YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 25 (CHAPTER 172)

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132 Days Until Fury And the Uncertain End (Part 2)

Evester looked at the blank canvas that would be the new training facility. The warehouse had been emptied and that meant that there were endless possibilities for the space. Evester knew that he was not the best person to be tasked with the job. He also knew that everyone around him had the audacious goal to make sure that he grew in some way.

“In the perfect world it would have everything already built.” Crass laughed to himself. “We can put up some obstacle boxes and practice targets.”

“Practice targets? We know where the Aralax hideout is, lure some out. Real targets are better.” Karla suggested.

“Girl, you are crazy.” Rayda shoved Karla a little. There was a bit of laughter as Evester starred into the whole room taking it all in. Rayda addressed him next, by placing her hand on his shoulder. “But we are going to need models, Evester.”

“As well as a full-scale battle situation.” Evester turned to face them all. The room was so bare, what could they do in the amount of time that they had? “Do they want us to build fake cities?”

“We are going to have to.” Karla looked to her clipboard. “Most of the battles will not be fought on open ground from the notes. We have an advantage in cities, but so do they.” There was a gravity to her voice that had Evester’s entire mood sinking. They did not have the time or the supplies to create an accurate training ground. Nor did they have the human resources to train.

“There is no one here to train.” Evester shook his head. “We can’t spend that much time working on a set up only for it not to be used.” There had to be better uses of his time. Weren’t there?

“That’s what the camera is for.” Rayda pointed to Crass who stood next to the tripod and camera that had already been placed. “We film it and then put it on our channel and send it to the armies to use as training guides.”

“We can also get a few Aralax and prove the techniques.” Karla added.

“You are not leaving. You are a kid.” Evester glared at her. Evester was not sure why she was so blood thirsty. She was correct that it would solidify their word, but why was she so dead set on it?

“You were fifteen when you started EverDanger. I’m fine.” She glared at him and then looked to all of them. “We need them to prove ourselves. Talk means little now. The whole world has been talking for months, years. We have to prove it. The only way to do that is to grab one, tonight.”

“They don’t work separately.” Evester warned her.

“We kill the other.” Karla went on. “We must start with one to explain the basics. Then we grab two and show how to take down a combo.”

“This isn’t a game.” Uly walked in at that moment chastising her in the same way that Evester wanted to, but with more power to his words. “They are monsters that can easily kill us.”

“And we will have weapons trained on them. You can’t prove how to kill without a body. They need to see that it is difficult despite how easy we make it seem.” Karla pleaded to them all. Evester knew she was right. The videos could only do so much. It was show them with a real Aralax, or otherwise risk people doubting them, or worse trying it and failing because they hadn’t shown the complete picture.  

“This is insanity.” Evester sighed realizing that he agreed with Karla.

“I figured you’d think as much.” Rayda spoke making Evester realize the way he had spoken. The lightness to his voice, the daring and anticipation, were all signals to them. His blood was racing and his heart rate slowing down. The thought of it enticed him. He needed this hit more than ever.

“Let’s do it.” Evester smiled at her.

“No.” Uly glared at him. “Evester you need  other hobbies.”

“I will paint and play guitar and destroy Aralax, a boy needs multiple hobbies Uly.” Evester knew that Uly was right, knew that he couldn’t keep living this way. He knew that his addiction to the risk was too great, but he wanted it. “When are we going?”

“If we have to do this? It will only be us three.” Rayda explained looking right at Evester. She pointed at herself, Crass, and Karla. It was as if cold water had drenched him. “You are staying behind.”

“Will you be able to find scouts?” Evester asked. They needed him. They had to take him.

“Uly’s drones can find them easily. Give us two days and we will be fine.” Karla smiled at Evester. It was not a taunting one but one of concern. She was worried about it, but she had wanted his approval for her plan. He had never been included in the task since the beginning. Not for her, not for any of them. They were only keeping him busy, he reminded himself, until he found a reason to exist other than the blood pumping drive of survival. “For now, however, we must start filming everything else.

Evester pulled out his holoblade determined to prove that what they saw in him was true. He was more than just an adrenaline junky. They believed it, now he had to. “Let’s start these teaching videos then.”

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