YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 18 (CHAPTER 165)

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136 Days Until Combat And the Uncertain End  

Zeydar spun his staff around his hands. The training facilities of Ovaria were different than those of Valaria or Arcadia. It wasn’t that Zeydar minded, but he did have to adjust his output in his magic. He had a slight headache but nothing he could not manage. He had to work with Kony, who had never had proper magic training for magic use. Their training on the roads would not get close to how the facility could aid him.

“I’m practicing here?” Kony asked in awe of the targets, equipment, and fields. The amounts of magic stung Zeydar, but he forced himself to think of Kony who needed him. Zeydar did not say much in response to that, instead leading Kony to the first location. Kony was a wind mage, specifically in defense. They had practiced multiple other types, which let Zeydar know that Kony had capabilities beyond defensive wind magic. However, for now he needed Kony to be tested and evaluated test by test to get a ranking.

Kony had completed the written tests and his verbal tests, and now was for the practical ones testing how strong he was with actually casting. They started at the power field where Kony cast his most powerful spell and the test evaluated him, sending his report to Zeydar, who would review over all the compiled data later. They then went to the defensive tests, testing spells and ability to adapt. As Kony tested, Zeydar thought to Shawn and Phil who were attempting to get in contact with Estashia.

They worked for more than two hours, before Kony was exhausted and had completed all the ranking tests. They rested for a moment before Kony got his voice back. “What next? Do I have more to do?”

“No.” Zeydar shook his head. “You are watching from this point on.” He looked to May who had followed them and had remained silent the entire time. He knew she was monitoring him for the Superiors, and still the idea of it bothered him. “Can you set up the training tests?”

“Which ones?” May asked surprised that he was talking to her.

“The ones I did for my Superior exams.” The ones that would tell him how much control he had over his magic. He then gave her his override code and then added. “Make sure the gates are locked.”

“You don’t want anyone knowing?” She asked glancing around. “I’d have to kick everyone out for that.”

“Do it. If anyone complains, tell them to take it up with Majorie.” He couldn’t risk anyone seeing. Even if Majroie resented him using her name, he knew it held some sort of power, even if his didn’t.

“I’ll lock it.” May agreed, hesitating for a moment before she left to do as he asked.

“What are you planning?” Kony asked him.

“Stay on the ready. If I go out of control you are the only person here who can control me.” Since Evester was not there, Kony was the only person he could trust. The sound of his heart beat was on Zeydar mind and Kony was the only one Zeydar knew when in a panic other than Evester. May would not know what to do, and he knew that Kony would not let her compromise him.

“Okay.” Kony agreed, and the two waited until May had kicked everyone out and calibrated the tests. The room warped into dark colors. Anyone outside would know what was happening upon the warning and color changes. Kony stepped back to May’s side leaving Zeydar to move test to test. Zeydar tossed Kony his Staffs, before walking out to the first test without any Staffs at all. Magic circling in his hands, he prepared himself for the battle that was imminent. The Staff had felt odd in his hand, restricting and controlling in a way that made him want to break it.

The first spell was sent out at him, and he deflected it. Power surging through him he focused on channeling it. Instead of a tidal wave, Zeydar attempted to make a river. He needed to control the magic and keep it with him. He needed to keep his mind and push on. Using the magic and controlling it felt odd and burned his skin. This was the first time he’d used real magic since his detox and he was getting reacquainted with it as it froze him from the inside and burned him from the outside.

At first it was like stretching, a bit difficult to control, but as he loosened up, the magic poured from him in much the way he used to have the control over it. He was completely focused on the magic, and nothing more. He noticed that as he moved, he was able to get a larger output. Keeping his magic to ice alone, he tried to make it stronger. Words aloud he cast a spell freezing the entire field and canceling the next magic attack.

He could do more, with more elements. He could create more, with no words. As it was, because of the camera, he had to only use ice and spell words. Without his Staff, he knew he was already pushing his secrets. They were secrets he had to keep as long as he was on Star Campus, but how much further could he push it? How much more could it go? 

Zeydar stopped before the last test, realizing only then that he’d moved about all the tests with more ease than he had before.

“You okay?” Kony asked from where Zeydar had left him.

The world had got quiet and easier to exist in when he was focused on magic. 

“I’m feeling great.” Like he was finally scratching an itch he’d had for years. he glanced back to Kony and May who stared at him with different expressions. Kony was excited but not in the same fear way that May was. Only she knew that the magic he had cast was not what even Superiors should be able to do. 

“And your magic?” Kony asked .

“Good.” All he needed to do now was to truly test himself. And he would.

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