YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 24 (CHAPTER 171)

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132 Days Until Fury And the Uncertain End (Part 1)

Heia stood with Lynx and Onyx as Kim worked with Trace, Robee, and Kori on their training. Heia’s mind wandered to the kiss from night before. The short sweet kiss that had been interrupted by the alarm from Lynx’s computer, telling them that the file was about to finish being uploaded to the EverDanger page. Neither Kim nor Heia had said anything after it. Nothing had come from it.

And Heia didn’t care. 

She should have cared. She kept telling herself to care. But she didn’t. There was nothing that she could force herself to feel. There was no sense of loss nor sense of disappointment. There was no excitement or anxious thoughts circling her head. She watched as Kim smiled with the practice, and knew only the facts. Of course Kim was smiling. Of course Kim was happy. Of course Kim looked perfect as always. 

Something was wrong with Heia, but she didn’t know what it was. 

“What have you done?” Alan Penn’s voice cut Heia’s thoughts short. What ever short epiphany she was about to have, had vanished.

“Here we go.” Onyx sighed shutting her computer and preparing herself for a fight.

“Is this about the video?” Lynx asked with a bit of sass in her voice that was asking for more trouble than a real fight would be worth.

Heia turned to the man an his soldiers. “Do you think locking us up right now is going to help you with anything?”

“There is a way to things Hephillia.” Alan Penn was glaring at her. It was as if he expected her to come to his place and not act up. He knew her plan and goals and who she was. It was on him for thinking she wasn’t capable of something like this. EverDanger was capable of everything. Perhaps, however, he hadn’t thought it would happen to him, as EverDanger was a Circle issue. It had never been his issue before.

“And there is a deadline. One hundred eighteen days. We already have a thousand sign ups to help at the factories.” Last she checked many hours ago. “More are pouring in and we need this to happen.”

“We don’t have the resources.” He said the words as if they were the truth and she didn’t know better.

“Then find the resources.” Kim walked up next to Heia. Her presence nest to Heia was everything Heia needed to be more confident. Kim was dangerous as she was beautiful and this man took her serious at least.

“We don’t have the luxury of waiting and seeing. We need to act now, not later. We needed this done years ago.” Heia told him. “With or without you I will get this done. I’d rather it is with you.”

“You have no idea what you’ve done.” The man glared at her.

“And you do?” Kim asked him. “As a member of EverDanger, I can assure you that this route will get the most publicity, and as a protege of Estashia Igilistal, I can promise you I can back it up with plans.”

The man glared at her and Heia took the lead, going even further. “We work together. Like I said. You want to keep your interests in tact, fine. But we are going to work for the interests of the world. Help us and you will stand stronger than before.”The man was fuming. He was ready to explode and Heia had no fears. With Kim at her side, she knew that no matter what everything would be okay because she was Kim, and Kim wouldn’t let him destroy them. 

“We will discuss this.” He threatened them both, like the threat would stop the video and stop the issues that had occurred for him because of it.

“Today.” Kim looked tot he time. “Say in two hours? We will make all the plans that we need to.” They were done waiting. It was time to act.

Heia went on. “Or we will leave and go elsewhere. Are you with us or aren’t you?”

There was no other answer than the one they all knew. As the man agreed and stalked away Kim warned them that he’d have plans up his sleeve to control them. Heia watched Kim trying to understand what she felt for Kim. She needed to think more on her feelings and how inept she was at understanding them. But as Kim smiled to her, Heia understood something she had failed to understand before.

Kim kissed her cheek, and blood rushed to her cheeks from embarrassment. 

Heia would die for Kim. It was something she could not say about most of the other EverDanger members. The dedication had only ever been reserved for her family, which meant one thing. Heia had loved Kim for longer than she had known.

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