YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 30 (CHAPTER 177)

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129 Days Until Reverence And the Uncertain End   

The room was filled with screens of people from all over the world. Those who could make it in person sat chattering with their peers. The area was restricted to those invited. For the first time that meant Zeydar. Europa was there as Estashia’s heir and assistant, but no one else was there. Zeydar was alone for the first time since coming back to the CloudCity. He didn’t have Shawn or Kony or May or Phil. He wasn’t sure he was going to be able to make it through the meeting without exploding. 

The noise was already too much.

The cacophony of greetings filled the air as Europa prepared the meeting. Each person had a folder, lamented and sealed, before them. The council members spoke on recent news and gossip. Zeydar wanted silence more by each passing moment. He knew he was going to be lucky to get through the meeting without yelling at someone to shut up.

“Let’s begin.” Estashia announced as she walked into the room. Silence resounded the moment that her heels clicked against the tile as she began her walk towards her seat. All eyes were on Europa who started the meeting by explaining the current state of affairs. She defined Maverin’s goal. She clarified the Project’s specifications. She introduced the reintroduction of the Space Program. She laid out what was necessary for completion and the timeline that remained in order to accomplish what was necessary.

“The X’s have already convened and created a suitable process for completing the program. However, with our assistance and technology, we can speed up the process. Their people are using old technology to work on the creation of the ships. We need new programming and assistant protocols for helping Uly with the calculations for settlement.” Europa went on without pausing for questions. She moved from topic to topic without blinking, Zeydar feared. Yet, as he looked around the room, none seemed unsatisfied by her direct and concise vernacular. She refused to be verbose or to explain a thing. Zeydar realized that the council members were conditioned to accept this. They had received the contents of the folder before them, days before. They had, had time to review what would be discussed. They had time to formulate their questions, but the time had not yet come for questions.

Europa went on to how they needed to come up with governmental structuring and settlement procedures for the new land. She brought up farming, testing, and the likes that would allow for the species to irrigate whatever new planet they landed on. She spoke on evacuation protocols and the mechanisms of the city. She made it clear that they had to ensure that no one died in the transportation from planet to the next. There was so much technology needed. There was so much planning to do regarding the creation of food, medicine. They had to do a full collection of history, arts, literature. All of society had to be transported to their future new home.

Europa went on until all the brief points had been met and she stepped back, letting her mother take the stage. Estashia had sat all through Europa’s debrief. Upon Estashia’s rise, the whole of the council froze in tension. Zeydar knew that the time for questions had come and his part in this meeting had arrived.

“Structure is going  to be difficult to maintain once we settle.” Estashia spoke finally addressing the room. “Without proper decisions and protocols in place now, there is no way to ensure that war will not break out between our people as soon as we do settle.”

Europa called for Zeydar to stand. He did so, and turned on his microphone like she had shown him.

“There is also no way of knowing that the Stars will not sabotage us now.” Europa read off her preprepared questions. “Or rather the Superiors, correct?”

“Correct.” Zeydar answered. “The Superiors are behind Tower collapses.” His eyes darted to the Circles who watched him betray his own people. He feared that they would doubt him or think him unreliable.

“We have to evacuate all people from Towers immediately.” Estashia spoke to the council members, evoking emotions that Zeydar did not know he felt regarding the matter. She called to them, begged them, and played on their desire to help others. The way that Estashia controlled her voice was so precise that Zeydar had no doubt she knew exactly what she was making them all feel. “As well as determine what to do about the Superiors who have betrayed us.” Then there was rage, so much rage that Zeydar felt. For a moment he wondered if Estashia were a mage focused in sound, until he remembered that all of the Igilistals had to be Circles. Eitherway, she was powerful and Zeydar felt at ease knowing that she was in charge. Estashia went silent signaling for opinions on the others.

No one spoke over each other. The tranquility of the room was not broken despite the raging emotions they must have felt. In a harmony of chimes, bells went live signaling which members had questions. They respected their queen and Zeydar wondered if that respect would continue in a world where money held no weight again. 

“I will answer your questions in a moment but before… Superior Zeydar, what say you?” Estashia asked Zeydar.

“I think that I can control them.” Zeydar answered honestly. “But first I have to break out of their control.” He wondered if she had told them all of his power and given them a full write up regarding himself. His file had not been nearly as detailed as the ones that Zeydar figured had been given to them. What did they know about him? What were they curious about?

“And how long will that take you?” She asked him.

He had no idea. “Long enough for the plan to have been completed.” 

“We are going to have to actively work in order to do this in time.” Estashia nodded at him. “And we must call a summit of world leaders to create a treaty for humanity in the passing days to complete the ships and evacuations.”

“As well as mandatory retesting for all individuals.” Europa added much to  the looks of dismay of those in the room. “Proper placement will prove beneficial in the future state of the world, considering that magic may be what makes or breaks the survival of humans in the future.”

Estashia called upon the first council member and the man looked to Zeydar. “Can we confirm that our next home will have magic?”

How Zeydar hoped it would.

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