YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 14 (CHAPTER 161)

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139 Days Until Communication And the Uncertain End 

Evester looked over his father’s notes, the old new ones. These were not the notes that Evester had memorized. They were the ones that the group had collected from Maverin’s cabins. Of course, Maverin considered the current notes worthless and was working on new ones, let alone requesting access to the Project. Uly had been speaking with Europa and Evester’s mother all night to get access for Maverin. As Evester understood it, the Project was to be sent to them in the form of a new computer. However, Evester knew little as he had only woken up.

Uly was collapsed next to him on the table, sleeping peacefully with a slight snore. Evester had been tempted to move him, yet had not.

“You awake?” Maverin asked peaking into the room from the hall.

“Hello father.” Evester looked over to his father, who he had seen little of since they had arrived. Whether that was due to Evester’s focus on Zeydar, or his father avoiding him, Evester was not sure. “You’ve decided to stop your research?”

“I was imputing what I learned into new training and killing manuals. I want you and the others to try them out to see if they work.” It was the research Evester had wanted to read, but had been told no.

Evester wasn’t sure if his glare to his father was enough to make his father stop talking. For a long moment he starred hoping that his father would take it back, but the man did not, so he stood. “Okay.”

“What?” Maverin only then questioned Evester’s hostility.

“You realize that you disappeared for a year and you want me to just accept that?” Evester knew that it was his exhaustion speaking. The adrenaline crash was hitting him hard. He needed more rest, not that his body wanted to take it all in one go. It was manifesting into anger, and later into lethargy again. He had four days to get himself together enough to support Uly, and the time line was looking near impossible to achieve.

“Less than a year.” Maverin corrected.

“Doesn’t matter.” Evester could not stop the venom from pouring out as he spoke.

“I don’t know why you had to find me. You had Uly, with Uly and the others you could get everything done.” His father seemed completely unperturbed by the disturbance he had caused. Evester had chased after him. The world had thought he died. Had his mother and siblings not mourned for their father? Was this man so daft as to expecting to pick up where he left off?

And why was it that Evester and his family, oddly seemed to accept this about him?

“Because you are the only one who knows everything about the Project.” Evester retorted.

“You don’t need to know the project to save the world.” Which was a lie and they both knew it, hence why Maverin had requested the Project get sent to him.

“You don’t need to name random people to save the world. Why didn’t you just tell mom? Things wouldn’t have gone so far so faster.” Evester felt aggrieved for his mother, who loved Maverin dearly – despite any logical reason. Evester knew that it was a part of their family policy. His mother had picked Maverin because he was the best choice to strengthen her position, just as Europa would pick a partner to strengthen her own political power. It was calculated, however his mother still loved Maverin, and he seemed…

“Not what the Project said.” Maverin leaned against the door. “I am requesting it, so I may reevaluate the changes, and see if time lines have changed. The Uncertain End will always remain the same, and it is not needed to save the world, but you were. Yes I picked you, but you fit the criteria set by the Project.” Even if that meant building Heia and Evester to fit it properly.

“And we’ve learned to mitigate events outside of the prescribed methods the Project suggests.” Evester went on. “So why look at new predictions if it does not matter? If your knowledge does not matter?”

“That’s true.” Which was to say his father hadn’t thought about it. “What does it matter now? If I had said something then no one would have cared. Or they would have brushed me off and arrested me because I was doing something illegal.” Because the Project was supposed to be thrown away. “Your mother would have listened, but rules are rules are rules. Sometimes you need drama to be seen.” Maverin was speaking to the nature of EverDanger that he had advocated for. EverDanger was all about the danger and drama, and had gotten them this far. Evester had used videos and acts in order to captivate the world and get them on the same page for the Uncertain End. He sometimes hated that his father was right, however Maverin had been the man to inspire EverDanger and shape it from the shadows.

“Which is why you had me do what I do.” Evester shook his head not wanting to talk about it. “Just show me these new techniques.”

“You still angry?” Which was to say Maverin was actually worried now.

“I’d stop talking to you and move in with mom if I could.”

“As if you could live with your mother. You can’t stand rules.”

“I would learn to adapt.” 

“Some sort of serious adaptation.” Maverin’s lack of faith in Evester’s ability to bend to his mother’s household was not as much of a stab as Evester thought it would be. His father had raised him this way on purpose. If there was anyone in the world that knew him probably better than himself it would be his father. Uly and Kim aside, Maverin had always been Evester’s closest confidant, and guide.

With a shrug, Maverin directed them to leave Uly to his slumber.

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