YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 36 (CHAPTER 183)

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124 Days Until Corruption And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

Heia watched the screen uninterested. The World Council meeting was as boring as she expected it to be. The politicians bickered and talked about things that most of them had not seen personally. The X’s were fighting. The Circles were divided. The Stars refused to comment. It was much as how Heia pictured politics worked for them usually. There were no surprises to be had.

“Why isn’t the Prime Minister talking?” Robee asked collapsing down next to Heia.

“He’s fed up with their inaction.” Lynx answered. “Granted it makes sense. I don’t blame him.”

“The votes are beginning.” Onyx spoke quickly drawing their attention to the screen again.

“It’ll be unanimous for the Circles.” Lynx snorted. “Estashia hasn’t lost her touch yet.”

“We may be in for a surprise or two.” Kim sat down behind Heia.She placed her arm around the back of the chair pulling Heia closer to her. Kim leaned against Heia and the two snuggled closer watching. “You know her.”

“She’s a demon in the skin of a human is what I know.” Lynx rolled her eyes.

“Just because she almost got you expelled…” Kim sighed. There was a whole story to it that Heia had not heard before and her interest was piqued.

“Listen. What I did was not illegal.” Lynx snapped.

“Yet.” Onyx added.

“Whose side are you on?”

“What happened?” Heia only knew a little of how Lynx and Onyx joined EverDanger. They were the last members to join. EverDanger began as Uly, Kim, and Evester: childhood friends from Ovaria who decided to do something crazy. Phil was added after Kim met him and Rayda was scouted by Uly. Crass came later followed by the sisters last.

Lynx at first did not answer, but when she started talking the words tumbled out. She explained of Onxy and Lynx were in a private school. The two had met unsavory people while on vacation and had gotten into some dangerous business. Lynx had brought the business to Valeria, and she had been caught by Estashia. Estashia threatened her despite the fact that what Lynx had done was not exactly illegal. It had something to do with the Sweet Dreams trade. Estashia had made a deal with her to stop the drug trade and then when the girls graduated she introduced them to Evester and his friends. Lynx was about to go on when Kim hushed her and pointed to the TV.

For a moment Heia didn’t know what she was hearing before Lynx started laughing and Onyx giggled. Estashia had said a bunch of jargon that Heia did not know and Europa had issues a third vote for something that only the Circles could vote on.

“What does that mean?” Kori asked from behind.

“Estashia… She’s asking to become Queen.” Kim answered. 

“Queen of the Circles?” Trace repeated. “Is that possible?”

Queen of the World, Heia wanted to correct her. If Estashia had the power, and controlled the Stars through Zeydar, she was untouchable. It was unheard of.

“Will she get it?” Heia asked Kim.

“She’s royalty ain’t she?” Lynx asked. “How can she not?”

The whole council was held in the palm of her hand from faked opposition to situations. Estashia already controlled it all. It was how Evester and Heia had gotten out of trouble. It was how Everster got out of EverDanger immunity to all laws. It was how the Circles were going to pull their weight in the evacuation. They were going to unify for the first time in solidarity and prove to the X’s that they meant business.

As the vote began, Heia starred at the face of Alan Penn who seemed interested for the first time. Perhaps the farce would not be a farce after all. Perhaps they could work together. Estashia was keeping her side of the deal. Heia had to make sure that Alan Penn and the other X leaders were brought to the table and did as he was told.

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