YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 44 (CHAPTER 191)

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119 Days Until Sincerity And the Uncertain End 

The table was dressed with silverware and china that Zeydar wasn’t sure was applicable to a traditional morning breakfast. The rules of the house had been completely changed. They were no longer eating at a Council Woman’s house; they were eating at the Queen’s house. As such, things were highly publicized, and changed. There were cameras, and unnecessary amounts of spoons. Zeydar felt sick to his stomach about the performance of it all. He had been sitting for so long that he wasn’t hungry anymore. Finally when the food came out, Zeydar wondered how long it had been sitting for.

And the dishes did not stop. They brought out copious amounts of food in lavish numbers. There was no way all the food would be eaten, and the intended audience would have to know that. There were too many luxury dishes, some of which Zeydar hadn’t seen since before the Catastrophe. The moment the last dish was placed, Zeydar was sickened by the idea of food. There were people starving. What the fuck was this?

“Somehow I think this would create more havoc.” Shawn looked at the dishes, grimacing.

“Statistically speaking it does.” Europa sat at her spot at the table. “However for our allies it makes them feel warm and fuzzy as if we aren’t suffering. Its a sort of problematic approach. If they think we are suffering for one moment they’ll focus on us rather than the common people. We need them to think we are ignoring the people as to keep the regular people as their focus.” Zeydar wished he knew more about the Igilistals’ history to know what about them inspired so much envy and dedication.

“And if the pictures pass to the common people they’ll think us tyrants. It is all calculated, don’t worry.” Endiwn opened his napkin. “We’ve been trained for this, you haven’t. You needn’t eat here if it makes you feel uncomfortable, but our family has always been prepared to be eviscerated by the public.”

Zeydar thought it was all very backwards, but he also knew how much time and effort Europa had but into the plans to house and feed the remainder of humanity’s population. Estashia had planned to redistribute the food and that everyone would be rationing, save them. If everyone was eating the same, save the new royal family, then they would not fight each other and focus their attention on the those who were splurging. It was using propaganda against surplus and Zeydar was both impressed and horrified

Never in his life had Zeydar felt pampered. He’d grown up the most privileged out of everyone at the table, even compared to the Igilistal children. He had lived as a Star, the most secluded and controlled group, and given everything he’d ever wanted. Yet the breakfast felt like a betrayal to every single thing he’d come to know. He could see the fury and anger in Layla’s eyes and the disgust in Andre’s. Kony looked shocked at what he was seeing with all the decorative food, eggs, meats, fruits, luxury that the world could not afford.

Europa and Endwin acted as if it were nothing despite Zeydar knowing they’d never eaten like this in their life. The cameras were trained on all their reactions and Zeydar knew that it was on purpose. The common people would see the rest of their expressions and know that it was only the Igilistals. It was a way to protect them and further serve the intended purpose.

When Estashia entered the room there was even a flicker of annoyance on her face as she looked at it. The look was smothered as the cameras turned on her and the show began. She sat at her seat and ate the food as if it were an everyday occurrence and that the cameras did not exist at all.

“Honestly the idea of this makes me sick.” Shawn glared at the food.

“If we have to eat it, then we eat it.” May started first, moving food to her plate.

“Off that backs of X’s. People are starving.” Shawn huffed. Zeydar knew that Shawn meant it but Zeydar could not help but wonder if Shawn had been coached to say it.

“And the world is going to keep starving if they can’t control the Circles that are so corrupt as to believe this is what we want.” May snapped back without her usual cadence. This was an act created by Europa, a clever one. May placed food on Shawn’s plate. “Ear.”

“Are the shipments in place?” Estashia asked Europa.

“Ready to be sent.” Europa told her.

“Food will reach the masses and for now we eat.” Estashia acted as if the argument between Shawn and May had not happened.

“At least we know that with food they won’t be fighting for our deaths.” Phil hummed to himself. May glared at him, telling Zeydar that Phil’s comment was not scripted. Phil then asked dramatically. “If I can’t even make you laugh, what is the point of my existence? I have no other purpose.”

“Can’t you be serious for once?” She asked him.

“Serious?” He pondered. “Definition please.”

Zeydar shook his head and Phil laughed. 

“This is a dangerous move.” Shawn warned Estashia. From Europa’s expression, Zeydar knew it was back on script. Shawn was surprisingly helpful regarding this matter and Zeydar wondered what they had said to him to convince him to help. “The public will want you dead. He’s not wrong.”

“Everyone wants me dead.” Estashia looked him in the eye. “It’s why we poison test everything.”

Phil was the only one who started laughing telling Estashia that her joke was great. Europa and Endwin kept eating and Zeydar looked to the others who were not sure whether Estashia was kidding or not.

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