YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 32 (CHAPTER 179)

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127 Days Until Experimentation And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Evester tossed paint at the canvas that was laid on the ground next to him. He liked practicing painting more than music. There was nothing to compare his art to. Music felt different, but painting? He felt that as long as he thought it was good enough, it was. He wasn’t good at painting realistic images. Something about the form of real objects and bodies just did not translate with his hand. He knew he needed to work more on it, and cared little to truly try.

Instead he liked throwing the paint, using it to evoke what he was feeling with his hands and buckets and brushes. He liked the streaks and the dots and the emotion of painting something black over and over and over again. He liked the feeling of his emotions in front of him. It almost was as if he could understand them better that way. It almost felt that he was able to articulate them.

“You were here?” Crass’s voice startled Evester.

“What’s up?” He was a mess of paints and as he turned to face Crass at the open doorway, he felt a bit exposed. The others knew that he did painting, but he led them to believe he did more music than painting. A part of them didn’t want to share that he might have found a new hobby with them. Not yet. Right now he wanted it to stay his.

“We are having dinner.” Crass answered. Karla was beside him looking as chipper as she always was. 

“These are interesting.” Karla praised him. Her eyes darted from painting to painting in the room.

“It’s just splatter paint.” Evester was thinking of using the paint to cover the canvas and then to use spray paint to finish the rest of it. It would take a few days to see the finished result. “I’m just experimenting. You said dinner.”

“Yup.” Karla smiled. 

At first Evester had been apprehensive for having Karla remain, but she had turned out to be useful for Uly. She was able to adapt faster than anyone had expected and she had a gift for numbers. She knew exactly where she was needed as she started to help Uly calculate the necessary coordinates for where they could go as a species. She was good at fighting with Crass and an excellent companion for Rayda. Rayda had a pension for taking care of people and Karla loved to let Rayda spoil her. Evester really did like Karla, not that he knew much about her as a person. What did she like? What did she dislike? Was she still figuring it out?

“Let’s go then.” Evester wanted them out of his room as fast as possible before they saw too much.

“Like that? I know that Rayda doesn’t care much, but you can’t go covered in paint.”

“Crass?” Evester sought his friend to defend him from Karla’s thick sass and crticism.

Crass shrugged. 

“I’ll change and meet you there.” Evester sighed. He walked towards them at the door, trying to get them to ignore what he was leaving behind. He was able to convince them to leave and he shut the door behind him. They walked together for a bit until they headed to the dining hall and Evester went to change. As he walked he thought of what he was planning to do with the current painting. Art was fun and a good way to get his mind off things, but when he was away from the effort of it, his mind often turned to boredom and the face of Zeydar. 

He was screwed, more than just by having an addiction. He was addicted to Zeydar and the danger of him, as everyone feared. The blue painting was a reflection of that. Evester hoped that by working on it, he’d be able to prove to himself and the world that they were wrong. It wasn’t an addiction. It had to be something else.

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