YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 31 (CHAPTER 178)

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128 Days Until Credence And the Uncertain End 

Heia stood before the cameras and the soldiers next to Alan as he addressed the X’s. He spoke on the combined effort of their people and how they were going to survive together. He had spoken for almost an hour and in that time Heia had recited her speech to herself multiple times. She was certain that this time, when she addressed the world, she would not mess up. When he handed the microphone over to Heia, her mind went blank.

There before her was the emptiness of eyes that starred back at her. They were waiting for her to give them a reason. She was to give them the hope that she had not had when she was in their position. Her speech forgotten. She had been drilled in it and it should have not vanished, but it was gone once again. The speech before, the simple one, had been a mess. This one was supposed to be greater.  

She had to try.

“One hundred twenty-eight days.” She spoke. The microphone buzzed with her voice, revealing her nerves. “When I began this journey we had many more days. When I was found, the goal had been to survive, and now I stand before you asking you to help me. To help us.”

It was coming back to her slowly, like a lull of Kim’s voice as she had recited it over and over with Heia. 

“We are not extras.” She spoke more assured. “We are not forgotten. We are not tools for taxes, for exceptions, for use of those in the towering Cloudcities to use and forget. We are important and that is why Evester found me first. It is why an X was chosen, why I was chosen. Because Circle, Star, X, we are all human, and we are not to be forgotten.”

“When those ships rise we will be on them.” She looked to the soldiers.

“When those ships land we will go off them.” She looked to the cameras.

“We will sleep, breathe, and become humanity in our new home, just as they will.” She spoke to the little girl she once had been, the survivor she had become, and the hero she dreamed of being.

“And our work is not for nothing. Our memories are not for nothing. The Circles will come. The Circles will help. We will survive and they will not forget us.” She then spoke directly to Estashia, to Zeydar, to all those in the Cloudcities and Evester, “And should you forget us…” She paused. “Know that we will not forget when this crisis has passed.”

Once more she addressed the X’s. They were her people. They had been her people for as long as she had been alive. “So family, I ask you to persevere, and to fight for our survival.”

Her voice echoed around and for a moment she let the silence sit with them. There was a brief moment of pause where the audience wondered whether they should clap or not. Right as the tension blossomed she spoke again. “One twenty eight days until the Uncertain End of our planet, but not the end of us. We will survive.”

Heia backed up to  the cheers looking to Kim who gave her a nod. Onyx whispered to Lynx who looked out to the crowd, before giving Heia a thumbs up. To Kim, Heia returned, hoping she had not over stepped. She hoped that the words would resonate with someone, with all of them, with anyone. Mostly, she hoped that her world would not come shattering apart.

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Short chapter. I’m sorry. This is about where I started finding difficulty with writing this. Heia’s chapters become a lot harder at this point. I will try to make her future chapters longer, but for now… I can’t.

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