YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 20 (CHAPTER 167)

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135 Days Until Boredom And the Uncertain End (part 2)  

When Estashia had come for them, she had come with multiple cars, dressed in black, and an attitude who said she’d fight anyone who told her otherwise. It had taken time, but her arrival was a breath of fresh air. For once, Zeydar felt like he wasn’t going to have to check everything he ate and drank at all times. With Estashia they were safe to expose their secrets and able to start working towards saving the world and unity.

The house that Evester grew up in was large but not as large as Evester vaguely remembered the Valaria house being. To his credit, Zeydar hada great memory, but he had not been in the house under the best circumstances for memory retention. This house was cozy, seated on land that could house tens of Circle families or more. It was small, as Europa said, not that Zeydar knew, having grown up on the Star Campus, and he was almost certain that the property of the Igilistals was at least a quarter that size if not a third.

May had come with them, and she asked the maids who took their luggage to place her next to Zeydar. She had been sent by the Superiors, although there was little she could do here but watch him. He swore to himself that in the time that they were together he’d expose all the truths to her, and turn her to his side once and for all. Now that he was sober, he had to hope it would be easier. Shawn took the room on the other side of Zeydar, and Kony was a bit further down the hall. Phil took what he said was “his” room.

From what Zeydar understood, all of Evester’s friends had rooms in the house and the Igilistals had not touched them. There was talk of having difficulty cleaning the stains in the lab, not that Zeydar was sure he wanted to know what it meant. He knew from Evester’s story that people had died there in the Night of Oblivion, and that the house had been ransacked. Luckily nothing had been stolen, which Zeydar suspected had more to do with the Igilistal name than that no one tried. Once Estashia had learned her husband and son were missing she must have put tight security on the building.

“Here.” Shawn handed Zeydar earplugs as May continued to talk to the maids.

“Where did you get these?” Zeydar had not expected to see something so lovely. He’d requested them from the Superiors and been denied, in a “forgot” sort of way. He knew that it had to do with them pressuring him to take Dreams again. Seeing the ear plugs made his heart relax. “Thanks.”

“Told Estashia.” Shawn answered.

Zeydar put them in and everything became so much less. His magic was still volatile, reacting to the bodies as if they were enemies. He had to focus on keeping himself in control, but at least without sound it was easy. he’d continue working himself back to noise levels that he used to be able to tolerate but for now, he accepted the reprieve.

“Kony!” Layla yelled as she ran down the hall toward her little brother who starred at her as if she were crazy. Her voice was loud and Zeydar thanked who ever controlled the universe that Shawn had given him the earplugs before she arrived. “Where are the others?”

“With Heia.” Kony’s voice was muffled and nearly silent, but Zeydar knew the answer himself.

“Where is Heia?” Andre asked.

Kony said something Zeydar could not hear, but he knew it was a repeat of the statement from before. He had not realized that Kony spoke so quietly, until that moment. Had he been compensating for Zeydar’s sense of hearing? There was more talk that Zeydar could not hear not that he cared. He focused on his magic and how it moved and still hurt him before shawn tapped him on the shoulder and pointed to Estashia who spoke slowly. 

To her office.

Following after her, Zeydar was let inside of Estashia’s office to be alone with her and Europa. Once alone he removed his earplugs.

“Why the earplugs?” Europa asked quiet, but confused all the same.

“Everything is too loud otherwise.” Zeydar answered.

“You finalized your detox?” Estashia confirmed.

“Much to the dismay of my head.” Zeydar smiled at her, taking both Europa and Estashia in. He had seen their faces his whole life, but after living with Evester for so long, he could see him in them. He felt a pang of worry fo Evester and missed him just a bit, before Zeydar reminded himself that it was silly and that he didn’t need to miss Evester. He convinced himself poorly.

“And how are you?” Estashia went on.

“Sometimes things black out. Sometimes I see or hear things that aren’t there.” But his magic stabilized him in reality. “Most of the time everything is just… too much.”

“I’ll get you headphones and glasses for adjustment.” Estashia wrote notes down. “How is my husband?”

“Alive.” He knew she already knew, but there was no other answer he had.

“I feared as much.”

“He and Evester are with Uly, and the others, working on the Project.” he knew she knew this too/

“And you came here to me.” Estashia looked to him. “Are you ready for the politics?”

“Shawn and May won’t leave my side, so I figure it will be as best as it can be,” Stressful. ”What do you need me to do?”

“We need to contact the councils and begin speaking with the people. Circles I can control. Stars not so much.”

Zeydar had to break himself free from their control as fast as he could. As soon as he could, but the world of Ovaria was too much to handle. They had let him leave in fear of Estashia not him, and once they no longer feared him, they would pull him back with the tablet. He was not sure what blackmail she’d used to achieve it, despite knowing it would not last long. “I’m going to need a few days to adjust.”

“Take them.”

“May needs to be watched.” He warned her. “She can’t come near my food or drinks. She will be in contact with the Superiors. They sent her here to watch me.” He paused. “I will convince her to this side, but for now she can’t be trusted.”

“She will be.” Europa nodded her head.

“Do you really think we can save the world?” Zeydar asked the most powerful human in the world: the Queen of humanity in both power and money.

“We don’t have a choice.” Estashia flashed him a sad smile.

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