YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 43 (CHAPTER 190)

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120 Days Until Anxiety And the Uncertain End (part 2)

Heia slid her foot back to center herself as she threw out her holoblade and blocked Onyx’s attack. Heia then stepped to the side, keeping her back away from her enemy. Eyes on Onyx, she raised her weapon, keeping the edge of the blade closer to her hand so she hand more control.

“Better.” Onyx drew back giving Heia a nod.

“Why are we learning to fight people again?” Kori asked, kicking her legs as she watched them from the wall. They had picked a secluded corner of the camp in order to practice more techniques. It was the best place away from cameras and unwanted eyes.

“Because war.” Trace answered her, jumping up to sit with her. “People fight people.”

“We are supposed to be fighting death not each other.” Kori complained. “If a war breaks out now, we are all screwed.”

“Yea.” Onyx nodded. “That’s why we practice. Not for now, but for when we settle and have to keep everyone together.”

Onyx was like Crass, of little words. Unlike Crass, she was also expressionless. Heia wanted to know how Onyx walked with so little sound and was able to breathe so silently. She was like an assassin out of a comic book, but when she had asked Lynx, Lynx had told her it was a defense mechanism.

Turmoil at home had been the reason that EverDanger had given for Lynx and Onyx’s lack of information regarding their personal origins. Similar to Crass. Heia had never asked after that. She already knew that Lynx and Onyx had gotten involved with shady people and that Estashia had led them to EverDanger. What exact circumstances had gotten them there, Heia was determined not to learn more about. She didn’t want to ask because she already had the answers.

She’d seen kids in the UnderCities who had learned it was better to be silent than to take up space. That was Crass. That was Onyx. Lynx, on the other hand, had become a flame, lashing out when she had to, to protect her sister. Lynx had to get creative, which was where her name came from. She was able to come up to solutions to things, even when in danger, that most others may not think of. For EverDanger viewers she was thought to be able to think on her feet and come up with not only entertaining, but effective solutions to tasks. Heia knew it as a defense now. The two sisters were far from healed but she saw the work they put into working through their personal traumas and Heia did not want to press. She liked who they were now, and appreciated them. Heia knew that she never had cared much about them when she was a fan, but knowing them now, she was glad they were on her side and assisting her in this dangerous place.

“Again?” Onyx raised her sword to Heia.

Heia stepped forward, blade against blade. The fight began again, this time faster as Onyx took it up a notch and pressed Heia to fight differently. The sisters were great fighters, and skilled in holoblades in ways that showed classical training. They were the basis of much of EverDanger’s training for usual use of the blades while Evester was their Aralax knowledge.

“Good.” Kim called out from behind, causing Heia to fluster and scatter forward, trippig over her own feet.

“Distractions are frustrating Kim.” Onyx snapped at her. “Go away.”


Heia looked back to see Kim dressed in a plain t-shirt and pants. It was unlike her typical clothes that showed off more of her curves. Odd, Heia thought. Kim winked at her and Heia wasn’t sure if it was the heat of the exercise or her own blood that made her face warm.

“What are you here for?” Lynx, Robee, and Kim were supposed to be training soldiers.

“Bored.” Kim answered. “I wanted to come see my best friends. And ask you if you wanted to help me train them.”

“Sure.” Trace jumped down and bounced over to her.

“I do!” Kori rushed over shortly after Trace.

“Fine.” Onyx dropped spun her weapon and deactivated it.

“Take them out. I’ll help Heia.” Kim suggested. 

Heia looked to Onyx who nodded and left the room. She then turned back to Kim. “I don’t need help, Kim.”

“No?” Kim walked over to her. Heia padded back a bit, avoiding Kim’s eyes. Heia had been hot for Kim for weeks and the desire in her body was beginning to cloud her mind. She had to stay focused on the mission, she told herself. However, when Kim spoke, Heia forgot the mission all together. “Ah there’s a reaction and here I thought  you were avoiding me.”

“Avoiding you?” There was the twisting in her stomach and the thump in her chest. “We’ve had work to do.”

“Mhm.” Kim pulled Heia’s hair out of her ponytail, braids tumbling around her face. Kim then pulled Heia’s chin back to force their eyes to meet. For a moment Heia felt her mouth go dry, before Kim smiled and Heia melted. Heia had no idea what to make of her own emotions, or what sort of emotions she could have during the end of times. She knew, however, that she liked Kim far too much, which made it dangerous for them to be alone together. The electricity between them became a magnetism that made Heia want to hold Kim and never let her go.

Kim was her family, she tried to tell her self. But Kim was also not her family.

Kim lifted Heia’s chin before dropping her hand all together lightly running her fingers down Heia’s arm. Heia’s grasp of the concept of walking away vanished.

Evester, was Heia’s next thought. How many times had she seen Evester and Kim pull flirtatious moves in videos? They flirted the same and all at once Heia felt pain for Zeydar. Just like Zeydar, Heia was taunted and enthralled by a naturally seductive person. Kim knew that the slightest tilt of her head, the change in her brow and smile signaling an invitation, and the way she touched, made Heia’s head spin.

When Kim backed away and towards the camp rooms where they staid, Heia knew better than to follow. Still, she chased Kim twisting her hair back as if it would protect it from the potential friction damage that was to come.

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