YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 34 (CHAPTER 181)

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126 Days Until Death And the Uncertain End 

The videos were edited in a way that Evester’s words not only explained how to predict attacks, but now to take Aralax down with expert skill. They had different examples, angles, slow down and graphics to show the exact angle to strike. They were all practice videos and he reminded others that they needed to practice before they attempted to use the skills. Then he had uploaded them to the EverDanger channel. Evester starred at the comments coming in and the questions that were being asked. He and Karla were in charge of answering questions, not that Evester wanted to do the task at all.

“So many people are responding.” Karla cheered, as she typed away. She had agreed to do all the answers, so long as she was allowed to watch him paint.

He never should have agreed. “Karla. Please…” Evester tried to get her to move so that he could continue to paint. He needed to get paints behind her and she refused to move. It was not until he was practically begging that she giggled and moved out of the way. Grabbing the blues, he turned back to the canvas. He liked his current piece. Somehow Uly’s advice wasn’t a load of crap, and the more he did it, the less he thought about doing dangerous things. Perhaps it was because this piece was about his feelings for Zeydar and working through them was proving to be far more difficult than he wanted, or perhaps it was because he did like the medium.

“We need more holoblades and guns… How do we get those to civilians?” Karla asked him.

“We would have to ask the militaries. Ask Uly.” Evester eyed the painting and held up his brush with the light blue acrylic.

“He’s in the middle of research.” Karla reminded him.

“Ask my dad then.” Evester shrugged as his brush touched the canvas.

“Have you tried talking to your dad?” Karla asked and Evester laughed.

“Request it of Heia and Zeydar. Specifically Zeydar for the weapons and Heia for the distribution.” They would probably be the best at this time.


“Send them a message.” Evester could not lie to himself that he had an ulterior mission to learn of how the two of them were doing.

“I thought we were on information lock.”

Evester pointed to the computer in her hand. “We’ve put out videos for the training haven’t we? Request that too.”

“Arm everyone.” She nodded. “We have to arm everyone.”

“Until the day we leave. This is war.” And every man woman and child needed to be prepared. “What do you think?” Evester stepped back.

“Looks… interesting.”

“You have no concept of art.”

“Its color what else does there need to be?”

“Expression and emotion.” It bled in the emotions he held and yet it did not give him any answers.

“And what are you expressing? Death?”

“In a way. We may make an art critic out of you yet.” 

“I’ll pass.” She shut the laptop she had and then stood up headed towards the door. “Rayda says you are in charge of dinner.”

Evester cursed and wove her off knowing she was better off annoying somebody else. He had art to complete and motivation in life to find. 

Before him he looked to the splash of red and black, of ice blue and a heart. Zeydar, he told himself. Zeydar was death and life, ice and blood. He had destroyed the Aralax for them and masked them. That was what motivated him to paint, even if Karla was right and it wasn’t very good. It was something that made him think, and the possibilities were endless.

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