YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 38 (CHAPTER 185)

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122 Days Until Perfection And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Evester looked from Crass to Rayda and then to Karla. Which one was it? Which one of them was the one who had the card. Fingers twitching, Evester pulled a card from Karla’s hand. Her poker face was incredible as he turned the card around to see the joker. Screaming out in frustration Karla laughed.

“Done?” Uly asked halting their game.

“Evester just lost again.” Rayda placed her cards down. 

“Not true. I could get it to one of you.” He protested.

“Unlikely.” Karla teased him. Dejected, Evester looked away. He knew she was right.

“What is it?” Crass asked Uly.

“We got the aid.” Uly announced to them. He had told them of when Estashia had taken over as King’s Rule, as well as the changes in the factories. Despite this, nothing effected them. Getting aid meant that people were going to be at their facility. It meant that there would be people to train. It meant they were going to have a chance.

“Soldiers.“ Evester looked to Uly.

“And researchers.” Uly nodded.

“Will you find our new home?”

“No. I think I’m just going to drive us into a sun instead.” Uly rolled his eyes. “With them here it means that the end game is nigh.” It meant that they were moving towards actual evacuation. It meant they were starting to pack the ships with supplies. It meant that People were being counted and retested, if Zeydar kept his word. 

It meant they were close to the next attack.

“In the mean time, you are going to teach them. Thanks to your little videos, the world wants more. They will record more of your teaching  for the soldiers  and Kim and the others will teach as well. We need this to be an assault we win.” Uly told them all.

“You want me to train them?” Evester asked stunned that Uly was agreeing to it. “What about…” Uly glared at Evester and Evester stopped talking. He would not push it. Evester didn’t want to give up his paintings either. He’d find time for both.

“Are they here?” Rayda asked.

Uly motioned for them to follow him. Leaving the cards behind, the group transversed towards the air hanger where soldiers had already arrived. Evester wondered how they had missed the sound of the planes. Soldiers, officers, a Circle General, they were all there. Evester’s mother had gone all out. Smiling to himself he stepped forward.

When the soldiers and officers saw him, they starred at him with eyes of mixed adoration and disdain. They did not want to learn from him and he, honestly, did not want to teach them. It was going to be terrible for both of them and that gave Evester joy. The General introduced his additional officers and greeted them all.

“Looks like we have some training to do.” Karla put her hands on her hips and stepped forward. The soldiers looked to her.

“You have this?” Crass asked her.

“Get the dummies.” Karla told them. “I’ll get them to respect us at least a little. Don’t worry.”

Evester laughed at how the General did a double take to Karla. In all the training videos she had been the one being “trained.” There was no one better suited for training the soldiers in the basics than her. The soft angel was a diamond, refined and ready to cut into them and destroy them thoroughly.

“What is the meaning of this?” General Havoc was a dark man, tall, with sharp eyes.

“Karla will train you.” Evester answered.

“My Prince…” The General looked between the two of them. “You are certain of this?”

Evester’s breath paused at the title. His mother was Queen. His father was consort. He and his siblings had new titles and with that meant an entire new image. There was a brief moment of uncertainty, before his training kicked in and he raised his chin just a bit higher. “Karla is more that suitable to train your soldiers in the basics. Advanced techniques come in time. I will take over from there and then we will begin raids. I recommend your soldiers recognize her for what she is. Karla is a raid leader and far more than capable of taking out three teams of Aralax on her own.” The words were a lie. She could take out, perhaps, two on her own. Evester had jumped the numbers because he needed them to fear her.

When Evester saw the brief terror sprinkled behind the eyes of the soldiers, he turned. Leaving, he wished them luck. Leaving Crass behind with Karla, Evester and Rayda followed Uly to meet the new researchers.

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