YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 13 (CHAPTER 160)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 6) 

“They landed.” Uly’s soft voice startled Evester awake. With a groan, Evester tried to piece together what had been said.

“No issues?” Evester asked as soon as he registered what had been said and that he was, in fact, awake.

“Heia and her team were taken into custody, but Zeydar walked his team through with little difficulty.” There was no pause in Uly’s voice, no moment of him allowing Evester to register what was being said. Evester had to process the words as they were being spoken, forcing himself to becoming fully alert.

Heia was in custody. Did that mean that the X’s had rejected them? Did that mean they were going to turn her over? Did it mean that they knew that their team knew of their dark secrets? Evester was not sure. However, he had faith that they would be safe.

As for Zeydar getting out of custody himself, Evester believed that had all to do with Zeydar’s status. He doubted that Zeydar would have used his magic, when he did not know its new form. Zeydar had walked in as a Superior and everyone had accepted his words, at least that was what Evester expected.

“I’ve contacted your mother. She will act as their aid, for additional support.” Uly went on to talk about Europa and Endwin, not that Evester paid much attention to the words.

His body was drained of all its energy. What little he’d had left had disappeared when Zeydar had flown away. He needed sleep, lots of sleep, and sugar. It was an adrenaline crash, and perhaps the worst one he’d ever had. For the first time in almost a year he wasn’t hopped up on the next mission. In this lull he had nothing to do. His part in the mission was over, for the most part — or in total, although Evester was not yet sure which it was.

“Pull yourself together. We don’t have time for you to go through an existential crisis.” Uly snapped.

“I’m just tired.” At least it was the truth. Evester was worried for when the crisis hit. He already could feel the panic headed towards him. What would happen when he had rested? What would he do? Where would his mind go?

“This is the after high you always have after a task. Pull it together or I will make you.” Evester was unsure of how to answer him. “You have five days and then we need you. I’ll keep you entertained Evester, just please.”

The way Uly begged, told Evester that his job in this mission was not done, not that he knew what he was to do. His mission had been to find Heia and Zeydar. He had found them and his father, and now they were on their own to save the world. What was he to do? He didn’t have the skills to lead them, or guide them. He might have been the leader of EverDanger, but EverDanger was self sufficient. He was…

He was the backbone and the charisma, and that was why Uly needed him. Uly needed that unwavering belief that everything would go their way, when none of them believed it. That had always been Evester’s job. Evester had trusted them to do their jobs properly, and he had been the one to believe in them enough to give them the confidence to do so. If they were going to win… they needed someone standing in their corner who believed in them unconditionally when the rest of the world was afraid they’d fail.

Evester did believe in them, the issue is that he was tired and he had nothing else to do.

Find enjoyment in something other than danger. 

But it was impossible. Evester had told him a thousand times. 

And Evester needed to make it possible, for all of them. So that Uly would have faith in his abilities to find them a home. So that Heia would have faith that the Stars and Circles would cooperate with the Xs. So that Zeydar believed that he was powerful enough to save them.

“I will.” Evester told Uly.

And he would… just after a nap.

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