YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 15 (CHAPTER 162)

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138 Days Until Defiance And the Uncertain End (pt 1)  

Heia sat looking at the X Prime Minister of the continent. There were a variety of X Prime Ministers as like there were Heads of the Towers. However, unlike the Circle governments, the X’s had no standard that all lands had to follow. Alan Penn was powerful for the continent in that he had taken all of the Lowerlands to his territory when he had begun his term almost twenty years ago. Heia had could not remember a time for elections, and in a way she wondered if that were a good thing or not. Eitherway, Mr. Penn was not one Heia ever thought she’d meet, let alone speak to, on a level in the way that held any consequence.

“Heiphillia.” The man smiled. He held all power over the X armies. He had the ability to declare an emergency the moment that the Catastrophe struck, and had not used it. He was also an advocate for the Project to end. “I see that you have no last name.”

“Most X’s don’t have the luxury of having one.” Like her family that was just a number and didn’t matter. Not to this man. Not before. They had never mattered and in that moment she wondered how she had been so naive to believe that she could convince a man like this to save the world. She had only thought of the armies, but now that they had a face she knew just how daunting a task it would be.

Not that the mission mattered less, and Heia knew it was necessary to pass the Uncertain End.

“Thank you for joining me.” Alan Penn seemed cordial enough which was all the reason Heia needed to hold back.

Heia bit her tongue on her insults and questions. She’d been in the X camp for days, watched and shown around like lab rats. She knew they were being watched at every moment. She also knew that they were being talked about every day. There was no way that she wouldn’t be known, not after what she and Evester had done. There was no way they wouldn’t speak with her, but that did not mean that she was happy with how long it took.

This man wanted to see her make a mistake so he could take control again, and she would not let him have it. Not after what she’d seen in the Aralax lands. Not after the Catastrophe and the days that followed that culled the X’s in numbers that were only numbers to this man and not the faces that she knew. “Thank you for listening.”

“Anything for the common people.” Her people, not his. She wasn’t sure if he intended to say it in the way, but the message was clear to her.

How she had loved him when she was younger, believing that he was doing everything for her people. Then the Catastrophe came. Then the Aralax came. Then Shawn returned home and Evester came for her. Then she saw the ways in which people were being discarded as if their lives were meaningless. “You know why we have come to you.”

“To save the world.”

“We need workers. Workers who can go to the factories and to help build the ships needed to get us off the planet.” She needed more then that but she had been drilled in this, to start small and then go from there.

“Factories controlled by the Circles.” After all, this man was going to doubt and second guess everything that she said. He hated the Circles more than anything. Peace between the people was still far off, but she had time.

“We need the work force, as well as the evacuation protocols in place so that we can save everyone. In addition we need the Military Mages,” She saw the way that his eyes twitched at Military Mages, “and the X Army to work together to protect us from the Aralax.” She wasn’t supposed to give the information on how to kill the Aralax. Not yet. 

“Such things require money.” He seemed nonchalant about it, as if it were the only reason keeping him from acting. As if money would be the way to save them, and not that it was a useless function of a broken government that could not exist in the end times.Money shouldn’t have been an issue, but it was. It was always going to be an issue, because people were greedy. Instead of caring what mattered for the good of the world, they were too worried on what was good for them. 

“Of little consequence. We have the backing of Estashia Igilistal and many other Circles.” It was a lie, however a necessary one that hopefully would not be a lie for long. That was, so long as Zeydar did his job.

Alan Penn starred at her as if she were a monster with two heads. Kim had warned her that it would happen. They were not welcome anywhere because they were trying to do the impossible, and greedy people only wanted what was important to them. This man was no different and the disillusionment she had towards him physically pained her. It was as if her childhood was breaking before her. “You have put much effort into this.”

“We can still save everyone.” Those who were alive, not thanks to him.

“We will begin work as soon as we can allocate resources as soon as we can, however with the current state of affairs to do so would put our people at risk. We simply do not have the numbers to protect the world and to fix it.” But they did and Heia knew it. She just knew this man did not want to move first if the Circles and Stars did not.

“I understand.” Heia stood up, knowing then what it was that had to happen. 

“Thank you for your patience.”

“I would like to request a guard, but the ability to roam.”

“Of course you may.”

“Thank you.” Heia excused herself. “I hope we can speak again in the future, to discuss how to begin the work.” It was time to do things the EverDanger way.

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