YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 12 (CHAPTER 159)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Zeydar’s plane landed in the docs of the Star’s gates, as he had directed Uly. Military Mages were waiting, unable to shoot down the plane due to Zeydar and Kony’s magic signature as not only Stars but as Class One Stars. Zeydar had dressed Kony in his old student clothes. He could not masquerade Kony as a Superior, for it would not work, but he would dress Kony in his lineage as a Class One.

Kony tried to mess at his hair as Zeydar slapped his hand away. Phil had given him the hair cut that Zeydar had specified, cleaning up both of their appearances. Kony’s hair was cropped short, his curls styled and placed almost too perfectly. The fade for his hair had the design that Zeydar last knew to be in fashion. He repeated the mantra to Kony. There could be no smiles. Kony had to look intimidating and older than he was. They were failing miserably, as he was smaller than Zeydar and he looked like a child in Zedyar’s clothes. However, with a pout, Kony looked pampered and that would be enough to fool most Stars. Kony looked prissy, trimmed up, and primed, a Star in appearance at least. Zeydar donned his Superior garb. 

Most would not know that Kony was not one of theirs. They would have no clue if they only saw him. His accent was wrong, which was why he could not speak. His word choice would be wrong and his personality needed work, but he could pretend well enough in silence. Zeydar took Kony’s left hand looking at the X tattoo. Deep breath in and out, Zeydar cast the magic to change it. He was not masking it but formally changing it. He had to make the tattoo new, or else Kony would always be at risk. With the Star as a truth, they could question but would never be able to call him an imposter. 

Zeydar watched as Kony winced and the X became a star, the tattoo permanently altered. When he released Kony’s hand, it was red, with puffy skin. He would heal it before they left the plane, but not a moment before to give it time to sit. Zeydar had never changed a tattoo before, let alone done so with his magic the way it was. He had to control himself before he cast another spell.

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 11 (CHAPTER 158)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 4) 

It was early in the morning when Uly’s voice warned them that they would be landing. It came over the radio in a light lull, waking everyone up and reminding them all that this was, perhaps, the last time they’d hear his voice. If separation had not dawned on them before when they stepped onto the planes it did them.

For the first time in months they were to be separated, and Heia felt as if she had lost a bit of herself in that process. She was not sure what part, but it was some part. Some part she would never get back, despite wanting it. Sitting up, Heia saw Kim was already awake and fixing her ponytail. Lynx was on her feet, helping Robee and Trace into their seatbelts and Onyx helped Kori to wake up. Kim’s eyes darted to Heia from where was. There was a toothy grin, foxy and charming, inviting, and flirtatious. Heia was almost certain Kim had been sitting next to her before. She was also certain that there was a droll stain on Kim’s shoulder which led Heia to believe she’d slept on Kim.

However, Kim was ready for business not more than five seconds later. “We need eyes alive.” Kim strapped herself in to the seat closest to the door. “Uly will have got us cleared, but that does not mean we will be cleared.”

“All weapons need to be left. Hands up.” Lynx agreed. There was little else spoken as Lynx gave out more instructions on how to look, how to walk, how to act. Heia wanted to tell them that they were being too cautious. These were her people, there was no way they would react the way that Lynx and Kim were predicting.

Could they?

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YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 10 (CHAPTER 157)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Zeydar walked to the transport loading doc, his head swimming in sensation. The chatter was loud, bothersome, and made his skin crawl. It had almost ceased upon his arrival, which had only bothered him more. He knew that upon entering that everyone was starring at him. He could feel it. He could feel the way their energy noticed him and heard how the sound started to lessen. They were so focused on him. 

His skin prickled in the magic of the world, stinging him and making him want to claw at his skin. The worst was over, Rayda had told him. However she had said the words in a way that she didn’t believe them herself. His head ached in the sensation of light and sound. It would get better, he kept telling himself. He’d gone through it again, and while everything was too bright and his magic hurt him, it would get better. He would learn to use his magic again. He would not have himself ignore the problem.

Since leaving Evester’s side, the pain had been all the more intense. His moment with Evester, perhaps he should have taken the opportunity that Evester was offering. That moment had felt too perfect, too calm, too clean, too good. Was that why he had wanted to push it away? In this post-Dreams world, was it possible to feel like that? Was he allowed to? Or was it the residual effects telling him to? He was not sure. He wanted to know himself and what he wanted for certain first, as much as he wanted Evester.

“Zeydar.” Shawn addressed him first. There was a way that he looked over Zeydar along with the few whispers that Zeydar could hear that spoke Evester’s name. That combined with the fact that everyone was here, and he had been in that room breathing in silence with Evester for at least a half hour that made Zeydar know everything he had to.

“I didn’t have sex with Evester if that’s what everyone is worried about.” Zeydar had heard their conversation when he had gotten close enough, that it was taking them a while. He heard Evester cough out a laugh from behind him as he followed him into the hall. It combined with the looks that were given to him by the others told him that maybe he said it louder than he had intended. “Sorry. I have to redevelop my filter. Anyway, no. yes. Hi. Are we leaving?”

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