YP – B3:QtNoWLM – Chapter 49 (Chapter 146)

155 Days Until Answers And the Uncertain End (part 6)

Evester lurched as Heai stopped the car. Seatbelt off, he sprung from the car to follow after Zeydar who had tumbled out to dry heave again. He had done so much more than he had before, he had erased their tracks before but that night was more like what he had done in Valaria. The skin and ability was not of a few weeks ago that had seemed obvious, this was magic, awe inspiring and horrifying. Zeydar had done it, and Evester was at his side in moments. Hand to hick back, Zeydar grabbed his shirt, pulling Evester over him, to protect him from the world around them. Zeydar was shaking, despite the blanket, despite the fact that the cold never bothered him before.

Kony tumbled out seconds later, with shaking knees exhausted from giving all his magic. They were a few hours from midnight and they had to keep moving. Evester took Zeydar closer to him, prepared to take over for Kony, who had already done his part. They were far enough away, that Evester doubted that the trail would matter. However the Aralax would hunt them for what they had done. Zeydar cried against Evester. Evester hushed him, pulling the blanket over Zeydar further. Was it withdrawal or the memories?

“What’s going on?” Maverin asked stepping around the vehicle where Kony, Evester, and Zeydar sat. He was followed by Shawn, and Phil, Kori and Kim. Heia walked from the other side, bag in her hand. She knelt down to Evester and Zeydar hesitating to reach out.

“Boy wonder is going through withdrawal again.” Shawn answered tossing a water bottle to Heia, who caught it and moved away from them both to begin mixing Dreams to the water. She threw it to Evester once she was done shaking the mixture.

He caught it, slipped it under the blanket, and whispered to Zeydar. “Drink it.”

“I don’t want it.” Zeydar clung to him, pushing the bottle from Evester’s hands and to the ground. Evester knew it was a lie, so he grabbed it again and propped himself better against the car, leaning Zeydar’s body weight against him. He knew that in that moment they had not lost Zeydar, that the slow process had been worth it. Zeydar had known himself better than anyone, and knew that the slow process was worth it. That Zeydar never wanted to touch sweet Dreams again, but also Evester could not let the process begin here. Not when Zeydar and Kony were exhausted. Not when Zeydar no longer could control himself. Not when they weren’t safe yet.

As much as Sweet Dreams was a drug, an addiction, it had been made to control Zeydar’s powers. It was a medicine Zeydar had abused, but it was medicine all the same. And they needed to control Zeydar’s powers. Even if just by a bit.

“This won’t set you back.” Evester told him. “I won’t let it. We will get to Uly and then you will be free from it.”

“I want it so much please…” don’t let me. The last words were only words Evester could hear and he did not want to let it happen. If he were a better person he would have forced it then, but Zeydar had destroyed a mountain and they were not prepared for it where they were. They almost didn’t have enough supplies to get to Uly.

“In five days we will be back at the space facility and you will start your medical detox. In full. For now we need you.” Not to explode. Not to destroy them all.

“I didn’t use all my powers. I didn’t.” Zeydar whispered to him as he grabbed the bottle from Evester.

“I know.”

“We have to keep going.” Phil warned them.

Evester looked up to him as Zeydar drank the bottle. Coughing up as he did, and shivering in Evester’s arms, Zeydar gulped it down quickly, sighing out almost as if in ease. Evester looked between Zeydar back to the others who were discussing the best route to get to Uly, save his father who was looking at Evester oddly. Evester glared back and Maverin looked away. “Give us five minutes he needs fresh air and no movement and then we can go. Kony. Are you okay?”

“About as peachy as I can be.” Kony sat on the ground, Kori giving him water and crackers. He ate slowly, shakes in his own body. He would have to sleep in a car. Evester could take care of Zeydar alone.

“Since when?” Maverin asked Kim, motioning towards Evester.

“Oh that?” Kim looked to Evester and smiled. Evester flipped her off and she blew him a kiss before looking back to Maverin. “Its recent. Evester decided that all good stories to save the world require a bit of romance. Even if it breaks the rules.”

“I’m not an official EverDanger member like you all.” Zeydar coughed dropping the empty bottle to the ground, his shakes subsiding a bit. Evester wasn’t sure if it were because Zeydar’s pain was gone, or if Zeydar was controlling it better with the dreams beginning to set in as a fast acting medicine. Or maybe it was a placebo, as Zeydar knew it would hit in minutes, and was calming himself for it. Eitherway, strength was returning to Zeydar’s voice. “No rules are broken. It’s just an infatuation.”

Evester knew that his face was flushed in a moment as a laugh broke out between everyone. They might not have been able to see it, but he was embarrassed and felt his gut that the words hurt him but he could not place why. It was not like he liked Zeydar. It couldn’t happen, not with what that meant for him as an Igilistal.

Heia then started crying. The defenses she had built for herself were down then. “We made it away.”

“We did.” Zeydar struggled to sit up a bit himself. “We still aren’t in the complete clear, but we made it away.”

Evester felt his own adrenaline slipping away. His body that had been tense and stressed for so long was finally beginning to relax and he felt then that he could sleep for a hundred days. He had found his father. He had found all the components to save the world. His part was almost over, and the adrenaline build up as leaving him, making his body feel empty.

“Let’s keep going.” Zeydar tugged at Evester, peeling himself from Evester and too his feet. He pulled Evester, despite the stares they got, back into the backseat of the car. “I’ll erase us and tomorrow morning we should be good to sleep.”

Evester nodded following Zeydar. As Zeydar got comfortable, he watched the others. Phil, Kim, and Shawn spoke a bit more as Kori helped Kony int’s Shawn’s car. Maverin went to Kim’s. Kim got into her’s with Heia and Phil got in the driver seat of the car with Zeydar and Evester. They took off driving once more, Phil talking about how Heia needed to sleep so she could take over in the morning. Evester felt bad, but he knew they were planning for him to take care of Zeydar, how ever long that took. Zeydar fell asleep quickly.

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