YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 8 (CHAPTER 155)

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140 Days Until Miracles And the Uncertain End (part 1)  

With sound came the tremors. Small earthquakes at first, then larger ones, then Zeydar had forced himself to adapt. To cut off the sound and to block it out, to focus, and keep calm. His magic had went crazy, but Kony and Evester were able to calm him together. They wove sort of magic of their own, Heia had to believe, as they were able to comfort Zeydar to withstand the concert volumes that drove her insane. They only played the loud sounds for ten minutes and he had been able to withstand them, then had come the normal sounds of the world and suddenly he had perked up. Relieved.

Exhausted. Powerless. But Relieved.

Next came light. They started by turning up the dimmed lights, and then revealing the day light to him. Like with sound, as they turned up the brightness, the lights blinded him. Too much color drove him crazy, but Heia watched as he struggled to preserver. Each day he breathed out, dying in a way, and being forced to tame himself to control himself as he was left with none. Unlike predicted, there came no explosions. There had been a power outage when the sunlight hit his eyes, but otherwise they had escaped the worst.

The worst of Zeydar’s shakes were past. His temperature had returned to normal, and his pulse had started to return to an elevated, but relatively normal rate, so said Rayda. His mood, she said, would need time to full return back to normal, as would his ability to adjust to sensation. There was uncharted territory with someone who had been on the drugs since being a child, someone who experienced them differently than everyone else. Rayda had newly hypothesized he’d have panic episodes, vivid memories and perhaps hallucinations, depression from his trauma and the lack of the Dreams, as well as mood swings. She, however, did not know what it would do to his concentration. He would still face withdrawal symptoms, but he was past the initial hump in his process to recovery. 

Rayda warned them that he may find obsession in something else to keep himself focused, concentrated, with a purpose. And she said to let him, for he would need it. Give him something to focus on that was healthier and kept him away from Dreams. They knew that at the end it would either be teaching Kony or saving the world, either were better options for him mentally and physically.

When Zeydar had left the tent, he had been able to walk on his own, and while they were not sure what was to come, time was up. They had to move on to their own sections of the mission, regardless.

“Ready?” Shawn looked down to Heia as she finished packing her clothes.

“Yes.” She threw the bag over her shoulder, standing up ready to face the world.

“Keep in mind.” Shawn handed her a journal. “The information in here.”

“This is everything?” Every name. Every rank. Every important detail that she was to remember. He nodded and she slid it into her bag. “I will.”

“Stay alive.” He grasped her tightly, squeezing her, as if he would lose her this time.

“You think I won’t?” She hugged him back.

“I think that Xs are as dangerous as Circles.” Shawn stepped back, looking her over. “I know we are X’s, but don’t forget the army abandoned us before.”

“I will be fine.” She would not forgive the X army for what they had done, and she would make sure that they were held accountable. However, she also believed in her people.

“I trust that. Kori and Kim will keep you alive.” Shawn went on.

“Don’t start a fight yourself.” She laughed at him.

Shawn flashed her a smile. “If a Star picks a fight, I will thrown down. If Zeydar dares take Dreams, I can’t promise I won’t thrash him.”

“Please do.” She joked back, knowing full well that Shawn would not hurt Zeydar.

“Worried about Evester?” Shawn motioned for them both to head out towards the planes that were there to take them away.

“I feel like I should be, but he wants to stay here and somehow with him here, I doubt he could ruin anything.” She was not sure what he could do, or what he wanted to accomplish. She was not sure that him going with Zeydar or herself would be beneficial for him either.

“Seems about right.” Shawn turned from her and she followed him to the loading doc where the cars were waiting for them. Heia heard as her siblings spoke on nicknames and things that they had no business picking for themselves.

“Ready?” Kim approached them.

“As best as I can be.” Heia told her, still happy that Kim was going with her.

“Excellent.” Kim patted her shoulder, hair in a high ponytail. “Have you seen Evester?”


Kim’s smile twitched. “Of course not.”

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