YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 39 (CHAPTER 186)

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122 Days Until Perfection And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The facility wafted with the odor of humans. Airships had lined the building spanning miles. People moved about creating a cascade of noise bouncing off the walls. Thousands of people were living in the spare warehouses along the strip of land where airships were being transferred. They had what they could carry, enough to fit in their specified storage containers, and nothing more. These people were here to work, and then to move. They had come to assist in fleeing the planet.

“We are currently stocking ships with supplies. New clothes, and the likes.” Alan Penn told Heia as she watched people being checked in. “With the Circles assistance, we have started the transport ships of goods and weapons for all.”

The first thing that was being packed were the ships that would hold food, clothes, instruments, books, documents, technology, and many other things to jumpstart a new economy. Other ships would hold animals and seed for food. Still others would have machinery and equipment along with metal, wood, and other building supplies. There were people being transported all over the world to collect materials and to rip up the remains of the earth before it was destroyed for good. Years of treaties and protocols to protect the planet were being broken for their survival. Each of the ships with human civilization upon them would carry similar things, albeit in smaller numbers. Circles were providing weapons, guns and holoblades, to any who could use them. They were bolstering numbers for the armies and collection groups. The coming battles would need everything they could get for protection.

Karla had requested assistance and Estashia had listened. Things were looking up. 

“These people are here to work?” Robee asked starring at some of the smaller children who were with their parents.

“Most come from Undercities that are thoroughly collapsed.” Those who had to survive without the protection of their city. “Or Towers that have collapsed.”

Each of the under cities were doing census, along with assigning all families numbers. Once the evacuation began, the sleep was to begin and people would go onto the ships. That would be when they are cast in darkness to sleep until they woke in the new land. Crews were being chosen, and tested to make sure that they could be trusted to complete the mission and sleep once the ships were on their course for their new home. A crew that abandoned the mission would abandon the thousands of people they were to save. It could not happen.

EverDanger had to get on that list and there had to be connections to Estashia on every single ship. It was one of the few ways that they would attempt to maintain order.

“This is a mess.” Lynx looked to the people who were already settling into the warehouses. “They have little room to exist.” Rows of blankets lined the floors, much like the crisis tents from when they lost their Undercities in the Catastrophe. They would have to prepare for disease and how to mitigate it.

“We will survive this.” Heia told her. “We survived worse.” She said it so she may believe it herself.

“There is at least hope here.” Trace nodded.

“What sort of protections do they have?” Kori asked. “When the Aralax come.”

“Full military support.” Alan Penn answered. “Each of the warehouses will be locked and placed under bombing procedures so nothing can get in.”

“When do we start sleep procedure?” Kim, like Heia, hoped that there was news that he knew that they did not.

“Once we know where we are going, and when we leave.” Alan answered. That meant it was up to Uly to decide. “In one month time we are going to have a meeting with the Stars and Circles. We are going to have to speak and complete the treaty decisions for when we land in our new world.”

Heia wondered if Uly would have to have it decided by then. Heia wondered if that would be when they met together. She wanted to know more on the new place. Would it be beautiful? Would it be safe? What would they have to do to survive? Heia did not know, but for the first time in a while, she felt at peace in the apocalypse.

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