YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 40 (CHAPTER 187)

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122 Days Until Perfection And the Uncertain End (part 3)

Zeydar looked to May who stood before him disheveled and then to Shawn who stood as if he hadn’t just been caught making out with May. Zeydar had been walking down the hall. He had been planning to read books, to practice his magic, something. He didn’t remember his initial goal anymore, because when he had turned the corner he found them. Shawn had May pressed up against a door, and she had been clinging to him. He had not made a single sound and was about to turn when May had seen him and shoved Shawn away.

Then she started stumbling and making excuses.

“Listen. I’m not judging.” Zeydar looked to her, stopping her excuses from digging her into a deeper hole. “But are you sure? Shawn?”

“Yes. Me.” Shawn rolled his eyes.

Zeydar knew people who disagreed could get real passionate but May, May the military Mage? Something about it seemed off. He knew just how much indoctrination he had gone through, let alone her. She had been against him due to the Superiors. She didn’t believe that Kony could have been an ignored Star. She had deep prejudices that he wanted to call out, but not in front of Shawn. He believed that she could unlearn them, as he was doing himself. But had she? Did she see her biases and address them?

“Come on.” May collected herself, glared at Shawn and walked Zeydar away. She pushed Zeydar from behind and Zeydar wondered if that was because she was turning red.

“I didn’t realize you liked him.” With how much glaring and snarling between the two of them he never thought they would act on the obvious tension. He had also assumed that it would be a once and done if anything. Yet he thought of how Shawn caressed her face, and the way she seemed to melt under him. They had done it before, and had been doing it for a while.

“I don’t. He’s an X.” She hissed. “That was a mistake.” The lie was apparent.

“Sure it was, because you just make out with anyone in hallways of houses that are not your own.” Zeydar let the sarcasm bleed through his words as thick as he possibly could.

“A one time thing.” She said another lie.

“May, you know you can tell me.” Zeydar stopped walking and turned to her.

“He’s hot okay?” She stopped walking and looked to the side. “That’s it. We don’t get along on anything. We don’t agree about anything. But I’ll be, if he isn’t hot.”

“That’s true.” Zeydar hummed to himself. Shawn was hot and he could not blame May for that. He did, however, disagree with her. She and Shawn did not agree but more in the way that a river met the ocean. The waters there were strange and difficult to manage, but that which could live in them would be strong. They seemed to be a perfect pair.

“Besides, you’re one to talk with Evester.” May turned to him and starred him down.

“I don’t hate Evester.” Zeydar teased her.

“No? But you didn’t like him the best either.”

“Evester isn’t even here.” Zeydar shook his head.  He then glanced around. He leaned closer to her and needed to ask her about it. “And I wasn’t the one making out with an X.”  Zeydar had never said the word like that before. It had such a hositility in it, that he had heard May use before. The way that May looked at him, told him she had not forgotten her own biases. She had been indoctrinated into a dismay for X’s, but they seemed to embarrass her now.

“He might not be.” She ruined it by saying the words that made him groan.

“He is. I’ve checked. He has no magic.” He would need for her to work on it, for Shawn’s sake.

“Well does that even matter?” She defended herself.

“I thought you didn’t like him.” Zeydar looked at her, seeing how she sputtered trying to figure out what to say. “Shawn’s Shawn, but really you should get your thoughts together about it soon. Figure out what you want from him. We were raised in a way that told us that we were better than them and you can’t pretend that it didn’t happen. I need you level headed and I need him…” to keep Zeydar from falling back to Sweet Dreams. “Thinking with the proper head. So, go ahead and make out, argue, whatever, but don’t hide it. You and I have to work on our biases, but you don’t have to do it on your own.”

She looked to him before she nodded and looked away.



“Now tell me. What do you like about him.” Zeydar smiled at her.

“Shut up Zeydar! I do not like him.” She snapped at him before walking away.

“Come on tell me.” He pretended to beg.

“We have magic to practice.” Her reluctance to say anything made Zeydar wonder if she had it bad. And thinking of her reluctance made him think of his own. Evester’s smile came to his mind, and Zeydar felt at ease as the world no longer span with noise.

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