YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 6 (CHAPTER 153)

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145 Days Until Sleep And the Uncertain End (part 2) 

Heia sat looking over the production plans with Kim and Shawn. The Ships to leave the planet were being made in this warehouse and others all over the world by the machines and there was little work to be done, outside making sure there were no issues or warnings. Their job was to sit and watch the computers and machines for errors. Heia wished she were with Evester and Kony, working on getting Zeydar’s sensations back. Heia watched the production line, ready to fall asleep when her chair shook and the desk started shaking. Heia felt the jolt race through her body as the world rocked and moved.


Her mind flashed back to the Catastrophe. The screams, the terror, the loss of life. Was it happening again? Was this the end? Had the uncertain end come too early? Immediately Heia was under a table, the sirens were going off, and Shawn and Kim were under tables as well. Shawn looked to the lights that swung, and the computes sounded their shut down procedures. Prayers were at Heia’s lips as they waited for the shaking to stop. It was over as soon as it began.

“What was that?” Shawn asked the others, refusing to come out of under the desk where he had pulled Kim to hide.

“Another earthquake?” Kim asked. “I … I didn’t think the Project predicted any.”

“Sorry guys.” Uly’s voice came over the intercom. “That was Zeydar.”

That was Zeydar. The words circled in Heia’s head. They had started reintroducing light or sound, Heia was unsure which one. Either way, what they had feared was coming to pass. Zeydar’s powers were the cause of the shaking, which did not make Heia feel any more safe. In fact, by knowing what it was, she felt significantly worse. What if he destroyed them all?

“That was better than we expected.” Karla spoke next. “I thought we were prepared for an explosion.”

An explosion? Had they thought that? Were they prepared for that? What if it was still to come?

“We were.” Uly answered. “It’s going well from what Lynx said.” 

An Earthquake was well?

“Which was first?” Shawn asked, after pulling down the microphone and speaking. None of them had moved at all yet.

“Sound.” Rayda responded.

“Vibrations. Earthquakes. I suppose it makes sense.” Kim whispered. “Light, that’s where we are going to face problems.”

His magic was powerful, uncontrollable. Whereas normal spells required spells, Zeydar could use his magic without them, based on his feelings and sensations. It was why, Kony told them, that Zeydar was so dangerous. It was why they had thought they were prepared. They had seen Zeydar use his abilities. They knew he was capable of this. However, why was the danger only starting to dawn on her then?

“This is why I’m going with him.” Shawn sighed. “For this reason exactly.”

“Because you think you can control him?” Kim leaned back agains the leg of the table, reaching and grabbing Heia’s hand and squeezing for comfort.

“Because I think I can be a good balance to his unpredictability. And keep him from caving.” Shawn answered. Heia looked to him. “You think we are scared? We aren’t the ones who caused an earthquake.”

The thought snapped Heia almost upright to hit her head. She’d been so focused on what Zeydar could do that she hadn’t thought of what it made him feel.  He had thought he destroyed Arcadia, that it was his fault for Valaria. She remembered the bruising on Evester, and how Zeydar had clung to him. That wasn’t because he was trying to break free of the Dreams, it was because he was trying to control his power. She’d been so focused on what he could do that she forgot to think of what that made him feel.

“I will keep him falling back to Dreams. We need him lucid. We need him powerful. We need him.” Shawn crawled out from the desk. “Let’s check to make sure nothing happened while he freaked.”

“I’m going to implement Earthquake anti-shock procedures. It’s going to slow everything down, but everything won’t shut down if we get another.” Uly informed them. Heia crawled out of under the table ready to help. 

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