The Sacrifice Review

The Sacrifice Review

Happy Monday once again! Today you get three more book reviews from this series. I know, I know, you want my NEWTs. Well, Voidfriends. It’s not happening for a while, remember? I have all those other book reviews that I just have to get out. From all the series I read. It makes this all the more difficult. Do know that I am happily moving along in my NEWTs. You will get the first book next week!

Now, onward!

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The Enemy Review

The Enemy Review

Hello hello Void Friends! So, I finished this series last month. As a note, you will probably not be getting any of the books I read this month in terms of reviews. I finished a lot of series, and unless I start releasing a lot more reviews, you will just not get them. They’ll come in September and November, probably. I want to try to catch up with my reviews, but also having a stash of them to just put out as I continue, is nice. I really needed a queue to take my mind off things. Now I have one, that means I can start looking at refining these and making them all that better, and nicer like they used to be.

As opposed to word vomit lol.

We’ll see.

ANYWAY. Happy August Voidfriends! Lets go!

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July Reading List

July Reading List

Oh my goodness. I did it. I read this many books. I really dove in to finish series this last month, and I got two done! I still have not touched the one series yet, but I will get to it at some point. Not that it matters because I got THESE books done. I am so proud of myself! September is going to be a lot more about manga, webnovels and TV shows than it is books so this month and August are going to be my heaviest reading months this year, I think. Not that I care. I’m ready!

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YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 37 (Chapter 134)

163 Days Until Saftey And the Uncertain End 

The cars rolled to a stop, and Zeydar threw himself out of the car to the ground vomiting the moment he was on his knees. Doors flew open and Evester was the first to Zeydar’s side as Zeydar passed out in the afternoon light. Evester checked Zeydar who groaned. Rolling him to his side, Evester sighed out, glancing at his wrist and then Kony was there. Kony checked Zeydar’s pulse and placed his hand against Zeydar’s back feeding him magic, Heia assumed.

She was not sure.

She watched from her car door, slowly moving around the car to the other side, looking to the others who were exiting their vehicles to observe Zeydar who was on the ground passed out. The entire car ride, Zeydar had been speaking with a voice that was breaking as he tried to focus. She could remember it so clearly, him repeating things, directions, orders, the crack in his voice as he was fading. Each time she had wanted to clarify, she had gotten the look from Evester to say nothing. So she had driven, taking the lead and leading the group where Zeydar said, and the Arlax had disappeared. They had driven all night and much of the day, their cars having to charge, because they were out of power.

Zeydar had been latched to Evester’s wrist, and in the light of the day Heia could see the faint red lines purpling to a bruise on Evester’s wrist. Zeydar had grabbed him and not let go. Evester had not said a single word about it even though it looked like it was swelling and was probably giving Evester much pain. The sky was blue where they were and the frigid air was going to hurt them all if they were outside too long. Still, the sky wasn’t as blue as it could be. Nor was it as cold as it could be.

Zeydar was still using his powers unconciously.

The world around them had been muted as they drove away from the Aralax. It was muted now. He was still defending them even when he couldn’t defend himself.

“We don’t have much time before sunset.” Shawn called to her.

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