YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 16 (CHAPTER 163)

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138 Days Until Defiance And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

The day that they had arrived, Zeydar had been debriefed. The debriefing had included his interaction with Maverin, as well as where they had gone. The Star Superiors had intended to pressure Zeydar allowing him to threaten them in turn. He let them know that the Tower collapse was their doing, as well as the fact that the human trafficking ring that had been found had Superior magic all over it. The threat had gotten him a Staff for Kony, as well as free reign over their food — which was so desperately needed. At the time the Superiors had been more caught off guard that he knew the truth, unable to lie to him about it. There had been no retaliation then, no passive aggressive statements trying to belittle him. They had not fought him for one reason only.

“You are sober.” The old man, Anthony, had said. The Superior leader had known immediately that Zeydar was off Sweet Dreams and that alone made him a weapon capable of destroying them all. They hadn’t fought him then, but from that point on it had become a war. They would try to control him, and he would never bend.

“Still no word from Estashia.” Shawn sat back in his chair with a groan as Kony practiced his magic by memorizing spells.

Zeydar’s head was pounding. Ever since coming back to a Tower, Ovaria in specific, his head had been pounding. He had been prepared for it with how they had desensitized him, however some of it was still too much. Shawn, Phil, and Kony only spoke in hushed voices for him. They made little noise and used little light, but the rest of the world was buzzing. It was as if his whole body was buzzing and burning. It would take years for his senses to properly stabilize, he knew that, and they were doing the best for him that they could. He had to keep control, however, without exploding or losing his filter. It was harder said than done. He was still getting used to the magic purity at Star Campus, which made breathing difficult.

“Here.” Phil handed Zeydar a giant mug of tea. “Medicine for your headache.” Phil slumped down on the couch next to Zeydar. “Do you have any idea how long that took to check?”

“Only one that didn’t have Dreams in it?” Zeydar asked.

“They are insane.” Phil had required them to check all their food the moment that they first arrived. All of it had to be tested for drugs and poisons. Little came back that wasn’t drugged, even with them having “free reign” on their food. Without Estashia able to get them, they would not be safe and until she got them. Until then they were stuck in Star Campus to fend for themselves. “What if she’s unable to get us.”

“She’ll get us. No one will say no to her for too long.” Zeydar knew the excuses they would use. That Zeydar had just returned and needed to be checked. That Kony was a Star who needed to be examined. That Shawn was an X and needed to be watched. Estashia Igilistal would tear each excuse apart.

“And then what?” Phil asked them all.

“We begin working on the…” Zeydar’s senses went wild as his eyes went to the door and Kony looked up from his studies. Kony, after having been on the run and having his senses heightened, had realized it too. Shawn was soon up on his feet with his weapon, along with Phil the moment Zeydar’s words dropped and Kony reacted. For a moment Zeydar’s headache blinded him. “It’s May.”

Zeydar flipped open the door with a flick of his wrist, to May who stood with a smile that was dropping fast. Shawn and Phil were ready to do what was needed should she attack them. 

“I thought you’d be alone.” May spoke louder than Zeydar wanted.

“Are you here on your own accord or for the Superiors?” Shawn asked her, knowing full well that May was a risk to them. She glared at him.

“I want to talk to my best friend.”

“Come in May.” Zeydar had little fear with her. Not when he had the others with him. If she were being used, which he would not put past the Superiors, then he’d push her away.

“Why didn’t you come to see me when you came home?” She walked in towards him.

“Because I wasn’t allowed to. I have to be tested and the likes for negative side effects from detoxing.” Zeydar answered.

“Detox? You…” May stopped before him. “Good for you.” May was used by the Superiors, but he was his friend first. She would stay by his side, and she was what he needed. She had always wanted him to get off the Dreams, and he had a hard time believing she would actively help the Superiors with another addiction, no matter how much if could help him.

“We are trying to get to Estashia and gain her assistance for helping with the Project’s directive.” Zeydar spoke honestly.

“The Project?” May’s eyes narrowed. “Zeydar…” She sat next to him. “You disappeared. Were you…?”

“No. Evester helped me with the detox. The Superiors would not let me.” He was not sure if she would even believe him. After all, she’d never believed him before.

May’s expression turned dark. “What?”

“The Superiors have kept me on Dreams since I was a kid May.” He knew she wouldn’t believe him.

“They wouldn’t…”

“You can ask them.” Zeydar shrugged.

“Can you leave?” Shawn asked bitterly and softly. May shot him back a glare. Shawn and Kony were the best at being able to tell when Zeydar was having too much stimuli. Kony because he could feel it. Shawn, because he had sworn to make sure Zeydar didn’t fall to Dreams again. “You are loud.”

“I—“ May went to yell at him when Phil stopped her and shook his head. She only then seemed to understand that it was for Zeydar.

“May, I need you to give a message to Majorie. Tell her that if she doesn’t let us go to Estashia by soon, I will take matters into my own hands.” Zeydar let his magic fill the room. “Now if you would be so kind?”

“Zeydar…” May was uncomfortable by the display of magic and Zeydar could not blame her.

“I love you May, and you can come with us, but I need you to pass on the message.”

May looked to her. “Okay.” She glared once more at Shawn and then walked out.

“That was a wonderful meeting.” Kony sighed.

“She’s kind. I promise.” Zeydar looked at Shawn who’s eyes trailed after May before he shut the door and resumed his look of impartialness. 

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