YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 37 (CHAPTER 184)

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124 Days Until Corruption And the Uncertain End (part 3)  

When the Cloudcites were first formed there were many laws established to ensure no wars would come to pass should world emergency arise. Of these laws, the bypass leader law or the King’s Rule Act, was voted into existence. The King’s Rule act required specific conditions to be used lawfully. One, the humanity’s survival was brought into question, whether in fear of war, or in fear of destruction. Two, the leader of the council had to declare it, bring it to vote, and get a super majority vote from all other council members. In order to be revoked, a vote had to be reissued to a super majority of the council or a public vote. This made it fundamentally impossible for a King, once established, to be removed. Three, the leader of the World Council became acting King in the matter and, as such, must have been on the council for at least two terms. Four, the decision of the voters could not be forced through black mail or coercion. Five, the public had to be notified as the vote began and the results following. Six, should the King die, the protocol died with them. This was the easiest way to kill a King once the rule was established.

There had been three times in human history when the protocol was activated. All three times an Igilistal had been the World Council leader.  There was not much time in the course of the CloudCity history that a Igilistal had not been World Council leader and majority leader. They held such power and willingly gave up their position, that they were trusted. The Igilistals were called kings not because of spite but because of an ideal. If any family was heaven ordained it was the Igilistals.

As the chatter in the room grew and the questions were thrown out, Zeydar wondered if Estashia would call for the King’s Rule Act vote. She had said she wouldn’t use it to pass the memorandums. She’d do that with persuasion. She did not want to heavy hand the situation. It would make her enemies far angrier.

However, that did not mean that she would not do it. If there were ever a situation to call for the vote, it was this one. Zeydar did not doubt that she had talked to all the Circles about the possibility of it. The whole world was watching the debate. Every criteria would be met. If this were not the time to call it, what would be a better time?

Estashia called the room to focus once more, answering all questions that were given her way regarding the first two votes. She gave swift and accurate answers without using too much time. Then the first vote began. 

Aid for the Xs? Passed with a super majority, Star partially for and against. While Estashia held a majority, it was clear that most agreed with the plan and understood the danger. They’d seen enough to know that the crisis was coming and it was not the deal that they could get anything out of.

After much debate and reform, much to what Europa and Estashia had predicted, the second vote occurred and passed with a minor majority, but enough to pass and to be passed along to the X’s for confirmation.

It was then, in the celebration of decision that Estashia called the room to silence once more.

“Finally we have one more vote.”

It was here. 

Zeydar sat up a bit straighter. He heard how the room stirred and how the magic shifted.

“As specified by Act 3 of the World Council Constitution, I request a vote on The Bypass Law for the remainder of our time on Earth as well as our beginning time in our new home. This vote is issued under the duress of the planet and made in consideration of unity for the human species as a whole.”

No one spoke out at first. Perhaps there was a shock going through them that anyone would dare request such a thing. Zeydar watched the Circle’s glance between each other and newer members look over the law in their tablets. He sensed how the Stars prickled and saw how the X’s leaders grew wide eyed. The world had heard. The world was listening.

“Which is to say King’s Rule?” Micah Rayblay asked when no one else would. He sounded almost angry and was certainly incredulous.

“Yes.” Estashia nodded to him. He was in her pocket. He would voice the opposition flawlessly and get her the super majority needed.

“A vote today?”

“Yes. As specified by the voters rules.” The room was a buzz in whispers. If Estashia heard them, she did not respond. Zeydar saw her confidence. She knew exactly how the vote would turn out, from the slight upturn of her eyes, he knew. “I will allow for an hour long recess and a decision will be made immediately after.”  Estashia called and no one moved. Then one by one screens went black and people left.

“What will they do?” Kony asked confused. “What is the law?” Zeydar gave him a brief overview of the law and then looked to Estashia once again. Europa approached them as Estashia spoke with Micah Rayblay.

“Mother will be voted in.” Endwin laughed under his breath. “She’s mother. No need to worry.”

“Each time an Igilistal has brought up the Act they have been voted in. The issue is the Superiors.” Europa sat in the seat between Endwin and Zeydar. She did not seem worried either. Her nonchalant attitude was not nearly as convincing as her mother’s.

“They accept it.” Zeydar already knew they would not. Luckily, it was a Circle only vote. The Superiors had no say. It would, perhaps, speed up their ultimate goals, but they could do little.

“And if there is no super majority?” Shawn asked.

“There will be.” Europa answered. The Iglistals were the royalty of the Circles. Estashia controlled all the parties as well as the opposition and support. Zeydar repeated the information to himself over and over again. Once Estashia became Queen, there would only be the Superiors left to manage.

The hour long recess passed in much tension and when the lights flickered back and people tricked in the vote was called. Unsurprisingly it was a super majority in favor. Immediately the Superiors sent out a fuss about what had happened. They did not approve, did not support it. They knew that their time in control had come to an end.

Immediately Estashia snnoucned what needed to be told to the public and started acting in a way that was different. She was no longer whimsical and elusive. She became a war Queen immediately issuing statements and decisions. Policies were established and Circle life was completely upheaved. Zeydar knew then that if Evester had been trained for the Project, then Estashia had been as well — after all she had married the project lead.

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