Kingdom of the Wicked Review

Kingdom of the Wicked Review

Alright, so I have two books that I just ordered that have come in that are screaming at me to read them. One is the sequel to The Lost Queen and the other is The Rage of Dragons. Hopefully, if I read the two of them, I’ll be able to kick myself back into reading as a hobby again. Fingers crossed!

Anyway! Here is this book review!

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Alright, So I totally forgot…

My laptop is going into the shop. I will probably get it back in like a week. Not sure. What I do know is that you are not getting YP chapter for like a while. When I get my laptop back we’ll pick up where we left off. It also means that you are not getting a book review or either of my tea posts. I will have them created so that I can put them into the site once I can format them properly (I just don’t want to bother on my ipad)

Either way. I know the last few months with me have been very sporadic. Trust me, I know. I’m trying to get back into the habit of using my blog again. I promise I am.

I just got Breach of Peace by Daniel Green. I swore it was supposed to come out on Monday so I’m floored. Means I get to read it now. I have a lot of reviews lined up at least once I start them.

I’m still searching for a good text to audio converter. I might just need to cave and upgrade the site so i can do the plug in. I would, but I don’t have the money and money is gonna be a BIG thing for me in the upcoming year. I wish I could share but I still need final confirmation.

Thanks for sticking with me Voidfriends and Voidfolk! I hope your day is like spun sugar: light, fluffy, and sweet.

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April TBR

April TBR

Now that I know FOR CERTAIN, that I am out of my reading slump. However, I do not have a standard reading TBR. I’m gonna pick what I like and read that, because it’s worked that well for me thus far. I will probably do one review a week from this point on, so that I don’t pressure myself into anything. See you then!

Also, I might have really good news. Still waiting, for final stuff. You’ll know by May.