YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 159)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Zeydar’s plane landed in the docs of the Star’s gates, as he had directed Uly. Military Mages were waiting, unable to shoot down the plane due to Zeydar and Kony’s magic signature as not only Stars but as Class One Stars. Zeydar had dressed Kony in his old student clothes. He could not masquerade Kony as a Superior, for it would not work, but he would dress Kony in his lineage as a Class One.

Kony tried to mess at his hair as Zeydar slapped his hand away. Phil had given him the hair cut that Zeydar had specified, cleaning up both of their appearances. Kony’s hair was cropped short, his curls styled and placed almost too perfectly. The fade for his hair had the design that Zeydar last knew to be in fashion. He repeated the mantra to Kony. There could be no smiles. Kony had to look intimidating and older than he was. They were failing miserably, as he was smaller than Zeydar and he looked like a child in Zedyar’s clothes. However, with a pout, Kony looked pampered and that would be enough to fool most Stars. Kony looked prissy, trimmed up, and primed, a Star in appearance at least. Zeydar donned his Superior garb. 

Most would not know that Kony was not one of theirs. They would have no clue if they only saw him. His accent was wrong, which was why he could not speak. His word choice would be wrong and his personality needed work, but he could pretend well enough in silence. Zeydar took Kony’s left hand looking at the X tattoo. Deep breath in and out, Zeydar cast the magic to change it. He was not masking it but formally changing it. He had to make the tattoo new, or else Kony would always be at risk. With the Star as a truth, they could question but would never be able to call him an imposter. 

Zeydar watched as Kony winced and the X became a star, the tattoo permanently altered. When he released Kony’s hand, it was red, with puffy skin. He would heal it before they left the plane, but not a moment before to give it time to sit. Zeydar had never changed a tattoo before, let alone done so with his magic the way it was. He had to control himself before he cast another spell.

Shawn was dressed in his military uniform, his hair long and tied back. His face had a deep set scowl as he mentally prepared himself for the battle ahead. Phil had cleaned himself up as well, looking flamboyant compared to the lot of them, in Circle’s bright and eccentric clothing. He looked himself, and confident, compared to the lot of them.

“I feel like an imposter.” Kony stated as Zeydar healed his hand. The Star looked fresh in his eyes, but it with a nod from Phil, Zeydar knew it would pass. He imagined that it had to hurt, despite the heal, but Kony had said nothing. 

“You are an imposter? They’ll think it. But you are not.” Zeydar tapped Kony’s new marking. The proof was there if the magic was not enough. “You are a Class 1, and that means you can be as arrogant as you want. I need you at my side.”

“I know.” Kony’s voice was shallow, just a kid being thrown into the mess, having to protect and support the maverick that was Zeydar. He felt bad for a moment, but not bad enough to turn them around. He needed Kony for his own sanity, as Kony’s magic was familiar to him now.

“Let me do the talking.” Zeydar told them all.

“Was planning on it.” Phil finally opened the door. Zeydar held out his hand and the Staffs flew to him from where they were laying. He placed the bracelet on Kony’s wrist. It was Zeydar’s, but he didn’t need it any more.

“This was Tyler’s.” Zeydar told him. “Protect it.”

“Your father’s?”

“Yes. We will get you a few more when we are inside. You must always have at least two on you, but as a Class 1 you have have as many as you like.” Zeydar then helped Kony to hold the larger Staff, glowing in the colors of a Class 1. Zeydar spun his own staff in his hand, knowing he did not need it, but appearances needed to be kept.

He refused to pull his hood up as he walked to the door and past Phil, off the transport and to face the Military Mages who were ready to attack. Superiors stood there, hooded. The air of Ovaria tasted odd. It wasn’t like Valaria. Even then it was the same as the CloudCities, and that meant it was too pure, too wrong.

“Greetings.” Zeydar let himself slip into whatever smile he could muster. Truthfully he wasn’t sure what emotions were anymore. What did they look like? He’d practiced in front of a mirror on the plane ride, but even that had given him little confidence. Everything would just be easier if — “Majorie.”

He knew her magic signature, when compared to the others. His mother had carried him for nine months and had taught him for years. He knew her, perhaps closer now that he was off Dreams.

“Welcome back.” She was hostile. 

He was still connected to the tablet, to their words. He could not lie to them. Could he? He did not know the limits yet. He would learn soon, he’d have to for his survival. “Lots has happened that I’d love to speak to you about.”

“Is that so?” She would not arrest him. Her eyes darted to those with him. They could accuse them of kidnapping.

Before she could make the orders Zeydar moved. “These three with me are my allies. Anyone who touches them will face me.” The threat sounded more hostile than intended. He’d have to get back his discrete way of speaking, along with his filter. 

“Zeydar.” She spoke. “They are…”

“Heroes for the world. Now, Superior. I’m tired. Where are we staying?” He had to be ahead, stay ahead. He had to remember who he was up against. He would survive it.

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