YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 11 (CHAPTER 158)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 4) 

It was early in the morning when Uly’s voice warned them that they would be landing. It came over the radio in a light lull, waking everyone up and reminding them all that this was, perhaps, the last time they’d hear his voice. If separation had not dawned on them before when they stepped onto the planes it did them.

For the first time in months they were to be separated, and Heia felt as if she had lost a bit of herself in that process. She was not sure what part, but it was some part. Some part she would never get back, despite wanting it. Sitting up, Heia saw Kim was already awake and fixing her ponytail. Lynx was on her feet, helping Robee and Trace into their seatbelts and Onyx helped Kori to wake up. Kim’s eyes darted to Heia from where was. There was a toothy grin, foxy and charming, inviting, and flirtatious. Heia was almost certain Kim had been sitting next to her before. She was also certain that there was a droll stain on Kim’s shoulder which led Heia to believe she’d slept on Kim.

However, Kim was ready for business not more than five seconds later. “We need eyes alive.” Kim strapped herself in to the seat closest to the door. “Uly will have got us cleared, but that does not mean we will be cleared.”

“All weapons need to be left. Hands up.” Lynx agreed. There was little else spoken as Lynx gave out more instructions on how to look, how to walk, how to act. Heia wanted to tell them that they were being too cautious. These were her people, there was no way they would react the way that Lynx and Kim were predicting.

Could they?

“They will recognize us, right?” Trace asked. “They have to know Heia.”

“They will know Heia.” Kim agreed.

“Of course they will know me.” They had to know her. Or else what was the point? Heia heard the plane changing, descending, and then she held her breath as they landed. They all seemed to. There was a soft thud around them, and then the sound of the plane coming to a stop, all before a collective gasp resounded. It was real, and they had to move.

Kim was the first out of her seat. She gathered supplies and checked the others. Heia unbuckled and Kori jumped to her feet to help. One by one, they prepared to disembark. Weapons were left behind, if they got them back then it would be a surprise. They had their bags on, and tried to be as presentable as possible.

“What a welcome.” Trace stated as she looked out a window.  Heia refrained from looking, as if her nerves would escape her if she did. The plane came to a stand still and Kim lowered the door. Following Kim, Heia held her hands up, descending the platform towards the soldiers that pointed their weapons towards her. Both hands were up with her left hand facing them so that they could see her mark as an X.

There had to be hundreds of soldiers watching them. There were cameras and military vehicles. Heia was certain snipers were watching from the show of the welcoming committee. They were ready to kill them if they made a single move wrong. Why? Weren’t these people supposed to be saving humanity? Weren’t they to be trusted?

They were her people.

However Shawn had refused to come back. He’d left because of how they treated the X’s. He hadn’t trusted them, and Heia knew it had been foolish of her to hold on to that sliver of hope that had. This military was no more safe than the Military Mages, and they’d find no solace here. She was going to have to fight for the world even with the X’s.

“Heiphillia.” She heard her name as she blinked into the darkness and blinding lights that they used to illuminate the night. The voice had not come from the immediate soldiers, but somewhere further back. A higher official masked in shadows.

“That’s my name.” Heia agreed. No last name because it wasn’t important. She was an X. They didn’t care for her here either.

“We heard you were coming.” Still no face that she could see. She squinted, trying to find anyone who could be talking.

“I suppose that means you have to check us.”

“That means you have nothing to hide?”

“None.” Heia could make out shapes in the shadows, but no faces. She needed a face. She needed to know how important this person was — important from the fact they were talking at all, but how much?

“Search them, take them to holding. We will hear what you have to tell us once we checked you.” He also could give out orders. Who was this person?

“Is there a reason you are searching us?” Kim asked.

Because they want to make sure we aren’t working for the Stars, Shawn’s notes had told her. She hadn’t memorized them as Evester could memorize notes, but she was confident in where she hid them. She knew it was more than that. This was control. They wanted her to know that they controlled her, even if the Project needed her to save them all. This was to scare them all. Heia let herself be handled and escorted without any fight. They had went over it. They’d get through it.

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