was dangerous.” Karla rolled her eyes eliciting laughs from Kori and Kony. Zeydar almost laughed himself but staid silent. It was a lie, they all knew she was training the soldiers. “Where’s Heia?”

“Alive.” Kori looked back.

“Kori. I can hear you.” Heia’s voice came from off camera. 

“Shut up. I just wanted to see Karla and Kony.” Kori glared at her over the screen.

“She was worried.” Trace popped her head in.

“Are you all there?” Layla asked. “I want to see you all.”

“I don’t want to see Layla.” Robee protested. “Stop. Heia!” Shortly Heia, Trace, Kori, and Robee were squeezed into the camera frame smiling.

“Hey Layla.” Heia smiled and Zeydar’s heart melted. He hadn’t realized that he missed her as much as he did.

“Don’t hey me. you purposely left me with Andre.” Layla pouted.

“Andre isn’t that bad. If anyone was the problem it was you.” Robee rolled his eyes. They then started talking over each other as Phil had said they probably would. Zeydar focused in on the triplets. Their conversation thus began in front of the world and behind fixed words.

“How is training?” Kony asked, his smile tensing a bit.

“Not bad.” Kori shrugged.

“Fun when I get to do what I want. Crass is letting me teach. You?” Karla bounced.

“Not horrible. Magic in the city is thicker. May, remember her? She’s helping to teach me too.” There was  the first key. Kony, an X, had magic. Estashia would be putting out mandatory retests and in order to make sure they are done she needed someone to prove it was necessary. People didn’t know it, from their videos, and it had to be revealed to push for the retesting. He used his new training as the base for his code, as he told them of Estashia’s plan and what Zeydar was going through. He said that Zeydar was still clean, and that things were going better than planned, which was a bad sign. “Endwin says retests should be going out as soon as Estashia gets the funding from the Circles to do so.”

“Why’s it taking so long?” Kori laughed a bit hesitant.

“Europa complains about that too.” Kony shrugged. “In a perfect world ten days.”

“She’s queen now. She should get to do what she wants.” Kori complained.

“She’s a queen, doesn’t mean she controls all the money, just the decisions and sadly the world still runs on money.” Karla answered. “The rest?”

“Food and supplies were sent.” Kony shrugged, and leaned back.

“Yeah, we saw it. It’s being loaded to the transports that are done.”

“How many are done?”

“A lot.”

“That’s specific.” Karla laughed.

“And our new home?”

“I don’t know much. Uly’s been locked away for a while.” She went on to  explain what she had been doing recently, slipping seamlessly into code, revealing the practices that had been happening and in the deeper meaning, that Uly had narrowed it down to a few hundred and that he was working on it. She said that things were not looking good. She explained about the moles and the lack of control and the fear Uly had of sabotage. Not only was he fighting Circles, he was going to have to take a leap of fate, she said, one that she wasn’t sure was going to sit well with people.

Kony’s eyes drifted up for the shortest of moments, and Zeydar’s heart nearly kept out of his chest. He knew that Phil, Zeydar, and Shawn had understood, and the news had frightened him. However before he could realize his mistake and blow their cover, Zeydar threw the door open behind them with a bang and shot a glare to Phil. 

“Stop.” Zeydar spoke loudly.

“Ha.” Phil laughed catching on. He moved from where he stood and skipped towards the siblings who were all looking at them now. “I want to say hi.”

“What are you doing?” Layla hissed. Shawn, Europa, and Endwin shot Zeydar a look asking him what he had done. However, Shawn recovered first. He looked to Zeydar, having realized that Kony must have looked to Zeydar. He motioned for Zeydar to grab Phil.

“Saying hi.” Phil leaned in towards the camera. “Hi…” Zeydar used his magic to pull Phil back. “Rude! Zeydar! Rude.”

“You are supposed to let them be.” Zeydar approached him.

“As if that would happen.” Shawn called out from behind throwing his voice as if he were further away.

“Zeydar?” He heard his name over the computer. Zeydar’s heart ached more than it had upon seeing Heia. He almost said her name.

“Go. Leave.” He pushed Phil away and went to walk.

“Wait.” Kony called him. He stopped. “Say hi.” Zeydar felt his heart racing as he walked back and stood in the back of the frame. He saw their faces in the camera knowing the world could see him.

“You doing good?” Heia asked him.

“He’s fine.” Shawn called from further away having brought Phil back to the back. 

“You look well Heia. But this is your family chat. Have a good day.” Zeydar waved and walked off knowing that he too had almost broke down at seeing her. He missed her so much, and by seeing her, all he could think of was Evester who was there behind Karla’s camera.

“Wait! Shawn.” Heia called out to Shawn. Zeydar walked towards the back passing Shawn, who walked back to the camera. “Shawn come here!”

“What?” He asked, looking into the camera.

“You are family too.” Heia spoke slowly and with a bit of a taunt to it.

“Yeah, well I have to watch Zeydar to keep him from going off and Phil, to keep him from doing stuff like this. It wasn’t that high on my priority list.” Shawn looked to the door as if he were worried about what Zeydar and Phil could get into next.

“Sure. Be safe.” Heia laughed.

“Yeah. I will Heia.” The way he said Heia’s name told Zeydar that the entire world was going to be talking about it. There was such love in the phrasing of it, that made Zeydar’s nerves stand on edge. When Shawn left the side of the family, Zeydar had the door shut again and control was back in place. Zeydar looked to Shawn who did not seem to notice that he would have sent the world into a frenzy about two lovers apart. Shawn and Heia loved each other deeply, just as Zeydar loved Heia. Zeydar only hoped May listened to him when he explained. Everyone who mattered knew that the two of them didn’t like each other like that, and based on the smile on Europa’s face, Zeydar knew they were going to use it to their advantage.

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