Noble Thief Review

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Customary warning: This is a reminder that these are my personal opinions. My thoughts and feelings are not your thoughts and feelings. I may not always be the target  audience for a book; sometimes I am. If I do not like a book, that doesn’t mean you’ll dislike it. If I love a book or simply like a book, you may hate it. Take everything I say with this knowledge. If it sounds interesting to you despite what I’ve said, then go ahead and read it. You’ll only know you like something if you read it yourself.

That being said… Spoilers ahead.

Noble Thief by M. Lynn

Synopsis From The Book

Tyson Durand once knew exactly where he fit in life. As the son of the Gaulean queen and brother to the Belaen ruler, his loyalty was always divided. 

Except when it came to her. 

Amalie Leroy was his home – until she pushed him out of her life. 

When Tyson’s mother summons him to Gaule, she sends him on a mission for the crown: find the outlaw terrorizing the kingdom. 

He never imagined his search for the criminal would bring him face to face with everything he’d lost. 

When he learns the truth of the mysterious hooded figure, how far will he go to save a woman who deceived him? 

Get lost in a story of revenge and redemption where love may not save the world, but it can change it. Noble Thief is the sixth installment of the Fantasy and Fairytales series. 

Fantasy | YA – E | Government Corruption, Starvation, Parental Death, Mother Giving Up Daughter | Love, Sacrifice, Secrets, Fighting Corruption

Initial Thoughts Before Reading:

Let’s go Robin Hood! It’s not hard to imagine that Amelie is Robin Hood in this telling and that Tyson is going to have to capture her. What interests me is the political dynamics of Gaule and seeing them now after the time spent away. In the last book Gaule was suffering, terribly. 

I’m interested to know, do they fix that? Or will it be turned even more on its head as it has been in these other books.

Initial Thoughts After Reading:

Not gonna lie. I had read the ending of this months ago and was like “okay but how.” Now I know how and it all makes sense, go figure. I’m really happy with how this one turned out and I know it is an ending. Just because it is an ending, however, doesn’t mean I don’t want an Edmund POV. I NEED the Edmund POV book. This boot has gone through too much NOT to have a POV book.

So I need it.

A lot.

But this book was a lot of fun. I’ve always liked M. Lynn’s retellings. They are fully of whimsy and their own world development. I just really like that. Retellings of myths are always nice, but I really like her’s.

Plot Overview:

Tyson gets a letter from his mother, requesting that he return to Gaule. When he gets there, she asks him to find the Hood, because the Hood took Simon. Simon is the father of her child, and while Tyson won’t be the next heir, this child will be.

Amelie, the Hood, has been training for years. She has stollen from the corrupt rich and given to the poor. Simon, who had investigated a raid, was hurt by John Little (one of Amelie’s men) and Amelie had to save him and hold him. John Little is captured.

Tyson goes to Amelie’s lands to search and meets with Amelie. Amelie tries to save John, and almost kills him but does save him. Edmund, who went with Tyson, finds out that Amelie is the hood. It is revealed that Amelie and Tyson were married before they separated two years ago. Amelie had been training to become the Hood and she didn’t think Tyson would understand her. 

Tyson tries to get more information on the hood and is captured by John who beats him almost dead. Amelie saves him and Edmund freaks out. Tyson and Amelie fight. Amelie goes to stop Andres (Edmunds corrupt father) but is ambushed and Tyson and Edmund save her. Amelie argues that Tyson never came back for her. He learns that she almost died a year ago and John was supposed to deliver a letter and he never did. Tyson does not know that Amelie was dying in childbirth.

Edmund and Tyson leave after arranging for Simon to get Amelie to Mandra. Anders, however, learns of The Hood’s daughter. Amelie rushes to get to her daughter who she had given away, as John ran to Tyson to get him to save Amelie. Amelie gets to her daughter but her daughter and foster family die, and Amelie is put on trial. Tyson arrives late to the massacre and finds Simon with the little girl alive, discovering her had a daughter.

They race to the trial, but a few people die at the noose. Tyson watches Amelie fall and goes wild killing Anders and destroying much of everything just to find out Edmund protected her with his wind. Amelie, Edmund, and Tyson fight until Simon arrives with the baby. He dismisses all the guards and gives the child to Amelie. Amelie, her crew, Tyson, Edmund, and the baby, go back to Bela. Etta takes them in and they bring their new life. Amelie and Tyson make up.

The novel ends with the Madra royalty visiting them, and Tyson speaks with his mother and meets his baby brother. He knows he can never return to Gaule, but for now they are okay.

What I Liked:

Edmund; Like always. My boy is everything I could hope for and want. He is perfection and I adore him. I want a whole book just of him. When I get the book dedicated to him and him alone, I will celebrate. 

Amelie; She was great. Her internally struggle was rough, even if we could see the twists from a thousand miles ahead. I hope she is able to be happy where she is now. I think she’ll be a great mother.

Tyson; My happy go lucky little prince is really an adult. Like it really hit me with this book that he is an adult. I’ve always seen him as this spunky kid who fought in a war and survived, but he is so much more than that and this book showed the young man that he is. I am happy he won’t have any more adventure, poor guy has been through enough.

The Hood and general plot; The secret of the hood was never meant to be a secret, and I’m happy that it wasn’t played that way to the reader. Seeing Amelie and Tyson dance around each other and their own internal struggles with The Hood was enough for me. Seeing how all the other characters came into play and the way that the plot progressed was good, predictable but good.

Catrina; GD is she incompetent. I know she’s trying her hardest but goodness, she makes it really hard to like her.

Connection; As always, I love how these connected to the other novels. Really Gaule has only suffered since they cast a certain prince out, but who am I to tell them that they were fools and needed to get with the times? 

Amelie x Tyson; Their relationship is so cute. They need to work on their communication, but I think that will be starting now. They are so good for each other, if they let themselves. 

What I Would Have Liked or Changed:


Rating: 4/5

Notable Quotes:

“They’d all been through a lot, but their happiness didn’t feel like the ending to some great tale of magic and sacrifice, raging battles and traitorous deeds. No, this was only the beginning of a new story. He didn’t know what kind of adventure it would be, but the future mattered just as little as the past. Because right now, right here, he had everything he’d ever dreamed of.
And that was enough adventure for him.” – pg 247

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