YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 29 (CHAPTER 176)

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130 Days Until Adaption And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester looked at the Aralax that was before him, bound up and struggling to break free. It was terrified, or at least Evester assumed it was. He circled it with his Holoblade glowing in his hand. He could see the soft blue glow of the holoblade in the Aralax’s eyes as it screeched at them all.

“You want me to kill it?” He asked Karla, squatting before the beast that had been brought to him.

“Yes, but it is a lesson. Remember?” Karla went over the plan again. “Crass and Rayda will protect us. You will talk to me as you did when you first taught me, and show me the techniques.”

You want me to play with a monster? Evester had asked her when the plan had first been announced. Then she had only smiled and said “essentially.” Even now, Evester thought that the plan was folly. “Karla.” Evester smiled at her. “This will kill me.” That didn’t mean he didn’t want to do it more and more with each passing second.

“No it won’t. You’re the immortal.” She said the words as if he couldn’t die. “Shouldn’t this be giving you a high?”

“Oh. It is. trust me.” He looked up to above where Uly stood scowling. Uly did not approve of it. Evester thought it was a fool’s choice. “Uly will kill me.” He was supposed to be learning to get over his adrenaline addiction, not feeding it more.

“We have time for that when we aren’t fighting for our lives.” Karla wove her hand. “For now, attack this thing. Talk your way through it and lets begin.”

Crass and Rayda were already armed. Karla turned on the camera, and walked to Evester. He looked between the three of them and began explaining what was going to happen. He drew a line on the floor with his holoblade and informed the viewer that the Aralax would not get passed the mark. He then let the beast go.

As instructed, Evester began to teach Karla the skills. He worked fast, talked slow, and whipped his body around the beast falling into a familiar pattern of movements and attacks. It had been long since he had last fought an Aralax. With the use of Rayda and Crass, he was able get the beast to flee back.

Spinning the Holoblade, Evester let his mind settle into the heart pumping sweet feeling that he had lived in for almost a year. He relished the feeling of it, rocking back and forth on his heels as the monster came back to attack. Without its partner, the act was a foolish one and Evester was able to maneuver his way around. He pointed out the weak points with his blade but he did not strike to injure. Evester the space to speak to the camera and to teach. Move by move, Evester showed what he was talking about.

The Aralax noticed Karla and went after her. It was not prepared for Karla as she dove towards it and practiced the move that Evester had just shown. Crass and Rayda then did the same, pinning the monster down. Once again the backed off and Evester went on to show another takedown technique. Technique after technique, with two people, three, four, solo attacks, Evester showed them all.

It was dangerous. Stupid. Cruel. And necessary to show how to survive. 

When the Aralax was dead, they had a solid twenty minutes of footage. Evester went on to explain the other principals of Maverin’s research by cutting up the Aralax body and showcasing every part of it. He showed better examples of weak points and why they were the weaknesses. He spoke of multiple other slower methods to kill, and the faster techniques. He went over the ways in which the Aralax blood could hurt, and the patterns in Aralax attacks. 

He knew that the recordings would have captured the attack pattern and idiosyncrasies. Once the body was mutilated beyond help, Evester stopped. He still had additional voice overs that he would have to record. It would take them time to get through all the footage. However with the recordings they had something, something they didn’t have before.

They had proof of killing Aralax. Proof of their power against the monsters. And proof that they could survive.

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