YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 25 (Chapter 122)

172 Days Until Progress And the Uncertain End

Sinking slowly into the dust, Zeydar breathed out exasperated. They were finally let off the bus to take time to themselves. The air was thin, crips, and bit at him freezing him, but it was something else. For five days they had retreated. For five days they had fought to disappear again. For five days they were no closer to finding Evester’s father.

“Remember to be on the look out!” Uly called to them as they exited to a broken city, that had been taken by the Aralax.

“Shawn on me!” Kim called. “We are going to check for Aralax marks.”

“Weapons at the ready everyone.” Evester ordered to all those who were moving about.

Zeydar did not care if they were in danger or not. He was more preoccupied with drinking in the air and letting his body relish in the magic around him. Out of confinement. Able to stand still for a moment. Away from everything and anything that had hurt him.

“Are you okay?” Kony reached and touched his shoulder. Zeydar reached back and grabbed Kony’s shoulder. Kony had taken the five days to calm down. He was scarred by what he had seen, and no one blamed him. However after five days he wasn’t saying much about it. He had grown a little colder in regards to it, but had turned that inwards and studied in every waking moment. He had asked questions, made notes, and invested so much time into magic. It was time for practical lessons.

“Practice.” Zeydar ignored Kony’s question. Summoning the Staff that he’d gotten for Kony, Zeydar wrapped them both in magic to stay warm.

“What spell?” Kony’s eyes narrowed.


“Any.” Kony nodded and began to focus on the chanting of the magic, as he had been taught, as he had read.

“Head up.” Zeydar adjusted his posture. “You are a Class One. We do not look down or close our eyes.”

Directing Kony’s hand outwards, Zeydar helped Kony with forming the attack. Kony was focused in offensive magic, air magic. However based on the way that Zeydar had been able to guide Kony’s magic, he wondered if there was more to it. Did it matter to have a focus, or was it just that normal mages couldn’t understand the fluctuations and adapt? If that were the case then Kony could just all air magic. And if he did, that would make him a step above other mages. Zeydar’d make sure that Kony could adapt. 

The spell launched out, creating air blades in the air.

“Good.” Zeydar then had him try another, creating a whirlwind around them.

“Now what?” Kony asked with a smile.

“Now you practice.” Zeydar answered him, strapping a bracelet Staff to him, to keep control, to keep balance. Kony’s expression turned to confusion as Zeydar walked out to face him. “I’ll only use ice.”

It did not take long for Kony to jump into action are react. Zeydar felt the magic stir around him. He thought of the spell he wanted and it formed in the air, bursting out of him as the magic poured into him. More. Like an addiction that he knew too well. The world bled in color and the air screamed in noise. It wrapped him, threatened him, and then said it was ready to move on.

Zeydar shot the ice shards at Kony, who dodged back. Kony spoke words out to retaliate but the chanting was too slow. Kony needed to be perfect, yes, but he needed to say the magic faster than he was. He needed to be better. And so, Zeydar shouted orders at each moment.





“Do not look down.”

Zeydar chastised him when the spell that Kony tried failed. He retaliated with Kony was too slow. One after another, Zeydar ordered Kony to fix his posture, his ability, his voice, everything and anything that had been ingrained into Zeydar from childhood. He drilled Kony until Kony could go no longer. As Zeydar stood over the gasping Kony, he knelt down placing a hand on Kony’s back.

“I will get better.” Kony looked to him, eyes determined. Eyes unwilling to back down. The scariest sort of person. Someone who had been backed into a corner and was ready to do anything. Kony had been a fast learner, but now Kony had a determination that made him more dangerous.

“The other Mages you fought against had decades of training. You’ve had a few weeks.” Zeydar had heard a bit of what Kony had done in the city with Kim, the Mages he had fought and how he had not been able to do much at all. As if the news only made Kony’s situation worse, Zeydar was not sure how to be delicate.

“I will get better.” Kony repeated. Magic swirled around him in a way that Zeydar knew from his own experience. Yes, he’d make sure that Kony was able to adapt.

“I believe it.” Zeydar fully believed it, for magic loved Kony and magic loved Zeydar. “Get clean.”

Dismissing Kony, Zeydar sat in the snow, only to lay down and focus on the spinning colors. He then began to focus on controlling the magic he could use again. He had limited himself when fighting against Kony, but he could do more. He had to do more. He wanted to do more. So he focused. 

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