YP – B3: QtnoWLM – Chapter 24 (Chapter 121)

177 Days Until Confrontation And the Uncertain End (part 5) 

Evester threw open the doors to where the Xs were being held as Heia tried to find keys to break them free. Evester examined them, closely, to see if there was any experimentation done to them. And while he could find no physical proof, he wasn’t inclined to believe that they were okay. What scientists had been involved in this? Which families? Which political monsters profited from this?

There were so many questions that he did not have answers to. Questions he would not get answers to. Things that he needed to know before anything went crazier than it was already. He could not let anything like this happen again. However there was a sickening notion that rang in his mind that told him, that it already was.

“We have to save them now!” Kony cried out to Zeydar. “We don’t have time to go and save them if we take too long.”

“Fine.” Zeydar breathed out. He looked horrible. He was sweating, his eyes were glazed and his skin was pale. Yet, he was the only one who could get them out. Now. “Step back and everyone needs to get on the ground.”

Kim and Evester relayed his message, and Evester watched as Zeydar used his magic to blast apart much of the metal bars. He made just enough space for people to walk through.  To one knee, Zeydar collapsed and Evester got to his side as Heia helped people flee. Zeydar breathed out heavily, as if he were gasping for breath and would not get it no matter how much he tried.

“Don’t push yourself.” Evester whispered to him. His heart ached for it. He hated seeing anyone in this state but for some reason seeing Zeydar in it, made him feel worse than sick. He wanted to wrap Zeydar in a blanket, hand him tea, and get him to sleep. He wanted to forgo everything in that moment, because — because they couldn’t have a loose cannon?

“Get me my dreams and I’ll be fine.” Zeydar snapped back. He was shaking; his eyes were blood shot and were watering. He could only just grip his Staff and Evester wanted to ask if Heia was being cruel. Or was she just keeping him to his words.

“You have to get through it.” Evester and all of EverDanger needed him to.

“I can’t keep hearing the screams Evester. I can’t.”

Something broke for Evester. It was not something he completely knew, but it was something all the same. All he knew was that he needed to help Zeydar. No matter what. “It was not your fault.”

“I could have saved Arcadia.”

“You saved Valaria.” Evester offered. Zeydar gripped him tightly trying to focus as Evester went on. “You saved the people here and you will save us. Keep walking Zeydar.”

“I can’t. I need it.”

“You don’t need it for control.” Everster spoke close to him, words against Zeydar’s face. Able to see every singe detail of how the words hit Zeydar.

“We need to go!” Kim yelled to them.

Evester looked into Zeydar’s eyes, so close that he could see how Zeydar’s eyes were many shades of brown wrapped up to make one color from afar. Evester grabbed him, whispering to him. “I will help you no matter what you ask, but I need this from you. Right now. Do not regress now.”

Zeydar clung to him and gasped out. He was only able to nod for a second. Dragging Zeydar to his feet they looked to Heia who continued to help others.

“Let’s go Heia.” Kim screamed. Kony pulled at his sister, and she reluctantly turned to run to them.

“Shields up.” Evester told Zeydar acting as his anchor, moving back through the door. Zeydar cast out the spells to protect them. To hide them. To save them. 

And they disappeared into the night.

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