YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 23 (CHAPTER 170)

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134 Days Until Normality And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

Zeydar sat with Heia’s family feeling more than awkward as Shawn spoke for the both of them. Layla and Andre were anxious regarding siblings. Seemingly, however, Kony was carefree. He did not flinch when Layla slammed her hands down on the table.

“Karla staid where?” Layla snapped. Kony had informed her them that Karla was with Evester in the middle of the Aralax lands. Zeydar was unsurprised that she had exploded in fear, but he was shocked that Kony reacted as if she had whispered the words.

“Crass is good. He won’t let anyone hurt her.” Kony shook his head. “Plus she’s real smart with science.”

“She’s staying with someone she just met and he’s a man.” Andre placed his hand on Layla’s shoulder trying to get her to relax, and speaking to Kony as if he should understand. Zeydar watched as Kony shrugged off the words like they were small water droplets.

“I hardly think that Crass is worth that fear.” Shawn rolled his eyes. “He sees her as a little sister, nothing more.”

“How can you  know that?” Layla hissed.

“Rayda is up there too.” Kony added.

“And that’s supposed to make me feel better? Rayda?” Layla rolled her eyes. Zeydar did not blame her for being protective. The others had gone together but Karla had staid on her own. Comparatively, the others were in a “safer” situation.

Yet, Rayda was the best member of the team for interpersonal connection. She was a strong person and a fighter. Rayda was one of the few Circle members who graduated college. While her family was not a rich Circle family, she was a brilliant person. If anyone was going to protect Karla than Karla could protect herself, it would be Rayda.

“You are acting as if Karla didn’t go into a war zone with Crass.” Kony rolled his eyes. The agitation was raising in his voice, signaling to Zeydar that Kony was tired of the conversation.

“She what?” Layla snapped.

“We didn’t tell them that.” Shawn shook his head.

“No you didn’t.” Andre sighed trying to calm their sister down. With a huff Layla stormed off, screaming on how she would not calm down because she needed to save her sister. Once she was far out of ear shot, Andre shot Kony one of the darkest glares Zeydar had ever seen grace the man’s face.

“Why is she freaking out?” Kony asked. “Karla is fine. I’m not freaking out, why should she.”

“She’s the oldest.” Andre answered. “You know she’s been acting like mom and dad for us all.”

“She doesn’t need to.” Kony shook his head. “We don’t need that pressure.”

“She’s going to anyway.” Shawn sighed before announcing that he’d talk to her. Zeydar had no experience with siblings and the closest he had was May, and even she didn’t count. He could only imagine how stressed she was. Excusing himself, Zeydar wondered if he could practice. He needed to understand this family better if he was going to trust Heia and if he were going to train Kony. This was a minor development in the saving of the world and he had to learn how to work with people sooner or later.

“I don’t know them Shawn.” Layla’s voice came from her room.

“I promise she’ll be okay. She made the choice let mer make her choice.” Shawn coaxed her.

“She’s a kid.”

“And she has a higher kill count, Aralax and humans, than most of us here.” The words made Zeydar recount how good Karla was at killing the Aralax.

“Humans?” The way Layal’s voice quivered at the words made Zeydar’s chest hurt. She sounded so pained.

“You don’t know what it was like out there. We fought to live, and fought to save lives. Karla is one of us.”

“Do you have any idea what that will  do to her?” Layla cried. Zeydar hesitated for a moment thinking of the trauma and the pain that all this would cause. For a moment he thought of nothing else by Sweet Dreams, before he clenched his hands and tried to focus on Shawn’s words.

“And we’ll get someone to help them one day. We will, but right now, this? It’s the end game. The Catastrophe, the Night of Destruction? They will be nothing if we do not survive the Uncertain end. If we all die then what? Then what Layla. Karla’s skills are better somewhere else.”

“Why does she have to?”

“Why did Evester, Heia, Zeydar? Any of us? Because we were chosen.” By a man, Zeydar wanted to add but did not, instead opting to listen. “And Karla has a part to play, like Trace, Robee, Kony, and Kori. You and Andre. Coddling  her isn’t gonna help anyone and with  her intellect, learning from the greats?” Shawn paused. “Think about it.”

Zeydar stood next to the wall as Shawn walked by. Shawn glanced at him and then stopped. Feeling odd, Zeydar started to walk towards the courtyard. Shawn followed.

“I shouldn’t have listened.” Zeydar told him as he walked ahead.

“No but you did.” Shawn stopped him and made Zeydar face him. Shawn’s eyes scanned Zeyard like an expert looking for a mistake. “We need to make this worth it, do you hear me?”

“I know that.”

“No. We need to do this. And if that means you taking down the Stars to do it, you need to.”

“I will.” But first he had to learn his powers to do so. He had to learn himself again. He had to– Shawn put his hand on Zeydar’s shoulder. Shawn saw him, saw the pain, saw the torment, saw the cravings, and Shawn would be there to stop him. All Zeydar had to do was walk forward, Shawn would make sure the path was clean, and together, with Kony, perhaps they had the power to decimate Star culture and save everyone.

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AND WE’RE BACK. Sorry that this is late, but you know how it is. Regardless of if it is late, you are going to get it. Second chapter for the weekend coming soon.

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