YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 7 (CHAPTER 154)

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145 Days Until Sleep And the Uncertain End (part 3) 

Evester sighed walking into his room ready to sleep. He looked at his hand. Don’t touch me. Zeydar had slapped him away when they had reintroduced sound by the smallest margin. The tent was still super sound proofed, but within the next day and a half, they’d reintroduce Zeydar to sound up to concert decibels, so that he could get used to the noise that would be too loud for him. 

The way that Zeydar had turned from him and Kony and tried to block out the sound had been too much. There had been so much pain in Zeydar’s screams and curses. That had only been at the beginning too. By the end Zeydar had been shaking.

The earthquakes had rippled, like tides. They had only been able to stabilize so much. Without his constant mutterings and spells, his magic had gone haywire, however they had seen the end of it. Zeydar’s magic had run out in the end and he had tired himself out. They had to believe that it would not regenerate fast enough for him to cause too much danger with light introduction.

Evester’s sleeve was ripped to shreds and feint lines of scratches were etched across his skin. There was no broken skin or blood, just light pink lines. He rubbed his thumb across the raised skin.

“I heard you grabbed him.” Heia walked into the room. Evester looked to her from his arm to see her holding bandages and alcohol to clean his wounds. 

“I did.” And he knew he shouldn’t have. “He can’t hide from the sound. He has to face it.”

“And you let yourself get injured?”

At the time Evester hadn’t cared. Kony told him later that Zeydar could have killed them right there. But Evester hadn’t cared. He had seen it as a dangerous task and that had led him to dive in deep to grab Zeydar. He had pulled away the blankets that Zeydar tried to erase the sound with. Zeydar had lashed out at him with magic, before he had realized that it was Evester. “He went from so calm and loving to volatile in seconds.  Its going to be worse with the more noise we add. You wouldn’t want him exploding when he gets back.”

“It’ll lead him to dreams. I know.” Heia sat Evester down. “But I need you to tell me that you aren’t throwing yourself into danger on purpose.”

Evester was at a loss for words. He hadn’t even realized how his adrenaline had spiked then until she brought it up. Had he done that on purpose? Even now, he believed his reasons for helping Zeydar were different than an adrenaline rush, but… “Did I smile?”

“Kony said you did. You might be called The Immortal, but you can die.”

“Zeydar won’t kill me.” And Evester knew he had unconsciously put himself at risk for the adrenaline rush. How could he?

“Is that what you are banking on when you tempt the tiger?” It was but he wasn’t going to admit it. He hissed as Heia cleaned his arm. “I thought you’d be bleeding.”

“He stopped short. There is hope still.”

“You only cut off the regular dampening. He went from being underwater to being in a silent room. There is the static from the recording, the timber of voices and breathing, every little sound that was cut off before he could hear. Once you bring back the additional noises from the outside world…”

“I know.” It would be more dangerous than today had been, which was why they hoped his magic would not recover quickly.

“Don’t do this again.” He had no way of telling her that he wouldn’t. She knew that. “I’m going with you and Kony from now on.” To stop him. Evester said nothing as she wrapped the bandages around him, after rubbing healing medicine on his arm.  “What happens when he can control himself.” Heia asked as she dropped his arm.

“What do you mean?”

“When he isn’t a living weapon. When he won’t explode at every moment. When he can control it all and is stronger than anyone ever thought he would be. And don’t think he won’t. He got himself off Dreams once. He is a survivor, and chose to come with us. He chose this again. He will learn to control it, master it, and master himself because that is him. He became a Superior when they tried to stop him for years. His tenacity is ruthless and what happens when he is no longer a danger.”

“I don’t—“ Was she implying that the way he felt for Zeydar was…

“You are drawn to things that can kill you. Drawn to things that will  destroy you if you aren’t careful. Things that test you and make your blood rush. What happens then, when Zeydar is no longer that?”

Evester was stunned for a second. “Are you saying that I—“ But she was, and Evester had no words to defend himself. He had no way to do so. Was Evester only attracted to Zeydar because Zeydar was dangerous for him? All at once, everything that Evester thought he knew about himself was put into question. “I don’t know.”

Heia nodded and pulled her eyes to his from his arm. “I’m going with you. We are in this together.”

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