YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 5 (CHAPTER 152)

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145 Days Until Sleep And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

Evester stepped into the tent to see Zeydar fast asleep. Rayda monitored him as Lynx and Onyx traded places for the shift change. Rayda glanced up to Evester as he walked in. Unlike the popular belief, Zeydar had not exploded in his power. He had drifted into silence, outside of his constant mumblings. 

“The heart beat is focusing him.” Rayda told him when he walked in. Kony pushed past Evester to Zeydar’s side.

Evester had heard the mumblings. Many were spells other were audible words they could understand. Zeydar had repeated Evester’s name over and over again along with convincing comments to himself. Zeydar had to remind himself that if the heart beat was near, what he saw was not real, which made Evester question what Zeydar was seeing. Uly had predicted a massive fallout, that everyone had been prepared for, but there had been none. There had been a decrease in the wind, a rise in the heat for no reason, but otherwise there had been nothing.

Kony had said he felt Zeydar’s magic, thick like a storm, racing through everything and everyone, but refusing to hurt anyone. Less destruction, more of a warning. Kony said that Zeydar was tracing, tracking, and protecting everyone at once, using spells constantly so that his magic had a way to reach out, even though it hurt him. He as using his magic as spells, so that it would not explode out of him, and they all had to be thankful that his rational mind was able to do so.

The first couple of days had been the worst. Five days in, Zeydar was pale, sickly, and shaking, and rarely spoke but the constant string of spells. They were never ending, like a bottomless pit making them all question what sort of magic he was using and how it worked. Should he have not run out of it by now? Kony did not know.

“The hallucinations will probably continue.” Rayda sighed looking at him. “Or it may not. We don’t know.”

They weren’t sure if the hallucinations he saw were caused by the Dreams or his memories of the Arcadia collapse. They did know that he saw something and that the Dreams had made those visions worse. The room was lit in low light that did not strain the eyes, and with low volume, making it nearly sound proof. They’d tried to make it as sensory friendly as possible for him and in the next few hours they were going to begin turning up the sensation little by little. 

They predicted that the sensations would overwhelm him for months, and that the Dreams may cause his memories to be too life like. What they were all worried about was the other things they knew would come: the cravings, the mood shifts, the hyper sensitivity, the exhaustion and restlessness. Uly and Rayda predicted that Zeydar would have increased issue focusing and concentration, for a time period. The drugs made his mind clear, and they were unsure if that meant that he wouldn’t be able to concentrate without the Dreams. His magic would be harder to control, more powerful, unpredictable. However they were all predictions and no one knew what they would do to him, who the drugs had been made for to begin with. Would there be side effects at all?

“Evester?” Zeydar whispered.

Evester turned to Zeydar who had his eyes open, pupils dilated from the low light. Kony’s hand rested on Zeydar’s back, supplementing him with magic, and aiding in controlling the spells that Zeydar was using. Evester walked from Rayda and into Zeydar’s controlled environment, hearing how all noise dampened and his heart beat was the only consistent sound. He knelt next to Zeydar’s bed.

“You okay?” Evester asked him, starring at him, knowing that Zeydar was cognizant of the moment.

“Have I destroyed anything?” Zeydar’s voice was hoarse from the constant speaking.

“No.” Evester took his hand. “Everyone is safe. You’ve done nothing.”

“Nothing?” Zeydar looked to Evester’s hand, focusing on it. It almost seemed as if Evester touching him was freaking him out. He tried to take his hand away, but Zeydar held it close.

“Nothing.” Evester answered him letting Zeydar hold his hand tight. “You okay?”

“Tired.” He sounded uncertain.  “They are going to start bringing back sound and color soon, right?”

“Is it too much now?”

“I’ll have to get used to it.” Zeydar hissed, irritated. “I can’t—“ back out now.

“I’ll be here for you.” It was why he and Kony were called. They were going to start the process once Zeydar was awake.

“I know.” Zeydar closed his eyes again. Kony’s eyes met Evester’s and the two knew that the real danger may come with the reintroduction of sensation.

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