YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 33 (CHAPTER 180)

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127 Days Until Experimentation And the Uncertain End (part 2)    

Shawn walked next to Zeydar hands in his pocket and a grimace on  his lips. Kony walked a bit more sturdy, despite the fact that his fear radiated off of him. May had fallen back into her military stride, eyes open and chin up. Phil, however, walked like he didn’t have a care in the world as they approached the Superior meeting that Zeydar had to go to. Zeydar was uncertain how he himself looked, but with the familiar wrap of his Superior coat, he felt concealed. He knew that his party was a sight to behold as they walked across Star campus together. Pulling the black hood further over his face, Zeydar focused on what he was going to have to say.

He’d been drilled in it by Europa and he was going to be okay. Even if he did not have the others at his side, the Superiors were not so powerful that they would be able to get him to do things he did not want to do.

“You can not go in there alone.” Shawn warned him.

“I won’t have to. I’ll have Kony.” That was if they let Kony in to the room. Getting in was a contention, let alone them agreeing to speak plainly with Kony in their presence.

“No food or drink.” Phil added. “We know they are going to try to send you out of commission again.”

“I won’t let them.” Zeydar tossed the magic in his hands. The magic at this amount no longer stung. He did not feel as if knives were consistently raking themselves across his skin. He wanted the soft lull of Dreams, but the idea of being muted again. He did not want that again.

“You call us if you need us.” May told him. “We will be here.” Zeydar was not certain that she believed him yet, but she was on his side for the time being and that was all that he could ask for.

“I know you will.” Zeydar stopped walking as soon as they arrived at the building. The Superior cathedral was as spectacular as he remembered. The bell at the top of tower, rang softly indicating the start of the hour. The group trailed after Zeydar to the doors. Zeydar lightly pushed on them to find them locked. Using his magic and magical signature, he was able to unlock the doors and throw them open to the marble hallway.

“Looks like no ones home.” Phil then called out to the empty hall. “Hello!”

“They aren’t here.” Zeydar shook his head, indicating to them that it would be in their best interest to sit at the waiting benches just inside the doors. How many times had he sat on those benches for hours in preparation of the Superiors pulling something strange.

“Then why are we here?” Kony asked, taking a seat. His nerves seemed to peak even greater.

“They could change the time or location. We have to be on our toes. The Superiors like to be assholes about things like this and then blame it on me.” Zeydar shot May a look. “Like my Superior exams.”

May’s face paled.

“What happened with those?” Phil asked, taking a seat next to Kony with too much ease.

“He took all his exams in seventy-two hours. They typically are taken over the course of a week.” May answered looking at Zeydar as if she saw him for the first time. Zeydar was uncertain if she fully believed him, but she didn’t doubt him like she had before.

“No breaks. No sleeping. Nothing.” Zeydar shrugged refusing to sit, in the event that something happened.

“And let me guess, you thought he chose that.” Shawn laughed at May as he sat. She promptly sent a glare back his way. An argument broke out between the two of them. As they bickered, Zeydar looked out to the main staircase seeing a black hood approaching. Clenching his fists, Zeydar cursed them all in his mind. He had known this would happen.

“Here they come.” Zeydar motioned for them to stand. All at once they did so. May’s backed up to the wall to disappear. Zeydar put his hand on Kony’s shoulder and got him to bow as the Superiors walked in. Zeydar gave his own partial bow. “Superior.”

“Superior.” They greeted back with their own small bow. “You are waiting?”

“Has the meeting commenced?” Zeydar asked. The doors had been locked. They shouldn’t have already started?

“Is it not to begin in five minutes?” They asked him walking by him. 

A copious amount of expletives filled Zeydar’s mouth but he refused to sound them. For a moment Zeydar was at a loss before he shot Shawn and the others a look to wait and then dragged Kony on ahead towards the meeting hall. Kony trotted after Zeydar, as they raced to the room. Zeydar counted the moments in his head and swallowed his frustration regarding their newest ploy. When they walked in, all the other Superiors were seated in their seats in the pews. Zeydar pulled Kony to the center of the hall where they were starred at on all sides by Superiors. He saw his own seat empty, the only one empty in the whole hall.

“Zeydar. I’m happy you could make it and I see you brought Kony.” There was irritation in Majorie’s voice.

“He can hear what we have planned, as a class 1 himself.” The Superiors had demanded that he be retested, and his results had come back as a confirmed class 1. The could deny Kony still, but Zeydar would fight for him to stay.

“Yes. Let us begin the meeting.” She wove off the entire situation and called the hall to attention.

The meeting was little less than Farce, the Superiors listening to him, but he knew that they would not truly hear him. What  he needed was their exact plans and he knew that they no longer trusted him.

“We must stand together with humanity.” Zeydar demanded of them.

“We will protect our kind.” Superior Anthony, leader of them all, disagreed. It was all Zeydar had to hear to know that he was going to have to convince them more, alone, in dark rooms and with strong words. It had been words that had gifted him life and freedom.

It would be words that could constrain him further.

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