YP – B4:Entr’acte – CHAPTER 2 (CHAPTER 149)

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150 Days Until Marvel And the Uncertain End 

The Space Agency Research and Development facility was one of the largest governmental agency facilities in the world. At one point it had been built to build and create all the transportation needed to get the human race off the planet. It still had the space, but none of the funding. Now the major expanse could be used for little, as other facilities had been built to supplement all over the world, and with a smaller population than before the Catastrophe, such a place was little more than a grandiose relic.

Heia stepped out of the car to look at the entrance of the facility, wondering what they’d meet. They had seen the facility hours ago, crossing the first defenses and having to drive for what felt like forever, until they came to the main building. The doors opened to Lynx and Onyx who waved.

“Alright, dad, time to get you working.” Evester pushed his father ahead of them as Zeydar trailed behind with Kony. The two were scouting the best location for Zeydar to go nuclear, Heia could tell from the way that Zeydar’s eyes level off in the distance where nothing was positioned.

“We can probably do it on the take off area. Those places are designed to take a beating, sending rockets to space and all.” Kony suggested from behind Heia as they walked on.

Inside the facility, it looked old. Old metal walls that were rusted and warped. There was a smell that Heia could not place. She saw a thick layer of dust everywhere, besides the visible movement walkways. It was cleaned out of everything else and they were led to a large ware house where a ship was being built.

“I don’t know why you need my help.” Evester’s father protested. “Uly has it all under control.”

“Because I know how to work programming.” Uly snapped as they all entered the room. Uly was a mess. “What about logistics? The location where we are supposed to flee to? I may be smart but I don’t know everything.” The Genius of EverDanger looked frazzled and in need of a good shower.

“Ah, Uly. You could have figured it out without me.” Maverin looked to Uly as if Uly were another son.

“Don’t flatter me old man.” Uly snapped back. Uly then walked up to Maverin and almost hit him. He stopped short, instead grabbing Maverin and hugging him before letting him go. “I need you to keep this going, but don’t think I wouldn’t break your nose.”

“Nice to see you too.” Maverin snorted. 

“Why did you have to disappear?” Evester asked, but it was the question they were all asking.

“I had to.” Maverin shrugged, giving them the only answer that he would. “Alright Uly, what do you have for me?”

The two began to talk in jargon that Heia could not understand, nor wanted to decipher. Kim looked over them all before smiling at Heia. She walked closer, whispering to Heia low and close, grabbing her arm. “They are going to keep talking. We should see your family.”

Her family? She knew her family was well equipped for survival, but she wanted them to be safe. She had to see them.

“He’s bored.” Kim changed conversations. She could see it too, how Evester had lost his edge and purpose. How he no longer cared to save the world. It had grown more apparent in the days they had driven to get here. What ever adrenaline rush he’d been high on for the last year was gone, or disappearing rapidly. “What’s the next plan?”

“See my family, prepare to go to the X’s.” Heia stated. Zeydar would detox then go to the Stars. Evester would stay here and… manage his father? Heia had to believe that he had made the choice because he knew his care for it all would disappear.

“Alright.” Kim nodded looking back once more, before pulling Heia away. “Let’s go see your family.”

Heia had her arm held by Kim as they walked through the facility, Phil trailing after them chatting with Kim about what they could expect to find and what checks they had to do later. Heia could care less for what they were saying, too focused on the fact that Kim refused to let go of her. Kori and Kony chased them as well. Or rather, Kori pulled Kony from Zeydar demanding that they see Karla, as they had to be together again and more nonsense that Kony protested. They made their way from Uly to where the others were, practicing. Her siblings did not even notice her entrance, but the EverDanger members noticed Kim and Phil.

“Welcome back!” Rayda called.

“You would not believe what went down.” Phil skipped in.

“Welcome back!” Karla smiled turning to them all. Her words alerted the other siblings who brightened at Heia. Trace and Robee gave their own nods, chilled but warm all the same. Like they expected her to return and that any less would have betrayed who she was. Kony and Kori walked past Heia to Karla.

“Not exactly the welcome you were expecting?” Kim asked Heia leaning her head against Heia’s shoulder, refusing to let go.

“No.” Heia admitted trying to find Shawn. He was not there. She had thought he’d come to see everyone, as they were his family too. Yet…

“He went with Zeydar to begin preparation.” Kony called to Heia, directing her attention to him.

“Preparations?” Rayda asked.

“Zeydar is getting off Dreams, once and for all.” Kori answered.

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