YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 19 (CHAPTER 166)

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135 Days Until Boredom And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Heia stood watching as the soldiers moved around the training facility. She leaned against the window from their rooms, sitting in the still to examine them all. The military was stationed in an old LowerLand City, and it had been changed to accommodate the military and its weapons. They were housed in a apartment complex. They had the whole floor to themselves, but that was as far at they could go. They had been confined to the building.

Prisoners. Anyone and everyone knew that they were.

“We’ve been here five days now and they still haven’t helped us.” Lynx complained.

“Of course not.” Kim called out to her from the kitchen where smells were wafting. At least they were provided food. “Politics take time.”

“We don’t have time.” Trace continued the complaint.

“Of course we don’t have time.” Heia could hear the eye roll in Kim’s words. “They don’t care.”

“We need to do something.” Heia spoke up finally. The night she’d been turned away by the Prime Minister she had begun the contingency plan with Kim. Then they’d snuck out. For them being prisoners, their guards were easily bribed and evaded. With each attempt they had gotten more eyes on them, but it had been worth it. They had recorded statements. Lynx had edited it with Trace. Onyx, Kori, and Robee had collected footage. Now they needed everyone to know that they were up to something. Once the Prime Minister was suspicious of them doing nothing, they’d release the video. It was almost time.

“What do you suggest?” Kori asked. “That we EverDanger this?” They were unsure if there were recording devices in the rooms, and thus they chose to talk in altered code.

That was the first step: create fear and suspicion. Let them know that they would not sit still. Make them talk to her first. The video would not be done for a few days, but they had to start now and be prepared for anything. Heia wasn’t used to being in charge like this, however Heia was dedicated to it this time. She needed the people to rally with her if she was going to get anywhere. They were close to creating enough fear that would get them in talks with those in power. The video had to go out when it was the perfect timing.

“Not yet.” Heia answered looking back out the window.

It was later that night when Heia was called to speak to Alan Penn again. With the summons, Kim and Heia shared a look that the second phase had begun. Heia centered herself as she walked with the soldiers to the Alan Penn’s office. She wasn’t sure if she were doing anything right, but she was ready to make her demands.

“I hear you are disgruntled.” The man spoke when she walked in. Disgruntled was one way to explain it. They had bribed, escaped, broken out, knocked soldiers out, and other extreme measures. In part it was to prove that they could and in part was to record. Them staying silent for three days had gotten her into the room and she could not lose the power she had.

“We need action.” Heia glared at him. “The world needs to come together now. Its the only way for us to survive.”

“I am working on it.” Which was to say there was no progress from Zeydar either.

“And I am working on saving the world.” It was time.


“Heia.” She cut him off. “And please understand, you have your job and I have mine. We can work together, but should anyone’s plan hinder my plight to save humanity, I will not let you.”

The man glared at her. “The Yaslo—“

“The Yasloughve Project is our end and it hasn’t been wrong yet.” Even if she wasn’t chosen by the project she was chosen for it. No one knew that secret but her, and EverDanger. “You have three days to help us, or we will take matters into our own hands.”

“Heia, you can’t threaten…”

“I’m not threatening. This is a fact. We are trying to save the world and if you are actively trying to hinder us, that makes you an enemy to humanity.” Which was written into the constitution of Undercities since the collapse of civilization. He had nothing else he could say and she knew it. The two of them shared a long look. “Do we have a deal.”

“I will not accept threats.” He went on.

“Three days, before we move on to save the world. With or without you.” She explained, placing her hand on the door to leave. “Have a good night sir.” She then left knowing that she had bothered him just enough that he’d become paranoid. It was time to see how far he had to be pushed to make a change.

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