YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 33 (Chapter 130)

164 Days Until Focus And the Uncertain End (part 1) 

The day of the split up had Heia in tears. They knew it was coming from the day that it was officially agreed. They knew who were going, based on decisions that day. They knew they had to do it, in order to stick to the project time line. Still, the separation created tears. Her family was being further spilt apart. Heia, Kim, Shawn, Kony, Kori, Phil, Zeydar, and Evester were staying. Uly was leading the team of Rayda, Karla, Crass, Lynx, Onyx, Robee, and Trace away to the location of the Ships. Uly had not taken his time trying to decide who was to stay and who was to go, because inherently everyone had known. Ultimately, Heia agreed, but it did not make the parting easy.

“We will be fine.” Karla pushed Heia away. “Crass will make sure I’m fine.”

“We’ll protect her.” Robee rolled his eyes. “Not that she needs our help. Her kill count is higher than yours Heia.”

“Yeah,” Kori looked to Heia. “Are you sure you should be staying?” It was a joke meant to lighten the mood and Heia knew that. Unfortunately, she could not joke back.

“I have to stay with Evester.” Heia. She, Zeydar, and Evester needed to trust each other completely. It was a part of their training and as Heia worked more on EverDanger trainings, she was learning it better. Zeydar had picked up the language for their code faster than she had, but in terms of other training, he had not cared. He’d focused on training Kony better. Individually their trust levels were relatively okay, but Heia wasn’t sure she could trust them with her back forever. They needed to have that trust, especially with how things had to play out. They needed to know that the others would not betray them when they separated.

For to pretend they were not going to, was to pretend she hadn’t seen this separation coming, either. Like she hadn’t seen them insulating the cars, rationing, and moving things. As if she hadn’t been a part of it.

“Let’s go!” Rayda called out. They were going to take the bus and a lot of the supplies. With the smaller cars, the teams remaining would be able to move faster. That was the idea, at least. They would have a strict time line to abide by. If they could not find Evester’s father in that time, then they were out of luck and had to go to Uly. They’d have radio connection, sometimes. Not often, as to protect themselves from the larger governments who might notice.

In general, they’d be as apart as Heia was from Andre and Layla, only those two were with Circles, and Circles were not on the LowerLands having to protect themselves from Aralax. Nor would Uly’s group take a mage. They’d be in more danger than Heia’s group. Shaking the thought away, Heia tried to focus on the moment at hand.

“Okay. See ya.” Karla hugged Kori, Kony, and then Heia. “Stay alive.”

“You stay alive.” Kori laughed back.

“Me? We are worried about me?” Karla shook her head dramatically and looked to Kony for support. She pointed at Kori. “Keep her alive please.”

“I will.” Kony shrugged as if he didn’t care. “Or rather Kim will.”

The three of them were distraught but they weren’t letting it show, through tough words and funny actions. Heia knew that they’d never been separated in their lives for more than a few hours. She couldn’t imagine what it was like for them.

“Go now.” Shawn walked towards them. “We don’t have daylight to waste.”

“See ya.” Trace nodded to Heia and hugged Kori before walking off. Robee gave his hugs and went after Trace. The two joked with each other as they got on the bus. Karla held hands with Kony and Kori once more before letting go. They looked to each other and then Karla walked on the bus without turning back around to look at them again. Her resolve to move on her own, showing fully. Rayda was the last on the bus and Uly then pulled the doors closed. They were barricaded shut and the engine went alive.

“She’s going to be okay.” Kori told Kony. Heia could hear how Kori was convincing herself, not Kony.

“I’m more worried about us.” Kony laughed as Karla waved out the window and then bus then was off. It took off slowly, getting traction, and then moving faster away from their safe house in the direction of the facility. Dread saw its way into Heia’s body, telling her that they were in danger. Because she couldn’t see them, no other reason.

“Uly will try to keep contact with us.” Shawn told her. “He said he’d do his best.”

Uly had to lead them and he had other things on his plate. They were operating under the impression that he’d probably be the only one to start the programs to get the Space program running again. Heia recited the names of EverDanger and their titles in her head. The team would ensure that her family staid safe. Those who were going were miracle workers and would keep her family safe. They had to. They would. The bus drove off into the distance, threatening to disappear, if she took her eyes off of it.

“Alright!” Evester called out. He was in charge of the team remaining. “We need to make rotational teams to check perimeters. Also get emergency supplies into the cars.” With less people to heat, they would keep their food stored in the cars, at least a good portion of it, in the event that they had to flee. Kori looked back and nodded, pulling Kony with her.

“Shawn!” Kim called. “We are on first scout.”

“Take care.” Shawn placed his hand on Heia’s shoulder. “Don’t throw a fit.”

“I don’t” Heia glared at him. He walked off and she returned her gaze to the vehicle off in the distance. It was only when they were fully gone that Heia turned to help the others.

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